Liberal “Logic” — in Pictures

I thought I might share a few things I do not understand about the Left with you.  BTW: I LOVE the people who do these.  They are so dead-on:









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everywhere 🙂

13 thoughts on “Liberal “Logic” — in Pictures

  1. The Hypocrisy is unbelievable and Stark isn’t it ?!

    Have you seen the almost complete Blackout on the Hanford Washington Nuclear site Leaking ?? Some exposure Here might be good.

    Also did you see the Santa Cruz Calif Police shooting? Two Local LEOs were Killed after they went after a Rapist…..he shot them Dead…..again the Press will NOT bring up the Comments from the Colorado Legislators and Biden to just Pee on themselves, Vomit, carry a whistle, walk with a buddy or the old standby…don’t dress provacatively….as ways to prevent Rape…Cause women are too emotionally unstable to carry a gun to prevent rape, they may not even KNOW if someone is Really a threat to them or not.

    Well here is a stark example of an ARMED Rapist …. screaming and peeing would not have stopped him…..ONLY an Armed woman would have. Might be good for a Re-do with all the pertinant Links up together !

    • “…don’t dress provocatively.” Hmmm…then that would mean that women wearing burkas would never be raped, right(!) I am embarrassed to admit I live in Colorado, surrounded by so much stupidity. I guess we are now the beautiful bimbos of the country, lovely scenery but very dumb.

    • That’s right, you evil NRA-lovin-heat-packin-Islamaphobe-racist-bigoted fascists! I always feel safe walkin alone down a dark alley with my whistle. I’ve thought of a great plan that I am presenting to the Democratic party. It is my No Rape Zone signs; between those and whistles, girls will be safe. That poor rapist with a gun doesn’t stand a chance….

  2. I do see the hypocrisy, but there is the same from the creationists who do not want evolution taught. Two sides of the statist coin. I think there can be temporary consensus in science, but believing this consensus to be fact when it is just a working hypothesis is foolish.

    • drk,

      Understood. I even agree. Those who claim to be Christian but want to NOT allow evolution to be taught are not really following the teachings of Scripture. The Bible teaches the Christian to “test” (i.e. examine) everything, even the evidence that God is Who He says He is. So they shouldn’t seek to control others because tolerance of mistakes is also part of Christ’s Gospel 🙂

    • It is obvious from the Physical record that Some form of Evolutionary Biology is at work . It is NOT an answer…but rather a “mechnism” for adapting to and responding to the Physical environment and to various stressors. The Physical Record also shows what seem to be “instantaneous shifts” in morphology. These where highlighted by Stephen J Gould. And although He WAS an Advocate for Evolution, he was nonetheless vilified by the Mainstream Evolutionary Advocate for his “Punctuated Equalibrium”. Because he doubted the Gospel of Darwin which stresses a gradual shift in function and morphology based on changes happening continually by random mutations. ( which makes NO sense in a world where life has to survive in a harsh enviroment).

      The Best survival strategy would be to remain in a winning posture until the enviroment signals a change is needed….simply put this is what Gould and his team were hinting at. Changes in Form and Function came to species in VERY SHORT time frames in order to adapt and succeed in the new environment. Now this “Method” of almost instantaniously coming into Creation of an Altered form of an extant species is not that differernt from the results of a Kind of Creationism. Further the mechanism for Living, and evolving with the changing environment would seem to be a perfect way to continue that Creation.

      People have no problem accepting that God may have created a Mechanism by which Mass and energy interact… a set of repeatable interactions. They have no Problem accepting that PHYSICS may in fact be the work of God…..Physics as we are ever in the in the process of discovering…….But evolution and Biological systems seem to present problems for them.

      ( Joe…please forward my apology to the “English” teacher for offenses of Verbosity….thanks.)

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