Fascism and Tyranny in the White House

You disagree?  OK, then explain this story:

Bob Woodward: ‘Very Senior’ White House Official Warned Me I’d ‘Regret’ Attacking Obama Over the Sequester

Appearing on CNN Wednesday, the Washington Post’s Bob Woodward said a “very senior person” at the White House warned him that he would “regret doing this,” referring to his outspoken criticism of President Barack Obama’s handling of the impending forced cuts known as the sequester.

But before you do, I’ll remind you that – unlike the majority on the left – I have a memory, so I remember this:


Now, go ahead and tell me why Obama isn’t a fascist and tyrant when, had Bush done this, you would have had an aneurism screaming FASCIST!  TYRANT!

4 thoughts on “Fascism and Tyranny in the White House

  1. The sad truth if Justice Kennedy goes so goes the Republic. The Constitution will be cast into the waste bin of tyranny. At that point in time there is only one way to save it and as discussed earlier there may not be enough willing to die for it. The imperial presidency we are experiencing to date is but tyranny lite. By midnight tonight we will know whether or not there remains any opposition to the path we are on from the Republican Congress.

  2. Let me add. BHO, VJ and the rest of the players don’t fair well in the system they help create. One only has to look at past history, which is littered with the corpses of those that became a potential threat to the next person up the food chain. Sadly, many innocent people receive similar treatment until the system consumes itself over the next 50+ years. Fortunately, we may not have 50 years remaining before The Lord returns.

  3. Woodward ought to name the “very senior White House official”. He’s supposed to be a journalist. Not naming the official does nothing to further his case. Call the fool out and let him publically deny it.

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