Enemy #1 of the American People: NOT Obama, but the REPUBLICANS!

Have you seen this story?

Email tells feds to make sequester as painful as promised

“This email confirms what many Americans have suspected: The Obama administration is doing everything they can to make sure their worst predictions come true and to maximize the pain of the Sequester cuts for political gain,” said Rep. Tim Griffin, Arkansas Republican.

It’s true: Obama is directing the Executive branch of the Federal government to do everything it can to HARM the American people.  But this is NOT the most grievous crime – and it IS a crime – being perpetrated against the American People.  That would be the REPUBLICAN FAILURE TO IMPEACH THIS CRIMINAL, SUBVERSIVE TRAITOR!

 No, instead of impeaching Obama, Republican leaders are saying they believe it is “Legal, ethical and wise” to use drones to assassinate AMERICAN CITIZENS – WITHOUT DUE PROCESS!

Senator: White House Providing Us Memos to Justify Drone Use

“I’m 100 percent behind the administration,” Graham said. “I think their program has been legal, ethical and wise.”

IF the Republicans cared about this nation more than they care about their own political fortunes, they would have impeached Obama several times over.  But, alas, they are as vested in maintaining the establishment as the Democrats.  We are in more dire need of a 3rd Constitutional Convention today than ever before – or a flat-out secession by the few remaining AMERICAN States left in this conscription that we once called a union.

8 thoughts on “Enemy #1 of the American People: NOT Obama, but the REPUBLICANS!

  1. Their goal is to effect the 2014 elections. (They are thinking in advance.) What are we doing? I’ll tell you what we are doing: We are eating YOUR birthday cake! (Panem et circuses…..yes, yes, let em eat cake!) That said, I do thank you for the chocolate frosting………………. sweet brother.

  2. Joe,
    Just read the text of the holder letter. Do you think you could post it? I can’t belive he just said that obama could not only use drones on American citizens on American soil, But the full military force of the U.S, as he sees fit!

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  4. The mainstream Republican candidates believe the election of 2012 shows the country is growing more liberal. They’re wrong. Conservatives stayed home because they rejected Moderate Mitt. From that false belief, however, comes a sense that people support drone attacks on some American citizens on American soil. And, there probably are a few people who actually believe that it’s a good idea.

    It’s not. The pendulum is going to swing, as it did in 1920, then after World War 2, and then in 1980. It’s got to! Otherwise, we’re looking at the French Revolution. This citizenry is not similar enough to the Founding generation. They have about as much restraint as the pols in Paris did.

    When, if it does swing, maybe this time around, conservatives won’t forget what they meant to accomplish. Maybe.

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