THIS is another Social Security/Medicare “Fix”

First, we have the stories about how the government will HAVE to institute death panels (real ones) and a VAT tax to afford Obamacare, now we see how they plan to resolve the Social Security problem:

Scientists Claim 72 Is the New 30

If you doubt me, then you keep telling yourself that I was crazy when I warned you they would come after your 401K, too.  What, you say you haven’t heard about that?  See what you get when you only get your news from Pravda West?  😉


5 thoughts on “THIS is another Social Security/Medicare “Fix”

  1. You don’t understand, B. With enough fairy dust, one is able to stay forever 21.

    We all know that SS is a pyramid scheme. We pay for those on top of us and the ones below us pay for us………..oh, sh*t; we’re screwed.

  2. We are all screwed with Obama care it is about population control. Read what is happening in UK hospitals, they are leaving the elderly to die. Starving them or just walking away and not returning. It is beyond sick and this in my view is genocide and all should have jail time. This is Obama’s plan also, point is the death panel will decide the cheapest treatment for the elderly and that is the route not waht the doctor recommends just the death panel. Again genocide and I can’t beleive no one is screaming when it affects your parents or grandparents maybe people will talk about it. As for the tax – that was a given – this death care can not be funded with one tax large or not. It is i not enough – but impeaching Obama is a start. We have on option that congress denies any funings for Obamadeathcare.

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