The Political Right: The “New Jew”

STOP! Before you read this post, you must read my last post.

OK, I told you to read my last post because this post is actually a continuation of my last post. If you haven’t read my last, you won’t fully understand the point of this one.

Aside from his general hatred for the Jews, one of the primary reasons Hitler focused his rage on the Jewish people is because he needed a scapegoat upon which he could focus the rage of the German people. You see, this is the formula to dictatorship. You start from a point where the people are suffering (in the case of America, where we had the most prosperous economy in history, you spend the nation into bankruptcy so you can create this condition intentionally). Then you promise the people you know the reason for their suffering and that, if the people will put you in charge, you will solve all their problems. Then you provide them a villain. In Venezuela, it was America. In Cuba, it was America. In Russia, it was America. In China today, it is America. BUT IN 1930’s GERMANY, IT WAS THE JEWS! However, while they may hate America, Progressives know they can’t turn all Americans against themselves, so they need a new villain.

Under Bush, the villain was Islamic Terrorism. This was convenient because it is a real threat. That means the Progressives could get the conservative right to embrace the foundational structure that would eventually be used against them. So, in the name of fighting terrorism, the Right embraced the Patriot Act, the TSA and DHS, and a host of other unconstitutional, anti-rights and liberty laws that violated everything for which the Right is supposed to stand. But the Right had to accept this trampling of their rights – they had to defend the nation. Now Obama is in office and he has taken those same programs and laws to Orwellian levels, only, under Obama, the enemy is no longer Islam. Obama has openly embraced this nation’s Islamic enemies. Instead, the new “terrorist,” the new enemy, the “new Jew” is the political Right and those who still understand and defend individual rights and liberty. If you doubt me, just read:

The Year in Hate and Extremism

Stalin once said he didn’t care who you voted for, as long as he got to count the votes. Well, Obama doesn’t care what terrorist is killed under his new policies, as long as HE gets to define who the terrorists are.

America, HEAR ME! The Jefferson option is upon us. The last peaceful option left to us before the Jefferson option is secession.  If you will not rally around the cause, then understand, if you would remain free but not secede, then you had best be ready to prove yourself worthy of our founding fathers.


7 thoughts on “The Political Right: The “New Jew”

  1. Are you honestly this afraid? Do you think you are months away from getting hauled into a concentration camp? America is pretty much the same it was 5 years ago, the only difference is you have a right-wing media playing up the actions and doctrines of the Obama administration. It seems like you fear a drone strike on U.S soil, that will never happen unless there was a civil war. The only path to civil war and domestic drone strikes is this crazy “Jeffersonian” option, if you want to change political thought go out and campaign and win elections, if your ideals are so righteous.

  2. Karl has once again stated the Path and Goal of the Left….His words :..”..The only path to civil war and domestic drone strikes is this crazy “Jeffersonian” option …”

    Remember ….. We were Founded in Revolution and it was part of that foundation that we support the Protection of individual rights as expounded in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. We were not founded to support the Government…especially when that Government has acted Un-Constitutionally. Remember these words ??… :

    “….That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends ( ie,Destructive of unalienable Rights….Life,Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness…and the consent of the governed ),…it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government…..”

    5 Years ago there wasn’t the NDAA, or the new additions to the Patriot Act, nor the Attorny General stating in writting that American Citizens can be Killed by drone based on secret decisions and information unknown to the public OR the person killed …. in other words Political assassination iof American Citizenss being called legal, at the complete discretion of the Government.

    In essence …. Karl is saying you have nothing to fear…..if you don’t oppose the Government…….Full and Complete Communist and Fascist reasoning…..because the Complete power of the State OVER the individual is and HAS ALWAYS been the goal of the Marxist-Socialist. Just read history…..Google is your freind in this .

    • All these “new” policies are the same as they used to be. They have just been made public. The patriot act is no different from when it first passed. Are you saying the pre-Obama patriot act is A-OK, but the Obama patriot act isn’t.

      “Political assassination” is not the same as eliminating terrorist threats.

      You are just making excuses for losing elections and holding vastly unpopular ideals.

      • No, you are equivocating. But OK, I’ll play the game.

        From now on, “property” will mean “Dream,” therefore, the Capitalist is entitled to “dream” as much as he wants.

        Now, Karl, are you happy? Will you go away and leave us alone now? No more property, see? Just “dreams.”

        Oh, and Karl, be careful, because if you do not agree, then you are admitting that all you were doing in your last comment was changing the words and definitions without changing their real meaning/effect — which is my point here. 😉

      • Patriot Groups are being classified as terrorist threats……and the Constitution specifically calls for Trial and for protection against this type of action. Losing an election does not mean the Constitution and Bill of Rights are null and void.

        Who describes WHO and WHAT a terrorist is …. what if some say Communists such as youself are Terrorists ( which I believe is true actaully)….does that give the Government or ANYONE theright to take you out Karl ….by Drone or otherwise ??

      • You are being completely disingenous …. virtually everybody here has spoken out against the ENTIRELY of the Patriot Act.

        Obama …. The Hope and CHANGE president ….signed it back into law !!

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