Liberty vs. Tyranny

I am undergoing a major shift in my thinking about Left/Right and the labels we use to discuss political ideas.  It is due — in part — to some of the consistent positions that have been espoused here on the RNL (See?  I do listen to others).  I will expand upon this change later, after I finish my post explaining it.  But until then, here is a little something I got in an email.  I have altered it to fit my “evolving” understanding of things.  I hope it makes the point:

1. If a Liberty doesn’t like guns, Liberty doesn’t buy one.
    If Tyranny doesn’t like guns, Tyranny wants all guns outlawed.

2. If Liberty is a vegetarian, Liberty doesn’t eat meat.
    If Tyranny is a vegetarian, Tyranny wants all meat products banned for everyone.

3. If Liberty is homosexual, Liberty quietly leads his life.
    If Tyranny is homosexual, Tyranny demands legislated respect.

4. If Liberty is down-and-out, Liberty thinks
    about how to better his situation.
    If Tyranny is down-and-out, Tyranny wonders
    who is going to take care of him.

5. If Liberty doesn’t like a talk show host or reporter, Liberty switches channels.   
Tyranny demands that those they don’t like be shut down.

6. If Liberty is a non-believer, Liberty doesn’t go to church.
Tyranny wants any mention of God and religion silenced.

7. If Liberty decides he needs health care, Liberty goes about shopping for it, or may choose a job that provides it.
    If Tyranny decides he needs health care, Tyranny demands that the rest of us pay for his.

8. If Liberty reads this, Liberty will forward it so others might come to understand.
   Tyranny will delete it because Tyranny is “offended”.

12 thoughts on “Liberty vs. Tyranny

  1. I saw an “longtime professional acquaintance” at a seminar last week. We had not talked politics since the 08′ election. He still wants to pigeonhole me in to his view and perspective of American politics.

    I calmly stated, “I am a “classical liberal.”

    Response “liberal?!? You are right wing, I know you.”

    I explained, “you are incorrect, I have been studying and reading our founders. I am a Thomas Jeffersonian, classical liberal. If you’d like to discuss, I’d be happy too.”

    Response: a dis-believing smile.

    Thoughts; Some of the most educated And brightest people I know, in their respective fields, are wholly ignorant and clueless with respect to America’s founding, government and human nature.

    My old friend has followed politics all his life. His indoctrination is so complete, he can’t see past the “mental walls” constructed for his view. He knows he is intellectually bright and believes he is enlightened, yet he can’t see past the veil of darkness that has been thrown over his view.

    • “….He knows he is intellectually bright and believes he is enlightened, yet he can’t see past the veil of darkness that has been thrown over his view….”

      THIS is the root of his ( and others like him ) problem. In my experience those who have a “Belief” in their infallible Intelligence and enlightenment or their unassailable “Knowledge”, turn out to be intractibly one-dimensional.

      “Pride goes before a Fall” …… For my money, I’ll talk to and listen to the so-called “un-intelligent” any day of the week

  2. Yes! Conservative/Liberal doesn’t work, for sure. I resent the way the progs have stolen the word ‘liberal’ for example. Liberty/Tyranny works for me!

  3. Since I was a little boy, and more so now, I am always dumbfounded by the “knee jerk tyrannical response of so many who believe they are promoting liberty when they support more “new” laws or regulations to correct some perceived “wrong”.

    The unintended consequences of every law or regulation always does more harm than the original wrong sought to be corrected by the original legislation/regulation implemented.

    Liberty does not fret over what her neighbor is doing.

    Liberty says, “you have a choice, follow the better choice and here is why…”

    Tyranny says,” we have to do something!”
    “we realize what we have always done is not working, but we will triple down because it’s how we have always done things. We just haven’t made everyone conform yet, but we will.”

  4. 3. If Liberty is homosexual, Liberty quietly leads his life.
    If Tyranny is homosexual, Tyranny demands legislated respect.

    Seven out of eight ain’t bad; you got this one wrong.

      • How?

        Allowing individuals to live, love and enter into contract with one another is fundamental to our belief in the sovereignty of the individual.

        It goes back to what we feel is moral and what we feel is liberty.

        Personally, I don’t like it that people take the name of the Lord in vain; but I would never legislate that. In similar argument, you may not approve of gay marriage, but there is little defense in legislating that.

        The hard part is separating the fact that just because I make something legal doesn’t mean I support it in my own personal life.

        • pino,

          Go back and re-read what I posted and tell me how it does NOT support what you just said.

          And for the record, the founders legislated against BOTH gay marriage AND blaspheme. I wonder, does this mean they DIDN’T understand liberty after all?

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