It’s not about Gun Control, it’s about People Control

There is nothing more to add to this: just watch the video and take this man’s words to heart.

Why Is This Month-Old Clip of an Ex-Secret Service Agent Suddenly Going Viral?


[Note: THIS is real journalism.  If Pravda West was still the “free press,” it would be showing this and explaining that this man represents the spirit of our founding.  Instead, Pravda West advocates the spirit of Marx.]


7 thoughts on “It’s not about Gun Control, it’s about People Control

  1. Why isn’t this guy serving in Congress? Sadly, because he couldn’t get elected. When I hear Mr. Bongino or Dr. Carson speak I think we still have Americans among us who could lead and we could all be enjoying normal, prosperous lives instead of lurching from crisis to crisis as Obama pushes us further left.

  2. The difference between Good & Evil. God allows you to choose who you will follow. Progressives use force, greed, envy, hatred and lies to control people. Hard to believe their are more willing to be controlled than free. Free Will vs Sin.

  3. Thanks for putting that up … You’re right the Video says it all.

    I had not heard of this Guy … Any wonder with the sycophantic Bulls–T Press. They’re gonna try and do an Alan West on him no doubt.

    But his message is to get out there and FIGHT …. And Fight for the 2014 Elections….THESE are Crucial !!….GET TO WORK !! Freedom Works…TP Patriots ….Local Conservative Groups……Get out there and do it.

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