I’d like to teach the world….

…..to sing in perfect harmony. Quite frankly, I think I could….were I the queen of the world! But, alas! My arch nemesis, B., keeps dashing my dreams of monarchy! One can only imagine how a voice lesson would go down with him….(plays dream music…..)

B.: Kells, what are you doing??!!! Why am I lying on the floor??!! I can’t lie on the floor and sing! I CAN”T sing! I can’t hold a tune in a bucket!

Kells: Just trust me. What we’re going to do is awaken your diaphragm.

B: It’s awake!! I’ve had five cups of coffee, read three chapters of War and Peace, and watched a GBTV episode!

Kells: (putting her foot down on him) You WILL listen! And you will listen NOW!!!

Ahhhh……….. I can have my fantasies, right? What was I on about? Oh, yes! The point of my post.

While it would be lovely to be the queen (and I’d make a great one,) I really wish at this point in this day and age that conservative people would join forces.

As an analogy, one could say conservatives and libertarians have the same script; they are just reading the lines differently……but they are still using synonyms.

Then there is the alternative: Queen Hillary the Hag. If you don’t believe me (sweet Queen Kells the Bells)………..watch and see!

It is time to compromise and get serious. It is time to take back our country. If it must be done with baby steps, so be it; but take it back we must!

Well, either that or secede…………………or have a revolution. I prefer this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ib-Qiyklq-Q

Have I awakened your diaphragm?

6 thoughts on “I’d like to teach the world….

  1. I notice that B. has put me below him……..typical. Please friend me on FB pal Joey so that I may have the immense pleasure of kicking your ass on the Words game!

    I feel the need to go red….

    • kells – You can’t be queen (though king might work for you). Moochelle currently has that position firmly in grasp.

      “She said she doesn’t give a second thought to critical comments about what she does as first lady.”

      This was in response to people criticizing her appearance at the Oscars.

  2. Kells,
    (putting her foot down on him) You WILL listen! And you will listen NOW!!!

    Stillettos and black leather bustier…
    You got me singing!
    Can you say “I hate that moose and squirrell” with a Russian accent?

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