The Newest Member Of The Utah Defense Team

Meet Pixie – my new compact Beretta PX4 Storm in .40 SW.


Click to enlarge.

I practiced gun control at the range this afternoon – I used both hands.


25 thoughts on “The Newest Member Of The Utah Defense Team

  1. Good Job!
    I don’t know you, so don’t take this the wrong way if you know already. But two of my favorite handgun drills are as follows.
    1) take someone to the rage with you, at the end of every shooting session, hand the gun to them. tell them at random to pretend to load it. then you attempt to fire. This will correct any flinch you may have picked up.
    Everyone developers a flinch after awhile. this cures it.

    2) buy a box of different manufacture, and different bullet weights. Mix them in the same magazine. This will cause jambs. Do this until clearing a jamb is a automatic response. This is a IA drill Immediate action. You should do it without thinking about it.

    I hope this helps.

      • They frown on being RUSTY ?? They should talk with their brown teeth and all !!

        Just kidding … I ‘ve looked at those a lot lately …..they have a great feel in the Hand .

        • I really like the feel and I like that the slide sits a little higher than my Glock, so there is less chance of “slide bite”. It shoots true and I think has less recoil/muzzle jump than a .40 Glock (I have a 9mm Glock but my father-in-law has a .40.), it is a little heavier with 14 rounds in the mag.

    • I’ve never had a jamb in my S&W model 5906. But then, I always use the same ammo at the range. My wife has had jambs in her Taurus P-111, but that’s because when she first started, she was kind of “limp wristed.” We buy what’s called NATO ball ammo or FMJ because it’s less expensive than HP ammo and will still do the trick if needed. 50 rounds for 18 bucks versus 25 or 30 bucks for 25 rounds of hollow point.

      Caveat…I’m not an expert and these are just my experiences. I will have to come off the hip for the more expensive ammo and try it out.

  2. I personally like revolvers, sure I may not fire off as many shots as an semi-automatic, but I should be able to do the job in one shot. The only semi-autos I like are a Luger, Ruger .22 and Nambu, the grip angle seems much more natural.

  3. Nice addition, Boss. Personally, I’ve never had much use for pistols, but I have friends who tell me your new family member is a good one.

    BTW: not knocking pistols. My drill instructors just told me that, if they get close enough for a pistol, you’ve screwed up royally. At that point, the only way to get back in their good graces is to grab your K-bar and finish things like a man 😉

  4. Regardless, the more the better. In a fight distance is your best friend. We should have stayed at 35,000 feet in Iraq and Afganhistan. But that is a different story.

  5. To paraphrase Clint Smith,
    “A pistol is what you use to fight your way to your rifle.”
    I always liked the wisdom in that.
    While we’re on the subject of personal defense. I’d like to throw a couple of things out there.

    Most of us worry about defending our families while in our home. A quick review of the NRA’s “The armed citizen” shows this is a valid concern. This is also our worst nightmare.

    Where will be when we realize the threat?
    Where are the other family members during the threat?

    This dictates what firing angles we can use. Bullets penetrate walls and remain extremely lethal How can we safely fire indoors without endangering our family members?
    I suggest you start with your unloaded firearm in your bedroom. Imagine you’ve just been awaken by something. get up and with your firearm at the ready, move through your house. At all times, imagine that the other family members are in the house. Aim at the imagined intruders, making sure your firing angle doesn’t come close to a family member in their bed, or where they normally would be. Work your way through out your house. then the most difficult part. Work your way back up! It will become apparent that it is always safer to shoot down. But if you can’t it is best to know what angles you can engage before the time comes!
    It will also become apparent that you may need a upstairs, and a downstairs gun if your state does not allow concealed carry.

    Buy some frangible ammo, test out the functionality in your firearms, and use that for indoor use.

    • There are rounds that are specific to climate and clothing type………For instance Glaser Safety Slug Professional Grade. Made for Concerns about Over Penetration, richochets and close quarter Security… can get one designed for warmer Climates and lighter Clothing.

      Others for other climates and situations.

      • Winchester solved this problem back in the 90’s with the BLACK TALON line of handgun ammo. The FBI used to issue different ammo in northern climate regions depending on the season for the reasons you mentioned. they found out that the BLACK TALON preformed well enough that this practice was no longer needed. And issued BLACK TALON to their agents.During the Clinton assault weapons ban, this line was so vilified that winchester discontinued the name. Winchester has since developed two new rounds based on the same technology. first was the RANGER XST, then the BONDED PDX1. I have not seen the FBI’s test on this, so can only guess that it is equal/better than the BLACK TALON.

        • So the Glaser and the Winchester RANGER and BONDED would be the only retail choices for us today ?

          • No, there are dozens of top quality handgun rounds on the market today. As someone who used to shoot competitively, I can tell you, two firearms made on the same line will preform differently to the same ammo. Plus depending on any modifications made to the firearm. (Which I endorse highly) Modern firearms are produced with excessively heavy trigger pulls. and there are many add ons and replacement springs. that can make your firearm not only more reliable, but safer.

            • I think what you say here is quite important. It seems one needs an advanced degree in this … LOL.

        • Of coarse this ammo IS NOT frangible/barrier safe.
          just a case study on what can happen when hype overrides intelligence. Once you find the load you like, better buy ALL THAT YOU CAN!

          • No …. I meant in the sense of not having over penetration and the issues of endangering other Family members while trying to protect against intruders. It sounds like “Frangible” is Best….as in Hollow Point ?

            I’ve mostly shot Various Target Ammo ….. have some hollow point and the Glazer for Home defence purposes.

            • The Glazer has been out for quite awhile, and are probably as good as it gets. there may be a head to head test out there among the various brands, I’ll see if I can find some. Then we’ll both know.

    • Also FjF,

      Why in the World would the Mexican Government demand that they be given the names and addresses of Gun owners in the Border States ?

      This would be after their “Friends” in congress and the Wite House Register everyone of course.

      • My guess, is to issue it to all of their “honest hard working” undocument citizens.
        So they know what homes not to break into!

  6. Right after 9/11, and for a few years after, there was great interest in frangible ammo for use in against terrs in aircraft. I remember seeing a lot of test reports back then. Try as I might, I cannot find those tests or any newer ones comparing the various brands in a format that I would trust.
    There is, if you search for individual brands tests done by consumers. All that I have found now show that most are about equal in penetration on household material.

    I therefore would like to caution anyone from taking my advise on this type of ammo without testing it out yourself!

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