The Clearest Illustration of the Leftist Mind You’ll EVER See!!!

Folks, I know this is singling out a comment made by an RNL reader, and normally, I would attribute this to satire, but this reader has consistently shown that he/she actually believes this:

Karl Feb 27, 9:12 am

there is nothing wrong with coercion. How is coercion bad? People will always be coerced. what the important question is, is not whether or not coercion will exist, but who coerces you?

I trust I do not need to expand on all that is wrong with the main idea asserted in that comment.  If it is not self-evident to you, then you are as lost and your heart as dark as Karl’s.

8 thoughts on “The Clearest Illustration of the Leftist Mind You’ll EVER See!!!

  1. Maybe Karl thinks ‘coercion’ means something else…like the people who think paying taxes is ‘voluntary’…( Harry Reid) Progs seem to believe that coercion is good if it is done with your best interests at heart, right? I am sick and tired of all the redefining of words. Why did I waste all those years on building a wide vocabulary only to find out the definitions have changed?

    • drk,

      I feel your pain concerning the destruction of our language 🙂

      No, I understand your point, but I think Karl is using coercion to mean exactly what you and I take it to mean. It’s just that he thinks many of us need people like him to tell us what is best for us. In truth, isn’t that actually what he’s saying?

      • Could be. He asks ” how is coercion bad”…and I say that the answer to that is in the definition of the word. Few believe they are the bad guy in their own minds. Maybe this ‘ everyone uses coercion’ is justification for needing to coerce people to follow his appalling philosophy. I will answer his last question by saying that I don’t care who coerces me, I don’t like it and I don’t need it. But, as you said, the problems with Karl’s statements are self-evident.

    • Dr K …. You know the answer THAT one….

      As E Warren and Obama kepp telling us …. “You didn’t BUILD that “.

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