Obama El Duce and His Media Sychophants

Shamelessly stolen in it’s full context from my buddy William …

So the White House now, totally exposed by Bob Woodward, now turns their collective ‘barrels’ on one of the most notable reporters of our life time, and a long time friend of liberals at large. But let’s just back up a moment, and frame this in the proper perspective …

A little more than 2 weeks ago, Obama ramped up his demagoguery in an attempt to sway the weak-minded citizens who follow him to pressure Congress to give him everything he wants … to avoid a cataclysmic sequester (note: folks, we survived the sequester of the 80s, just saying).

But Oblamer may have went a weeeee bit too far. Enter Bob Woodworth. Bob carved out his career by exposing the Republicans in the Water Gate scandal of the 1970s, and went on from there to be recognized as one of the best journalists of our time. Hell, even Robert Redford made a movie based on this guy. Yes, Bob Woodward is that aggrandized by his peers, and up until the last 24-48 hours, this administration as well.

Obama’s hyperventilation and overhyped lies finally land on Woodwards radar. You see, Obama and his media based “this Narrative on lies… The lie that sequester wasn’t his idea; the lie that tax increases were part of the sequester deal; the lie that government agencies had no control over where the cuts hit; the lie that a meager $85 billion cut in a trillion-dollar budget would mean the end of the world.” (www.breitbart.com/)

You see, like any good journalist, Bob Woodward had been keeping notes. 🙂

Oh my! You can see where this story is going ….

So Woodward writes his story, (which exposes the falsehoods of Obama who can now rely on his media machine to avoid the realities, and continue to aggrandize the man as they always have) and has the dignity to give his long time friend at the White House a head’s up on the forthcoming story.

Honeymoon over! White House issues an email to Woodward stating he will regret exposing them.

Game on!

The next day, Jay Carney and Barack Obama himself start the back-peddling tap dance trying to reverse course on the sequestration scare tactics they’ve deployed over the past weeks, and the zombie Obama-bot drones … they turn on the very man they fashioned their careers over with all the utter viciousness we’ve come to know these benevolent liberals for.

Woodward, you have a home with us Conservatives.

But now as more and more journalists are feeling empowered to move forward in telling their stories of abuses at the hands of the omnipotent and benevolent White House, even the Woodwardgate gang is starting to crumble at the feet of their Moses and Messiah (Obama).

A line has been crossed, and things do not look so flattering for the Liar in Chief.

I love it. 🙂

Woodward: White House Warned Me “You Will Regret Doing This”

White House threats: Democrat Lanny Davis says he was threatened, too

2 thoughts on “Obama El Duce and His Media Sychophants

  1. How fast they eat their young when times get difficult. Woodward is lucky Obama has not yet secured his NWO or it would have resulted in a lot more than a threat.

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