Refuting Comrade Karl — Again

It’s time to have another crack at trying to help our resident Communist find his way out of the darkness and into the light.  Here is Comrade Karl’s latest:


February 28, 2013 at 10:00 (Edit) Reply

Natural law doesn’t exists. Law is not material and unchangeable. The idea that there is a natural law and somehow applies to everyone is ridiculous. Natural anything is ridiculous. The only laws that do exist in nature are the laws of motion, thermodynamics and gravity, those truly cannot be broken. Natural laws and rights on the other hand have been broken time and again, and sometimes don’t even exist, which means natural law is neither a law or “natual.” Joe’s and many other right-winger’s, feelings about right and wrong does not equal natural law.

If you agree with Karl, let me explain why he is so wrong.  Suppose I jump in a plane, take off and declare that I have just proven the law of gravity doesn’t exist.  Would you accept my assertion?  If not, then why do you accept Karl’s: it’s the same assertion?  Here, let me explain my illustration:

If I take off in a plane, I would appear to be defying gravity.  If I am ignorant of the Natural Law of gravity, or too arrogant to accept its absolute rule over the matter in this universe, I might fool myself into believing that my flying “proves” that gravity is not an unbreakable law.  If I continue in my denial of objective reality, I might conclude that this then means there cannot be such a thing as Natural Law – after all, I just abolished the law of gravity when I took to the air.  But have I altered the law of gravity in any way?  NO!  I am still held to the floor of the plane by gravity, and, when I run out of fuel, my plane will crash to the ground because of gravity.  So my conclusion that I have changed the law of gravity and that this means there is no such thing as natural law is nothing more than self-delusion brought on by the improper application of logic (i.e. mistakes and/or abuse of logic).

The same problem exists with all economic systems that derive their origin from Marx.  Marx based his entire ideology on fundamentally flawed reasoning.  It’s just that socialism/Communism takes a little longer to crash to the ground.  As long as they have other peoples’ money, they continue to fly.  If they can fly for a generation or two, then people might start to accept the lie that they have altered the Natural Law of human interaction and, thus, prove that Natural law doesn’t exist.  However, once these systems run out of other peoples’ money, they all – every one – crash to the ground.  In other words, Natural Law reasserts itself.  The problem then becomes the Marxist’s inability to admit mistake and accept objective reality.  Instead, he re-commits to his scheming and insists that the problem is with someone or something else: he was sabotaged or his ideas were not tried on a large enough scale. The Marxist’s self-delusion prohibits him from seeing and accepting objective reality, and that reality is that Natural Law does exist.

Natural Law does exist, and when people try to act outside it by mistake or arrogance, it eventually reasserts itself.  It’s just that, sometimes, it takes a while to run out of fuel.

8 thoughts on “Refuting Comrade Karl — Again

  1. if you could levitate yourself, then you have abolished the law of gravity. If you jump out of a plane you are confirming the law of gravity each meter you fall.

    I refute natural law, because rapist aren’t physically prevented from violating natural law, or you all say taxes are against natural law, yet they still occur. This is not natural law, they are man-made laws and also Joe’s personal feeling trying to be justified in a greater context. Man made laws are made by man, if the men are socialist, socialist laws will be made, whether or not they follow Joe’s interpretation of “natural law” does not mater, because Joe’s interpretation of natural law isn’t true.

    You jump out of plane, and you fall. The law of gravity says you must.

    in Joe’s world there is a natural law principle that says taxes are breaking the natural law.
    Billions of people worldwide pay taxes, which means there is no supreme true anti-tax law. Because, if there was, taxes would be physically impossible. Just like jumping out of a plane and staying suspended in the air.

    you can violate man’s laws, but not natural laws. Joe’s “natural laws” are clearly man’s laws. Which means no one on this earth should have to worry about amending the constitution or the laws of their state, and violating Joe’s “natural law” principle. So do away with private property, workers of the world!

  2. Maybe Karl can explain to us why there are no examples of a Marxist Society that has survived for long after the Dictator that instituted the system.

    • Tripper,

      Russia did. It managed to out-live 3-4 generations of leaders. But then, it must be pointed out that we actually helped them prop themselves up several times during that period 😉

  3. Joe,

    Did Russia actually survive after Stalin? These systems seem to morph at a faster rate because that is the hallmark of the Progressive system, forward with change. Each successive Dictator puts his own Progressive stamp on the system and degrades the power once wielded by the first strong man.

    North Korea seems to be the exception, but then I never could understand the social mentality of the Asian mind. And is the present system there like the system established by Kim the First? It will eventually implode, once the Chinese tire of supporting them.

    • Triper,

      In the sense that a collapse usually means a change in government, I would consider it as “survived” — for what that is worth.

      But you and I both see the point: the whole collectivist agenda rests on the imperative for change — no matter what the result, just change for the sake of change. Still, what real changes occurred in Russia until Reagan?

  4. North Korea is the PERFECT example to bring up. It shows what a Charade Socialism / Communism is. The leader lives in a PALACE !!

    So much for the man of the PEOPLE ……… And our Press and the Media is currently treating him as a Celebrity…a kind of Korean Britiney Spears.

  5. Karl,

    You statement makes no sense whatsoever. Please stay off the sauce when you blog.

    “Natural law doesn’t exists.” vs “Natural laws and rights on the other hand have been broken time and again, and sometimes don’t even exist”.

    Which is it? If they do not exist how can they be broken time and again. Then you say they sometimes they do not exist.

    Looks like you are admitting they do exist, and only sometimes they do not.

    See you are becoming more conservative and capitalistic although you still have miles to go before you sleep. Just think of the benefits, you would be on the side of good and not evil. Wouldn’t you feel better really helping other people rather than a participant to the next genocide?

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