Marx Admits there is no “Collective” – only HIS Power

For comrade Karl.


The majority of Marx’s followers, and all of those who follow the teaching of one of his collectivist offspring ideologies, Marx actually admitted that he was lying to you: he didn’t believe in Communism, he just needed a way to convince you to sell yourselves to him so he could be the one in charge.  Here, read it for yourself:

“My object in life is to dethrone God and destroy capitalism.”

Not, “The Collective’s objective..,” not “The proletariat’s objective,,,,” but MY objective…”  This is an admission that the individual exists; the individual has will; and the individual can and does act on his own – without the aid of others.  In fact, Marx is boasting as to this fact.  And look what his goals are:

Destroy the Church – so people cannot depend on God.

Destroy the Capitalist – so people cannot depend on themselves.

(Read further into his work and you’ll find Marx redefines the family.  In other words, he destroys the family — so people cannot depend on family.)

And what does that leave?  Only Marx.

And the followers of Marx believe this man cared about them, or that he wasn’t a selfish, narcissistic, power-hungry version of the very thing he claimed to oppose: an oppressor.  Well, Communism has a word for those folks:

Useful idiots.

36 thoughts on “Marx Admits there is no “Collective” – only HIS Power

    • The “People” is otherwise known as Anarchy. The “People” never organize without leadership. And once you have leadership, you are back to:

      “MY goal is…”

      Karl, are you honestly this blind, or are you someone who is playing games with this board?

          • Leaders without private property are functions of the people, leaders with private property are individuals.

            • No, that is not what YOU said. If the leaders lead, that is their LABOR, and they MUST be allowed to own their labor (these are your words).

              Therefore, the “revolution” AND the workers become the property of the leaders. Again, YOUR words — not mine 😉

      • I would not trust bourgeosie refugees. Have you ever heard of ostalgie, many east Germans vote for Die Linke(far left party) and actually prefer the Marxist days. Many people in the Soviet Union miss it, and consider Gorbachev a traitor. How many mail order brides were available in the Soviet days, compared to the post-Soviet days of economic decay, human trafficking and drug abuse. Eastern Europe is a shiftless shithole compared to the days of the Soviet Union, when it actually help power, the people had purpose and stability.

        • Eastern Europe is a shiftless shithole compared to the days of the Soviet Union, when it actually help power, the people had purpose and stability.

          As I pointed out in a earlier post,
          Then why are they living longer now that the Soviet union is gone?

            • and those who have jobs can’t enjoy life.

              THANK YOU KARL!
              you finally bottom lined it! It’s got NOTHING to do with ‘fairness” all sharing equally in the fruits of their labor,

              You think I, and others like me should be forced to work so that You can ENJOY life! I feel sorry for those of you who will never feel the satisfaction of a hard days work. Of creating something from nothing. Or the joy of saying “I earned this. THIS IS MINE!”
              You think I’m gonna support you? Sorry sweetheart, I don’t think you would look anywhere near that good in a bikini!

            • “and those who have jobs can’t enjoy life”

              Karl, have you ever had a job you loved? Or better yet, a career you loved and nurtured? Karl, I must say your statement suggesting that those who work can’t enjoy life is the complete opposite of my life experience. In my life, work was always a compelling force, not always easy, but definitely interesting, challenging and usually pretty lucrative. I enjoyed my profession so much I started my own business, which eventually provided me a lifestyle I could only dream about when I was 14 & living in Foster-care.

              Karl, work is good, aspiration is good, giving other folks a job is good and Capitalism is a poor kids best friend. Signing checks that support families is hella good!

              You should give it a try, there must be some kind of work that revs you up, challenges you and makes you smile. Throw yourself into it, you may be surprised just how much you get back.

          • You see how the Marxist Totalitarian will tell us EXACTLY their view of other people and their view of themselves as “the Chosen Ones” to lead the “proletariat” in other words the Peasants…meaning all the rest of us……….His words… :
            “…..Eastern Europe is a shiftless shithole compared to the days of the Soviet Union, when it actually help power, the people had purpose and stability….”

            Eastern Europe is not a “thing”… is a collection of Countries…with citizens that were freed from the Marxist Hell Karl wants to put them under again…….the people are free and in many cases more systemically properous…….And the Marxist denigrates with hatespeech …..much like our Press.
            Karl is mad as Hell because the people of East European Countries no longer ” help power” the elites in the Communist Soviet Union…in other words their 20th Feudal Masters……he is mad as hell because these freed people can’t be FORCED to power his Dream of being in control of others.

            • Why indeed? In the workers’ paradise, all will own the “labor” of others equally, according to their “need.” I suppose this means that, if Bill Clinton is still around, many of you women are in a good deal of trouble as he will have a great deal of “need” for your “labor.”

              But seriously: Karl will never see the inevitable conclusions inherent in Marx’s narcissistic pipe-dream because he can’t see past all the freebies that pipe-dream offers him in return for his willing submission to his Marxist leaders.

        • Work with me here Karl, they have these devices called “books” that they hide things called “facts” in. If you open up one of these archaic mediums and sound out all the letters you will find they make words which form into sentences, which state how completely wrong you are….Two words: pogroms, gulags. Old Uncle Joe murdered 20+million of his own citizens….ahhhh the utopia…

    • Karl,

      “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men”

      My friend, that was in response to the totalitarianism of King George. Any attempts to say that “the rich” of America as the position of King George is fallacy.

      You cannot understand the direction you are headed, without accepting the history you came from.

      Life …
      Liberty …
      Pursuit of Happiness

      Concepts of self-determination you lack understanding of. Concepts of self-determination that any totalitarian form of government will never accept.

      Make sure you find yourself on the right side of the moral fence on this. After all, it could be your rights to self-determination that you lose one day.

  1. In the days of the Soviet Union, Karl, the people pretended to work, and the government pretended to pay them.

    What do you call a dead communist dictator? A good start.

  2. The cult of personality surrounding our president is still in check, but the precedents set by both parties is dangerous. The use of executive decree will likely continue until Congress gets their act together and begins to reverse the trend. United we stand. Divided we fall.

    If our economy totally collapses, all bets are off.

    • The cult of personality is still IN CHECK ??…..I would say it is still in FIRCE and alive and well.

      The problem is that it IS NOT in check !

        • Steve,

          Self-restraint should not be mistaken for the same thing as “in check.” Show us where ANYONE has done ANYTHING that has stopped this man so far. With respect (I mean that), I think he is just going at the pace he feels he can so that he doesn’t actually wake those who might otherwise come to our side before it is too late for us all, even if they do.

          Remember, “Transmit to Putin…” 😉

          • “Transmit to Putin…” ? More flexibility??

            I assume everything I put on the internet is subject to monitoring. I even believe I encountered a CIA, or other government troll, in another open group. She claimed to be a former Navy officer and was quelling someone else’s rant about our military being turned against American citizens.

            There are continuing attempts to give the government more legal authority to control the internet, but so far as I know, those attempts have been rebuffed. That is the kind of check I was referring to. For the people who blithely say it can’t happen here, I say it can, because it has happened before.

          • Shareholders of America on FB, Jan 22, 2013

            Amy-Beth Davis responds to Daniel Dickel. Never saw her before. Haven’t seen her since. Almost no info on her profile.


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