Illogica: Neither Rain, Nor Snow, Nor Dark Of Night Will Stay The USPS From The Public Trough

This has been out since July of last year but I saw it for the first time this morning:

The website hosting the “save the mails” appeal has the creepy Obamaistic name of Delivering For America.

To hear this, you would think that Congress is just picking on a perfectly good, financially sound organization.

Well, not so much it seems…look at the performance of the USPS since 2007:

USPS Financial Losses 2007-2012








Cumulative Losses

Net Loss








Last year’s whopper is here, but in all fairness, they do note that the reason for the jump is that they had to put money in to reduce their unfunded pension liabilities:

The U.S. Postal Service ended the 2012 fiscal year (Oct. 1, 2011 – Sept. 30, 2012) with a record net loss of $15.9 billion, compared to a net loss of $5.1 billion for the same period last year.  The loss included expenses of $11.1 billion related to two payments to prefund retiree health benefits. The Postal Service, which is uniquely required by law to prefund these obligations, was forced to default on these payments.

Resolving the prefunding requirement, which made up 70 percent of the net loss, and providing more commercial flexibility to allow the Postal Service to manage its business, are among legislative changes needed for USPS to fully implement its business plan to return to financial stability.

$41.2 billion dollars. At that rate, a stamp should cost about $800.

In 2011, compensation and benefits amounted to 68.4% of the USPS’s operating expenses. Public sector unions – gotta love them. Compare the USPS’s financials with those of FedEx, a private company that made over $2 billion on $42.7 billion in revenue in 2012.

HR 2309 is about trying to shape the Post Office more like FedEx and less like a Soviet era widget factory.

Could it be that the real goal of the USPS is the Marxist philosophy of employing people regardless of the performance of the entity?

29 thoughts on “Illogica: Neither Rain, Nor Snow, Nor Dark Of Night Will Stay The USPS From The Public Trough

  1. 15.9b/750,000 emloyees,= $212,000.00
    Someone check my math, Is that what it cost us ABOVE postage to have junk mail jammed in my mail box?

  2. They are lazy……at least mine is. The FedEx and UPS guys always ring, but the post man just leaves me that stupid yellow slip in the box. I then must go there and wait in a long line to receive something I could’ve received had he decided to ring. Oddly enough, the only time he did ring was to ask if he could use my phone. Bizzare.

  3. I recently sold an item on eBay to a buyer in Fort Knox, Kentucky. The USPS delivery person would NOT get out of his/her vehicle and hand over the item, that was too big to put in the recipient’s mailbox, to the buyer. Therefore the item was returned to me and the buyer had to pay again to have me send it by FedEx. Total BS on their part.

  4. I recently applied for my passport.
    I went to the postoffice, stood in line, the woman looked at my paperwork then gave me a appointment to return in 2 weeks to submit it.
    2 weeks later, I stood in line again, 20 min. after my appointment time the same woman looked at my paperwork, stamp,stamp,staple, staple. Then I was allowed to mail it!

    I had to check the sign above the door on the way out to be sure I wasn’t at the DMV!

  5. I thought the new l USPS clothing line was going to solve this problem. Hmmm, Kells in uniform.

    Do the new uniforms have a place for her to carry her whip?

    • Kells has a whip?

      Don’t think so?
      Wait till she sees what I’ve posted!
      It was nice knowing Y’all!

          • Thankfully, Sally, Trapped, AK and DrK had a lil chat with me and informed me that I do not need a concealed carry permit for my whip. I wanted a bigger whip, and coincidentally, Augger directed me to the local sex shop. Whodathunk, right? So basically, I’m in business now. I am the master, er, dominatrix of my domain! (Indiana Jones has nothing on Gretchen.) The pole that Dusty is referring to serves a double purpose. (I’m into the whole pleasure and pain thing…..) Oh, and my uniform rocks….I’ll post pics later..

            • Poles again ??….Ur little chat was an All-Gal Chat…..R U sure U can count on the accuracy of the Advice … jus’sayin…;- ) .

  6. Our UPS and FedEx guys are friendly and deliver the stuff right to our house, even in terrible weather. The USPS people are always complaining and grumpy. When I complained that our mail and magazines are always severely creased- a big deal when my daughter used to like to save the horse posters from magazines- they whined that ‘they didn’t even have uniforms’!! Time to open up first class mail to the free market. Maybe I’d have to pay more since I live in a rural area, but that’s fine with me.

  7. Well, not to rain on Y’all’s parade, but my Post Office is very accommodating to me. Sometimes I can’t get there during normal office hours, but as long as someone is there, they will still give me any packages when I push the buzzer..

  8. guy – Got to agree with you. My delivery postman is friendly and nice, as are most of the employees at the post office. I’m in a “dispute” with them right now, though. I bought a stained-glass transom window from a guy in Peoria, IL on Ebay. It came to my home while I was at work, the postman put it between my screen door and solid door. Opened the package and the window was broken. Have filed a claim (the seller insured it) and here’s the rub – the post office claims center (in St. Louis) is demanding the “original” receipt where the seller paid for the postage and insurance to ship the package. Problem is, there is no “original” reciept. The seller paid the postage and insurance on PayPal and got an electronic receipt emailed to him (which he has forwarded to me). The post office doesn’t seem to understand that people no longer have go to the window at the post office to purchase postage, insurance, or mail anything. It can all be done online. I have provided all the required information. We’ll see what happens next.

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