How Did I Miss This – Sandy Hook Shooting

So, the MSM (ABC News Today) admitted on December 15, 2012, that Adam Lanza DID NOT use an AR15 in the Sandy Hook school shooting.  The truth of the matter, according to Matt Lauer of all people, is that four handguns were found inside the school and an AR15, which was “reported” to be the weapon used, was actually found in the car and had not been fired.  Lanza had, on December 11th, attempted to buy an AR15 at a sporting goods store and was turned down.  On December 13th, Lanza had gone to the school and gotten into an argument with four staff members.  On December 14th, Lanza returned to the school and begin shooting.

How, with the MSM reporting the scary black rifle WAS NOT the weapon used, did so-call “assault weapons” become the focus of this massacre of young children, and lead to every libtard in the world calling for a ban on semi-automatic rifles?

I know I work crazy hours, and don’t get out much, but how did I miss THIS??


21 thoughts on “How Did I Miss This – Sandy Hook Shooting

  1. IMHO, think Sen Feinstein may have had something to do with it. She has been trying to ban scary guns since the Mayor of San Francisco was murdered by Supervisor Dan White back in the 80s. A jury determined that Dan White had eaten too many Twinkies & that’s why he shot the Mayor. Not sure why Feinstein hasn’t campaigned to ban Twinkies, but I guess Michele Obama has that covered now.

    • THANK YOU for putting this UP….. I had heard this, but the Story went DEAD.
      So basically the “assault weapons” as a culprit was an excuse to bring backan ASSAULT of the 2nd amendment….. by usinf Lies and Misinormation.

      • This whole issue is like all the other ones pushed by the liberal media. Just like, ” Romney paid no taxes” or “Romney killed my wife”, the incentive is to make any non liberal look bad, period. Whether it is an outright lie or merely a mistake, doesn’t matter if it make more people get behind their agenda, it is the “right thing” to do. Remember, “never let a crisis go to waste”.

  2. FC,

    STOP WATCHING THE MSM!!! They are nothing more than the propaganda arm of the Lefitst agenda in this nation. Anyone watching them is getting disinformation — at best. More likely, they are being fed out-right lies.

    Watch the REAL meadia — the “new media.” For the most part, you can tell they are reliable by the way the MSM trts them. After all, if the new meadia really was as bad as the MSM says, the MSM wouldn’t worry about them. But they know the power of the media and that the new media IS a threat to their hold on it — which is why they attack it so viciously.

    • Joe…..Have you seen anything reported as to what was actually used …. if the woumds were caused by 9mm or .223 etc ???

      • Don,

        I’ve moved on, but my memory — though bad when it comes to names and social stuff — is usually good on these things and I seem to recall that the coroners report said the majority of the wounds were caused by 9 mm rounds. I think I also heard a news report (alternate media) that said he used 2 pistols.

        Again, I won’t swear to it, but this is what I would put down on my “current events test question.” Hope it helps.

    • I heard on the radio that Glenn Beck has a NEW MEDIA channel – w a show called “FOR THE RECORD” – that will bring “real” news to the world.

      • Fina,

        I think the Blaze is already doing a good job of that, as are his other programs on the Blaze TV. But I am looking forward to the launch of this new program. 🙂

  3. Not only was the AR not used (as reported by the MSNBC), but in one of his early interviews, the coroner stated that all the wounds were caused by the “long gun”, which has since been recanted. The “assault rifle” removed from the trunk of the car, visible in new footage, has a side action “charging” handle, similar to a semi-auto shotgun, not a rear charging handle like an AR. And what about the footage of the “other guy” police were chasing and caught in the woods. Where’d that story go?

  4. So 2 handguns and an AR-15, or 4 handguns, or….?
    And what was in the trunk, obviously not an AR-15.
    The “other guy” story ended pretty quick, I believe I heard he was released.

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