Do You Wonder How Germany Allowed Hitler And The Holocaust?

I’m finding it more and more difficult to write these days – because my understanding of history tells me that mankind is about to slide into the eternal darkness of the abyss.  For the majority of my life, I have had a fascination with the history surrounding WW II.  It started with an interest in the military side of history but, as I grew older, it expanded until now I am interested in all aspects of this period: military, political, economic and cultural.  This is how I came to understand that WW II was actually WW I, Act II, Scene I.  And WW I was actually a continuation of another ongoing conflict, which was a continuation of another and so on until you arrive back at Ishmael and Isaac.  For the past 13 years, this period of history has actually been my profession.  This is why I am finding it harder and harder to write: because my understanding of history and human nature tell me that America is dead and we are watching the last flickers liberty’s flame dying before our eyes.    Here, let me do my best to help you see how current events are nothing more than the continuation of ancient agendas:

Hitler benefitted from the gun control laws passed by the Weimar Republic (which were actually intended to keep weapons out of the hands of the NAZIs).  There is a parallel here that many ignore:

Some gun proponents like this quote [a common but false gun control quote attributed to Hitler] because it compares current gun control attempts to those of the Nazis. But as the pro-gun FAQ cited above freely concedes, “This quotation, however effective it may be as propaganda, is a fraud.” Instead of propagating a falsehood, Cramer says he encourages people to read a book by Jews for Preservation of Firearms Ownership on “the curious parallels between the U.S. Gun Control Act of 1968 and the 1938 Nazi weapons control law.” But that’s another issue altogether.

This agenda was mirrored by the policies of Vladimir Lenin:

“A system of licensing and registration is the perfect device to deny gun ownership to the bourgeoisie.”

In our nation today, the same agenda has largely succeeded in convincing the majority of Americans that the 2nd Amendment was intended to protect our right to hunt and shoot for sport.  That is the direct result of two related issues: State control of the news media and school system.

And then there are these stories:

Colorado Dem to Rape Survivor: A Gun Wouldn’t Have Helped You Against Rapist Because ‘Statistics Are Not on Your Side’

Several points here: first, the Rep. who spoke before this Democrat also chastised this poor rape victim.  He is a Republican.  Second, the rapist in this case already had a gun. Third, this Democrat lied.  The statistics are on the side of the rape victim.  But the most important point here is that the State is telling this lady she has no right to defend herself.  Instead, she should:

Democratic Strategist’s Shocking Claim: Women Don’t Need Guns for Self-Defense, Just Tell Men ‘Not to Rape Women’

“We can prevent rape by telling men not to commit it,” Maxwell said, repeating the same bizarre claim.

And in case you think the police and government have a duty to protect you from rape:


In fact, the government has decided you don’t even have a right to be protected from your government:

Revealed: Holder Says President Could Authorize Military Drone Strikes Inside U.S.

And to help the government do just this, they are going around the Constitution to ban guns in America by claiming they can alter the Constitution by treaty (which they can’t –  but unless you understand Natural Law, you won’t understand that, either):

The U.N. Arms Trade Treaty and the ‘Gun Grab’

[If you do not think the U.N. treaties against gun ownership will not be used against us, just give them a little more time.  They apply to us as equally as they do to all other nations, our government just hasn’t decided the time is right to implement those restrictions – yet.]

Then, in case you do not turn your guns in willingly when the time finally comes for all “reasonable people” to admit that we have advanced past the point where people need to protect themselves:

Homeland Security Drones Designed to Identify Civilians Carrying Guns

[This will help the government find and assassinate you – because “reasonable people” don’t need weapons, it will be “obvious” that anyone who refuses to surrender their weapons are terrorists and, thus, Obama will just be protecting the “reasonable people” when he sends the drones for me.]

Are you one of those who still wonder how Germany managed to follow and even embrace Hitler and the Holocaust?

They allowed it because, when they saw these same things happening in their country, they valued their own lives and comfort over the rights and liberty of their family, friends and neighbors and, where our founders stood and fought, they went like sheep to slaughter.  THAT’S how Germany allowed and even embraced Hitler.  Now, are you going to embrace or oppose this same ideology here, now?  Or will you go like sheep to slaughter?



18 thoughts on “Do You Wonder How Germany Allowed Hitler And The Holocaust?

    • So with the SPLC being the agency defining what is a “Terrorist” and the Obama / Holder Justice Dept giving themselves the power to Kill American citizens without aeven a Charge … let alone an arrest and Trial……HR 347 will make Protesting the O-man an offence punishable by Drone ??

      • Don,

        Many will say you are being ridiculous. I am NOT one of those foolish people.

        Yes, that is EXACTLY the road we’re on, and they will use “science” to support their actions. Watch and see.

      • No it was signed in yesterday and makes it a felony to protest outside of free speech zones when obama is accompanied by secret service. The language is loose and appears to be optional on the part of the SS to enforce…..

        • Then why do you say “No”..?? It seems the right to (1) assemble…and the right to (2) use our 1st amendment right to protest the Government and its members … has been taken away…..

          Rights ensured by our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

  1. The estranged husband that killed the 3 children, probably used a gun to kill them or keep his wife away. IF he had a hammer or knife the wife could easily have stabbed him or used a taser or pepper spray or anything else. o yeah
    Adam Lanza’s mom had a gun and that didn’t do diddly-squat. Gang bangers are the people who carry the most guns, and they are the most likely to get killed. Owning a gun does not mean you protected.

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  3. Karl ignores the point of Gonzales vs Castle Rock …. which is it shows that the State can’t protect you, has SAID it has no obligation to do so and proves it has no interest in protecting anything but it self. And yet the State ( and its supporters like Karl ) are demanding that people be DISARMED, that people have even LESS ability to defend themselves.

    Defenseless, Powerless people…..this is the goal of the State and especially the Progressive State ( Communist or Fascist )… is the Goal of its advocates like Karl.

    • This is a VERY important point … the Government is using our Tax money to prepare Arms and Para-Military action against us !

  4. The first time a gov’t drone kills a civilian, WE the People will also declare “open season” on EVERY politician and their families

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