“Mr. Smith Goes To Washington”

No “Name That Crazy (censored) Liberal” today. I am suspending it in light of the events in Washington today where Rand Paul is filibustering John Brennan’s nomination for the C.I.A.

The issue? Eric Holder (no surprise there) has refused to rule out lethal drone strikes in the United States in “extraordinary circumstances”. We all know what that means, now don’t we? Yes sir, it means the targeted killing of Americans on American soil without due legal process, and we’ve been discussing it here on the RNL for months … much to the bellyaching of our flippant transient liberal hobos who straggle themselves in and out on occasion to inject the White House’s talking points.

Has Obama now crossed the line to dictatorship?


So now, after castigating Rand a mere week ago, I find myself eating a bit of crow on this one. For myself, I am proud that at least one senator had the guts to pull a “Mr. Smith”, and am happy to hear that some Democrats and Republican Senators are now joining him.

One of them better be Marco Rubio … the much hailed and aggrandized Republican Savior.

So in light of today’s events, I would rather us discuss this emerging topic instead of picking on a crazy (censored) liberal. Next week we’ll return to our normally scheduled programming.

Discuss …

29 thoughts on ““Mr. Smith Goes To Washington”

  1. Ive been watching and Senators Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, And Pat Toomey have all asked questions (long, drawn out questions) in order to give Rand Paul a break. As a political junkie, it’s fun to watch.

  2. Augger,

    We shall have to see how it goes. If they want to kill this thing, they just have to get a few D’s to join them and the filibuster won’t matter. And if the D’s are too afraid to vote no, that should tell THEM something about their “dear leader.”

    • Senator Feinstein (that crazy (censored) (censored) liberal has joined in on the side of Rand. And apparently other Democrats have shown up in support, and news is beginning to leak that the Judiciary is now about to enter the fray on the side of the Constitution.

      Obama’s Waterloo?

        • Ain’t gonna work … I won’t be cheered up !!

          Lesson of course when the Bamster is sent home .

          • You need to be a little more specific, with…
            Van hollen
            all as possible contenders! 😦

        • Earlier Reason.com run a brief about Ron Wyden reaching some agreement with Feinstein over this. I haven’t been able to follow up and see if any further clarity had been added beyond the Judiciary Committee’s concerns over Holder.

          • Augger:
            reminder = There was a PUBLIC UPROAR over Eric Holder as US AG – intercepting the interrogation of the Christmas Day bomber – closing it down after 50-minutes, placing the ENEMY COMBATANT in position to remain silent, reading MIRANDA RIGHTS to him – and the US AG getting an attorney for The Christmas Day bomber for the Enemy Combatant’s Act of WAR against The United States of America. Holder was acting more as a “defense attorney” for the Christmas Day bomber – other than honoring his position as US Attorney General in service to our country – to PROSECUTE such matters.

            When Holder made use of the media to LIE to the American people – about what he was really doing with the Christmas Day bomber – was “unconstitutional”, our US Senators requested Holder to be placed under oath in a congressional hearing to explain his actions – in his “mishandling” of The Christmas Day bomber.

            When Holder persisted in (falsely) claiming he was following the law and a case precedent, our US Senators requested all matters to be placed in writing – and for Holder to indicate his authority.

            With this writing, Holder trickbagged himself over the COVER-UP devised with The White House = upon our US Senators researching Holder’s (False) claims = it was not a case precedent at all – but a ruling overturned by The US Supreme Court – from a legal brief written by Holder himself – in his representation of GITMO prisoners – as a civilian defense attorney – prior to Obama’s nomination of Holder as US AG – wherein Holder was to provide ALL legal briefs in his representation of TERRORISTS in their Acts of War against The USA – for his confirmation hearings.

            Regardless of the US Supreme Court ruling against Holder’s argument – as a civilian defense attorney – of how Enemy Combatants should be handled – was already determined to be “unconstitutional”, Eric Holder as US AG proceeded to “mishandle” the Christmas Day bomber – anyway – while Holder was fully aware he was operating outside of a lawful judicial process – and that Enemy Combatants were to be placed and face trial in GITMO – before a Military Tribunal.

            This legal brief was a BLUEPRINT of how Holder as US AG had “mishandled” The Christmas Day bomber. This legal brief was then exposed as One of SEVEN legal briefs that Holder withheld from his confirmation hearings and actively concealed from the committee – that Holder had written as a civilian defense attorney in his representation of GITMO prisoners/Terrorists/Enemy Combatants – that were required to be submitted for his confirmation hearings.

            Our US Senators then demanded that Obama FIRE Holder and immediately remove him from office as US Attorney General – after Holder “trickbagged” himself – continued to devise FALSEHOODS – and exposed that he had intentionally failed to submit all his writings for his confirmation hearings – as required; Holder had lied under oath before Congress, and perpetrated FRAUD in the use of his “official” letterhead for the Department of Justice – trying to deceive our US Senators – for Holder to continue to perpetuate a COVER-UP of what he was actually doing with the Christmas Day bomber – was unconstitutional – and used the media in his “official” capacity to LIE to American people,

            When the FIRESTORM of OUTRAGE became louder, all of a “sudden” we the people are faced with an Oil Rig Explosion in the Gulf of Mexico – off the coast of Louisiana – killing twelve people – w a Massive Oil Spew – that lasted for close to Ninety days – causing a MEDIA BLACK-OUT for the world to watch the “capping” of the well from Obama’s “convenient” Oil Rig Explosion w his political contributors British Petroelum.

            This quelled the Firestorm of Outrage – and overwhelmed the demands of our US Senators, that if Obama refused to remove Holder from office as US AG for his deceitful practices of law – and in his mihandling of the Christmas Day bomber, then Obama should step down as POTUS.

            Nothing like Acts of ECO-TERRORISM and Acts of POLITICAL TERRORISM – as a SMOKESCREEN to the ENEMY in The White House being exposed again – with Eric Holder operating more as a defense attorney for the Christmas Day bomber –

            just like Holder is doing now with another ENEMY COMBATANT = fOsama bin Laden’s son-in-law = reading him his Miranda rights and keeping him silent, bringing him before a Civilian court – instead of a Military Tribunal for their Acts of War against the USA in killing Americans.

            btw, BP’s Oil Rig Explosion and Massive Oil Spew – April 2010 – off the coast of Louisiana – also derailed the investigation of Obama’s ACORN coming out of New Orleans – wherein ACORN was discovered to have over 600 = SIX HUNDRED bank accounts, other embezzlement schemes – and co-mingling funds with SEIU.

            • Yeah, Eric Holder is a crazy f**king liberal.

              You will see his type of dumbass lurking around here from time to time. Don’t worry though, you won’t be able to miss them when they pop in. LOL

      • Augger,

        NO! He would be impeached and convicted by the Senate if this were real. There is more than enough valid proof of high crimes to do so, but no real desire. Until they impeach him, this is all theater meant to get people like yourself to “have hope” 😦

        • Well it could also serve to Bring awareness to the issue to the Lower Info voters …. not the LOWEST info voters but those higher up the Food chain.

          Certainly it will or could become a Topic of discussion ….. and if held out long enough , an event making it to the Press and Ridicule Mill such as Jon Stewart. If that happens the issue of the President being able to Kill Americans based on his own Decision as to WHO is a Terrorist and NOT could have some legs.

      • Are you SURE about any Democrats joining Paul ???…..On Mark Levin right now Ted Cruz only mentioned ONE DEmocrat…it wasn’t anybody I’d recognized Ron Wise ? or sounded like.

        I don’t think ANY Democrats will protest ANYTHING this President does……And certainly no so-called “Civil Rights” groups are saying anything.

        This issue really does show the stark difference between The Democrat- Liberal Left and the Conservative right ( who are critical of their own Leaders ). The Democrats are for one-party rule and unlimited Big Gov’t power….including the power for the Gov’t to Kill at will.

        • Posting from my phone (still at work), but I remember about 4pm, Sen. Ron Wyden joined the discussion in support of the discussion.

          What’s the latest?

      • I wish, but I don’t think so, just more acting for the cameras…we’ve seen this sort of coalition before as when they formed the Patriot Act…Its a way to show that they at least addressed the concerns of the public before passing it anyways…Brennan will be confirmed (not indited like he should be), and Eric Holder will find an ongoing investigation that will forbid him to discuss drone strikes ubless behind closed doors….Hope I’m wrong.

  3. Perhaps the question put to mr. Holder should have been,
    Do you belive it’s constittutional for the president to use drone strikes against YOUR PEOPLE?

  4. I’m shocked about Feinstein. Then again, I suppose I shouldn’t be so surprised. (She comes outta left field more than I do.) Is there a list of the D’s on board? Hopefully, they will not believe this to be the Titanic for their lifelong political careers……

    Tell the truth, Augger: Are you really promoting the presidency of M.? I only say this because you mentioned hobos, and I put two and two together. (B. taught me that 2+2=4) I suppose I have now been demoted to the role of “secretary” in the Utah campaign. I know I am making assumptions, but I also know that you boys are BACK STABBERS!

    • I know I am making assumptions, but I also know that you boys are BACK STABBERS!

      I was very hurt by this, Was it my prose, my syntax? What could I have done to ellicit such a responce.
      I decided to ask my loving wife to check what I’ve been posting (as all married men know, a wife will never lie by taking her husband’s side.) to see if she could find what had caused such a rebuke.
      After reading several of my posts, I asked her pointedly could my lack of eloquence been the culprit?
      She replied,”Dear, it IS true that you are not always the sharpest tool in the shed…
      But Honey, you are definitly A TOOL!”

      so there!

      (Err… That WAS a compliment, wasn’t it? 😦 )

      • Oh, pleaze, Frahnk!! Don’t vaste your efforts!!! Do you not tink daht I cannnot see vaht you are doing? You are vooing me scandously! I beleef dis ist dee only vay dahtt you und Augger vill receive a raise on da Utah For President Campaign……oh, da shame….!

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