My Turn to Play “Name that Crazy (Censored) Liberal”

This guy is an icon of collectivism, as you will soon see demonstrated in his words of wisdom.  Masculine, rugged and handsome, he is touted as the ideal man.  He has graced the cover of TIME magazine, and hailed by the Democrat Party.  His ideas are even touted as the ideal for how the modern democratic State should be run.  Here are a few of his better quotes:

State intervention in economic production arises only when private initiative is lacking or insufficient, or when the political interests of the State are involved. This intervention may take the form of control, assistance or direct management.

The corporate State considers that private enterprise in the sphere of production is the most effective and useful instrument in the interest of the nation. In view of the fact that private organisation of production is a function of national concern, the organiser of the enterprise is responsible to the State for the direction given to production.

 Who is this crazy (censored) liberal?

12 thoughts on “My Turn to Play “Name that Crazy (Censored) Liberal”

          • Yes… absolutely. The Consistency of their Ideas from Adam Weishaupt…Marx…Hegel…The Fabian Socialists…..on and on… amazing. If nothing else it shows they are “Working their Great Plan”.

            In answer… No. I have no investment in cheating. I have to be right , I have to assess and act accordingly on a Daily basis or I will be cashiered out. So I have to be my own best ally, and not a liability … I can’t afford to over assess my abilities, certainly wrt data.

            The Corporatism was the key for me…..”The Corporate State…….private enterprise……useful instrument in the interest of the nation.”

Talk Amongst Yourselves:

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