In a Sane World, this would Condemn Our University System

First, read this story:

Communism an ‘Exaggerated Fear’? Social Security a ‘Right’? We Have Jack Lew’s College Thesis

In his 1978 Harvard University honors thesis, current treasury secretary nominee and White House chief of staff Jacob “Jack” Lew wrote that Social Security payments should be a guaranteed right, regardless of whether the program’s “trust fund” contains enough money to distribute to beneficiaries.

Now, ask yourself, if you are in an honors program in economics in one of our nation’s most prestigious universities, and you write a paper saying the nation should guarantee a right even if there is not enough money to pay for it, and you are actually awarded a degree based on that paper, then how stupid and/or politically motivated must the people running that program be?

Before you start explain the “nuance” of Lew’s paper to me, STOP!  If you feel the need to explain why I am wrong, then you are the one who needs the help – not me.  This paper is literally saying that, should the population tilt heavily toward retired citizens, to a point where the rest of the nation cannot afford to support their social security benefits, the retired still have a right to their wealth transfer.  That is economic suicide on top of slavery, and it should have resulted in Lew being ejected from the economics department because his paper proves he doesn’t understand simple math.

Unfortunately, reason doesn’t dictate the agenda in our universities – politics do.  And when politics drives reality, the inevitable result is always chaos.  Now guess what many of the political goals of our colleges’ professors just happens to be…


One thought on “In a Sane World, this would Condemn Our University System

  1. So social security should be a constitutional right? Does that mean funding SS and keeping your damn stealing political grubby hands off of it should be a constitutional mandate as well?

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