13 thoughts on “Sequestration Pie Charts

      • Unemployment numbers aren’t off-budget. Your knowledge of “discouraged workers” comes from Labor Department’s work on unemployment numbers. Don’t claim special knowledge they gave you as show that you know more than they do.

        Bush budget shown in pie is grotesquely understated, to the point of being misleading — which is why Bush kept it “off-budget.” Put the numbers in there, honestly, and you come unglued, as you have when Obama made the numbers honest.

        Face it, you hate Obama irrationally, and that leads you into paths of iniquity.

        • Actually it is true that Bush did not include the cost of the wars in the budget – but it was included in the public debt. Obama is the champion on that one…and before you say that TARP was Bush, Obama voted for it and he owns the 800 billion in “stimulus”.

            • I didn’t say it did. I guess you are right, I suppose we could include the devaluation of the currency on Obama’s – but let’s play – the last estimate I saw was about 3.6 trillion for the 12 years of the wars, including Obama’s adventures in Pakistan – 3.6 trillion divided by 12 is about 300 billion a year plus the 161 billion in 2007 equals a deficit of 461 billion – by my math, that is still 440 billion less than Obama’s gap.

              • Now hairy-one … how dare you toss up numbers not found in base-line budgeting at crazy (censored) liberals?

                You know they hate that shit when you debunk their flawed balancing acts. 😀

        • Wasn’t talking about Bush, Ed. And sorry, but numbers are a bitch, especially when you’ve got a progressive in the Executive Branch.

          I’ve never met Predident Obama, so I cannot say that I hate him. (Actually, I don’t hate anybody.) I can say that I hate his ideologies. Same for Bush (since you are keen on bringin him into the picture.)

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