I’m Pissed

Here it is, my day off.  It’s raining and I’m inside surfing the net.  I come across this “news” story and because of it’s headline; TSA Detains 3 Year Old in Wheelchair, I decide to read it, then watch the YouTube video.

A middle-class American family of four; mom, dad, and two small children, have saved their money (read the story online) and are heading out on a family vacation to Disney World.  The 3 year old girl has spina bifida, and is confined to a child-sized, pink wheelchair.  They have cleared security when a TSA agent (thug) decides to pat-search the child and swab the wheelchair for “explosives or drugs”.   Arrangements had already been made to carry the wheelchair onto the flight.  The mother, God bless her, decided to record the process on her cell phone.  She was told she couldn’t, “it’s against the law”, but she stuck to her guns.  Since I’m terrible at copying videos into TRNL, you’ll have to click on the link to see it, but I encourage you do so.  The video lasts about 5 minutes.

TSA apologizes to parents over their ‘inaccurate guidance’ after detaining crying wheelchair-bound girl

While TSA agents terrorizing a 3 year old child is bad enough, they are easily scared by strangers after all, what pisses me off is some of the comments made by the TSA staff.  One “agent” is heard to say, “Where are you going?”  The mother answers, “To Orlando, Disney World.”  The agent asks again, “All the way to Orlando?”  Folks, it’s none of their damn business where this family of four American citizens was going. Then another TSA thug is heard telling the mother that she can’t video the process, “. . . it’s against the law . . . ” etc.   Listen carefully to the comments these so-called agents are making.  One says; “We do this all the time.”  She spoke the truth.  I came across several videos of wheel-chair bound children being pat-searched.

It has become a sad tale for our freedoms when an American family cannot fly from one area of our country to another without being harrassed and questioned about their destination.  This ordeal had nothing to doing with the safety and security of our country or the travelers on that flight.

The TSA issued an apology, AFTER after the video went viral.  BFD.

19 thoughts on “I’m Pissed

  1. I bet the ‘apology’ was on the order of ‘ we’re sorry you were upset by our molestation of your child’. ( Much favored by the Left and any of their minions when caught out, though they never accept sincere apologies from anyone else.)

    • The “apology” was for telling the parents that recording the search was illegal.

      “TSA regrets inaccurate guidance was provided to this family during screening and offers its apology,” said an agency spokesperson. “We are committed to maintaining the security of the traveling public and strive to treat all passengers with dignity and respect. While no pat-down was performed, we will address specific concerns with our workforce.”

      • I hate to say this … Because I have a lot of respect for the Commenters here.

        But, The ONLY way this is going to change is for VOCAL OUTRAGE to happen. AT THE SCENE and by MANY people at the same time through-out the Airports of the Country…….I say this a Lot But this is why ORGANIZING IS IMPORTANT……Being UNITED and ORGANIZED !

        We keep hoping that some sort of SHAME will take-over, if enough videos are shown….BUT, They will NEVER, EVER, EVER be shamed folks …. the Viral Videos have to be rallying points for ACTION…..VOCAL…PHYSICAL…UNITED ACTION….and SUSTAINED ACTION.

        The term …”Right of Self-Determination” is getting a lot support in the Journals…..in Medical Case Law…..in Financial Statements…..in Labeling Requirements for Food Products…….. There is the 4th Amendment which should be trumpeted as much as the 1st and 2nd. We have a Right to Self-Determination which is also assumed in the clause “Pursuit of Happiness”……..In other words we have a right to ..FREEDOM FROM Determination of and by the Government.

        Someone mentioned Isreal….India and Pakistan too !……..they are ….”Hot-spots of Hatred”…..But when was th last time you heard of a Terrorist attack on one of THEIR planes..???…………And they don’t have anything even close to this Discusting TSA, groping fascist Thugs !!

        It DOES NOT have to be this way……not in America with our Bill of Rights

          • Seriously though …… If there were 100 people complaining vocally when this happened or more and THIS made it to Utube … I think it would spread VERY QUICKLY … and spontaneously to other airports …. if the protest because simultaneous in 4-5-6 or more Airports at the same time … it becomes a movement.

            Listen to the People Commenting Below…..they don’t Fly because of this……myself included. The Gov’t is effectivley harrassing us to the Point of infringing our freedom of movement …. we can move ok…But ONLY if we submit to their UNLAWFUL and Punative body searches ( Resummed Guilty until proven innocent).

            Wasn’t the Commerce clause also to insure Freedom of movement BETWEEN states ???

            What Ideas do you have ?

      • ” …inaccurate guidance”, eh? Pathetic. Striving to treat people with respect and actually treating them with respect are two different things. I am glad my kids are grown. I don’t know how I would handle this situation. Sorry, kiddo, we taught you that no one can touch you except for creeps in uniforms? They are allowed to make you cry as long as you are allowed to travel? Madness. Thanks for the clarification, though.

  2. FC,

    Did you find the story like this one where the ARAB MALES are allowed to just walk right through security in the background? It’s out there, but for us to notice or — worse — say something about the stupidity here is to label ourselves as racist.

    OK, if that’s what it takes to make me a racist, I’ll accept that — as soon as these idiots tell us when the last time a 3 y/o in a wheel chair bombed ANYTHING!

    Tyranny, brother — and we are accepting it. Now, if we ALL stop flying, this would get resolved in about 2 hours. But will we stop flying? Nope — because our comfort matters more to us than our liberty.


    • 3 year olds with spina bifida (or any other disabling disease) are not likely to bomb anything or be used as human bombs, especially when escorted by the rest of their family members, doesn’t matter whether they’re white, black, asian, muslim, protestant or whatever. Would profiling work better? I believe so, if done under proper guidelines, but then, the TSA has already proved repeatedly than they cannot operate within their own guidelines.

      • FC,

        Personally, I would prefer we handle our airline security based on the Israeli model. Given as much data as the government has already ILLEGALLY collected on each of us, this family would likely have walked right through the line under such a system (though I suspect I would be — if I am not already — placed on a no fly list)

  3. That was disturbing. For some odd reason, I’m always picked out, patted-down and swiped. I suppose I must look like a 2-year old with spina bifida.

    Off on a tangent now…..I have a girlfriend with this condition. She is a very talented, beautiful and inteliigent girl. Wonder if I can find the site….plays Muzak….here we go:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ttLfMs-ceus

    Hopefully sweet Lucy will be as tough as Ashlen. 😉 (And the Lindy Hop is tough!)

    • You bet it was disturbing – disturbing on multiple levels. First, TSA agents do not have the authority to question where you are going (or at least they shouldn’t). Americans don’t have to have “papers” to travel from one state to another, at least not yet. Secondly, why should TSA agents have the authority to put their hands on a child, period. Not even last, but certainly not least, an uneducated (not an attorney by any right) person is standing there giving legal advice, or at the very least trying to intimidate the mom into not recording the procedure. Wrong on too many levels.

  4. I admire this mother for not completely losing her temper and dignity while this absurd fiasco was going on and I know she acted this way to try and keep her child calm. I don’t know if my patience would stretch this far and I may have ended up by being “arrested” by the TSA thugs. For this and soooo many other reasons, I no longer fly. For my usual reunion with two cousins in Charlotte, NC, last October, I drove. I usually do fly but no more. Don’t know if I’ll make the reunion this year, unless they are willing to fly into Panama City.

  5. I hope this POS TSA agent got fired along with all the assisting managers…………………
    NO 3 y.o. child needs to be treated this way unless her mother is wearing a burka or her father’s name is Abdull.

  6. They harassed my mother in law when she was 90 years old and in a wheelchair in much the same manner. The TSA guy was smug, officious and rude. When he took her shoes and sauntered away I came close to putting my hands on him, something I haven’t considered since grade school.

    I only fly now if I absolutely have to.

  7. I favor God’s approach. If we had used that in response to the 1st World Trade Center bombing and the terrorist attacks in the 1990’s there would never have been a 9/11 and no need for the TSA. Failure of moral clarity, fear of a leftist world morality and worry of ones political future have made us impotent. No wonder evil has the upper hand. In reality, The Lord, as a nation, has given us over to our sins and will let us reap what we sow. We must remain steadfast, glory in The Lord, and help those that we can through difficult items.

  8. FC,

    This is off topic but I just had to get it off my chest.

    I need a couple of rolls of duct tape to keep my head from exploding. Moochele goes to Hollywood. Sequester this. How about we cut off the food trough to this leech. That would likely save $1 billion a year.


    And now we have to hear how beneficial Hollywood is for our children. Just what they need more degenerate stars teaching them more on the benefits of drugs, sex and how to be a good low life.

    We are truly living in a different world.

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