Republicans: If You Think Your Party Is The Answer, Then “How Do We Preserve Liberty” Could NOT Have Been The Question

This is how the Republican Party quietly gives Obama more power while still feeding their members a line about “strategy:”

Senate GOP ponders ceding power to President Obama

They will tell you this is to saddle the consequences around Obama’s neck, but ask yourself: what was the last “consequence” that stuck to Obama?  You see, that “strategy” only works if the media is NOT part of the government.  Well, the media IS part of this government.  If it wasn’t, Reid could never call the House “Do nothing” and survive politically.  So, no matter what the Republican Party tells you, it is busy handing the last vestiges of Congress’s power to the Executive.

 And people argue that we still have a two-Party system…

8 thoughts on “Republicans: If You Think Your Party Is The Answer, Then “How Do We Preserve Liberty” Could NOT Have Been The Question

  1. Don,

    When you see this, understand that this comment brings me no pleasure to post, but never the less, it needs to be said.

    I want you to note I posted this BEFORE Limbaugh’s show came on today. So, when he made my case AND TOOK CREDIT FOR IT, I hung my head in defeat. Limbaugh claimed that the Republicans are thinking of “giving this to Obama to hang it around his neck” — THEN WENT ON TO COMPLAIN THAT NOTHING HAS STUCK TO OBAMA SO FAR!

    I wish I could explain to those who have listened to Rush for years that there is one of two choices here:

    Either Rush is NOT as brilliant as we have all believed because he is pushing ideas that he, himself, admits are flawed.

    Or Rush is EXACTLY what his “seasoned citizen” caller in 1994 accused him of being: a plant — intended to keep conservatives on the Republican reservation, thereby preventing a TRUE thrid Party move that would actually result in a REAL 2nd Party option to teh 2-Parties-as-1 system we now have. If this is the case, then today, Rush presented a very clear example of the more sophisticated nature of his propaganda.

    But, either way, the net result is we all fracture even more — as those like myself must move away from Rush for these reasons, while his fans will remain just as loyal to him as the average Democrat does to Obama and – in the end — none of us who might otherwise be allies against tyranny will ever speak to and listen to each other. 😦

  2. Rush has for sometime railed against the establisment republicans versus the Reagan republicans. Yes, a third party (TEA party) would be good. Many of us are working on it. For now, we still need to work within the republican party as we grow stronger.
    None of us on the right are pleased at all with the performance of the republicans for quite some time. That displeasure was first shown in the2006 mid-terms. We stood on principal.(How’d that work out for us?)
    As one who stood outside the capital during the TEA party’s massive obama-care protest, I saw Boener come to US to ask for our help. HE promised he was with US. WE gave him the house, and not he’s removing our people from commitees if they don’t go along with him!
    Year, we’re PISSED!
    Regardless the two choices still remain,

    1) Work within the republican party as nessasary.(Like Ronald Reagan did.)

    2) Give the dems twenty years(Or more) free rein while we build a party big enough to challenge them.

    If you got a third way, please let me know.

    • fjf,

      Let me ask you to look at it this way then.

      If we keep electing good candidates under the Republican banner, but we cannot dislodge the leadership, then aren’t we just strengthening the Progressive agenda?

      In other words: you are sending a few good men and women into the fray, and they bring their supporters with them, but they are too few to do anything more than help the Republican Progressives gain majority status — in which case, we get big spending ala Bush-style. net effect? NO CHANGE!

      So, keep working within the Republican Party: get Progressive results.

      Go over tot he Democrat Party and try to dilute them instead: get Progressive results.

      Start building the 3rd Party like we should have all along: nothing worse than what you get with either of the other two choices.

      It may just be me, but I think the choice here is clear: option 3 🙂

  3. Start building the 3rd Party like we should have all along: nothing worse than what you get with either of the other two choices.

    That’s what I, and many of us has been trying to do. But like I said, it will take timeI and I believe it will give the marxist free rein for at least a generation or more. I find it hard to abandon this country to it’s fate. Although that is precisely what it may take.

    I believe soon we will balkanize, red states vs blue well whithin my lifetime. The blue will have to shed our blood in a attempt to stop this. as THEY cannot survive without sucking the lfe from us. They will fail, but not before we have to build a cemetary that will drawf Arlington to mark those who stopped them.

  4. Joe
    I’m having a lot of “compatibility” problems with this site. There’s a lot of features of this site that aren’t working quite right now on my computer. When I resolve them, I hope I remember to check it out.

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