7 thoughts on “I Can’t Really Add Anything To This…

  1. Are you implying something with regards to my waxing business? Sexy Beast, you know very well that I only give an encouraging nudge to my clients. I NEVER coerce……………….well, hardly ever.

  2. Kells,
    This morning it seemed you were involved in some kind of enterprise where you utilize whips. This afternoon you seem to own/operate a waxing salon. I thought you were an actress……hmmmmmm, are you sure you’re Lutheran?

    • Trapped, it would be best if you kept your pie-hole shut. Otherwise, I shall send the Lutheran caliphate after you! The torture is quite brutal as we place you on stage (after we’ve waxed the legs and shaved the pits) and have you perform the Joe Biden Shuffle.

      I tell you, silly Don decided to be a motor mouth and he paid dearly. (Although I must admit it was the best Biden Shuffle I’ve seen to date…….I mean, people wanted his autograph!) Enough! Remember: Loose lips sink ships.

  3. Kells, you’re wonderful! My grandmother used to talk about pie-holes, you are Lutheran!

    Please don’t make me watch Don do the Biden Shuffle.

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