Republicans: EVER Want My Support Again? Then Here’s What You’ve Got To Do

OK, all you conservatives out there: IF you think you can “re-claim” the Republican Party, then you need to pay attention to these stories:

Young bucks, new GOP power brokers join Paul...

... While old guard dines with Obama

Your mission now is NOT to make sure they don’t get re-elected, but to make sure none of the “old guard” are even nominated for their next election.  But it isn’t enough to just get rid of these people:


You must replace them with TEA Party candidates because they can and will force the other side to choose between the founders, the Constitution and individual rights and liberty or Obama, their Party and tyranny:

Tea Party Favorite Rand Paul Is Able to Get Support for His Drone Filibuster From the Far-Left

Liberal Actor on GOP-Led Filibuster Over Drones: ‘For God’s Sake, Where Are Democrats?’

You Will Never Believe Who Said ‘Rand Paul Is the MAN’ for Filibuster — Seriously, You Won’t

 Now, Rand has said he will still vote to confirm the President’s appointees – even if they agree with and advocate policies that Paul says are “shredding the Constitution.”  I’ll admit, that troubles me as it calls into question Paul’s understanding of the Constitution or his sincerity in the things he says in support of it.  But one thing that was demonstrated last night by this filibuster is that, IF PROPERLY LED, there IS support for a conviction of this President – IF THE REPUBLICAN HOUSE WOULD DO ITS DUTY AND IMPEACH HIM!!!

That is what the support from the extreme Left actually indicates – and how it should be used.  If the extreme Left can understand the threat presented by Obama and his policies, then a LEADER can use that support to force the few remaining Leftists who still have some sense of decency about them to vote for conviction.  And when those few announce they will vote to convict, they will force some of the sheeple in their Party to join them.  No, it may not work, but then, there are no guarantees in this life.  But there are duties, and this is a duty the Republican Party is ignoring.

So, Republicans, you not only have to clean out the “old guard” in the Senate, you MUST do it in the House, as well.  As long as you support ANY Republican who stands in the way of doing this duty – no matter what their argument – then you are actually supporting Obama and tyranny and I cannot join or stand with you anymore.  If you ever want my vote again, then get rid of the people who argue “political strategy” over duty to liberty and country.

19 thoughts on “Republicans: EVER Want My Support Again? Then Here’s What You’ve Got To Do

  1. I understand your distaste for political strategy, but to channel Tom Hanks in “League of Their Own”, This is politics. There is no crying in politics. 🙂

    Impeachment? Really? IMHO, that would not only be a waste of time, and a distraction, it would also further polarize the Congress and the electorate. Rand Paul appears to be choosing his battles cautiously and is making the right moves so far.

    Marco Rubio. Who’s that?

    • Steve,

      So, if your nation is being taken over by a tyrant, and the old guard on the “opposition” Party secretly supports him, and your voting system is suspect, and the media is complicit, when you FINALLY get a few of your people in place, the “strategy” is to sit and wait for re-enforcements???

      As a Marine, I can tell you: had we followed that “strategy” in the South Pacific, you’d be speaking Japanese today.

      • How many past presidents should have been impeached for one reason or another. The Clinton impeachment…a fiasco.

        I believe Saul’s advise to the far left radicals has merit. Work within the system. Create a reformation before the revolution. I see a consensus having already been achieved. Our government sucks. The party that offers a real plan to turn things around will gain control. The Ds and Rs have painted themselves into their respective corners.

        Far right politics are being rejected just as the far left was in the 60’s. Be patient. Advocate. Organize.

        • Steve,

          Justice delayed…

          Do you not see that, by following your reasoning, you effectively remove the ability to EVER impeach another President? We have TREASON on Obama and that still isn’t good enough for you???

          At some point (and I already reached it), you realize it that your leaders/representatives no longer care about serving the interest of the people, but about seizing and holding on o power for the sake of power. That’s the case here. Though the words are “strategy,” the effect is excuse making.: they can NEVER do their jobs because it will risk their next election, and if they do not get re-elected, they can never “do anything.” Once you are in that cycle, you’re dead. I am just choosing to look to the living and leaving the dead to bury their dead.

          • Just as a “for instance”: You decide to run against Steve Southerland. I vote for you, but how many others would?

            I see Rand Paul being reelected as a Republican in 2014. After that, I expect the “old guard” will begin to move against him if he poses a real threat. At that point, what if he defected and became a Libertarian? Could you vote for the least of three evils?

            • Steve,

              I no longer care what he calls himself, I care whether or not he advances the cause of INDIVIDUAL rights and liberty. Yes, I have some question as to whether or not Rand Paul understands the Senate’s role in “advise and consent” was meant as a check against the Executive’s power, but he was arguing for the rights of the individual NOT to be murdered, so I could vote for him.

              As for the rest of this “strategy” routine, I point you back to the cycle we have been in for decades:

              “We can’t do our duty because it might jeopardize our ability to get re-elected, and we need to get re-elected or we can’t do our duty.”

              You do understand that this is not only a fallacy, it’s fornicating for chastity — right? 🙂

              • “We can’t do our duty because it might jeopardize our ability to get re-elected, and we need to get re-elected or we can’t do our duty.”

                Indeed. That is the way it works, but it’s a cop out. Take away their pay, and pay-offs, and I think that problem would be resolved rather quickly. Like that is going to happen. 🙂

                I don’t think most people care about politics beyond who will benefit them most. Many others just say all politicians suck. Fire them all. But many are beginning to say, “What the f***’s going on?” When more people start asking that question, someone needs to have an answer.

                People take government for granted. We have become numb to its excesses and crooked ways. I think the biggest reason for this is that we believe we are powerless to do anything about it. Libertarians just might be the the key to breaking the cycle by getting people excited about a viable alternative. When all is said and done, I don’t think the average citizen has given up hope.

                I think we have a window of opportunity to get more liberty-minded people in office. Ron Paul got a lot of people’s attention. Rand Paul is making some good moves. Justin Amash got kicked off the budget committee for being an “asshole”, and he is communicating with voters via Facebook. He is explaining his votes. In his own words, he says he is forcing himself to be consistent. Consistency is a Ron Paul theme. It is what I admired most about him.

                “…when you FINALLY get a few of your people in place, the “strategy” is to sit and wait for reinforcements???”

                Unfortunately, is has to be that way. Short of some sort military coup or armed rebellion, that is our only option. That is why I am working to expand local membership in BCC4L and trying to generate some interest in activism.

                • “Unfortunately, is has to be that way.”

                  Steve, THAT is the sort of thinking that has had us in the feed-back loop I described ever since Reagan. You say we need to act, but then advocate waiting. Are you sure you are not more familiar with Orwellian doublespeak than you are trying to let on? 🙂

          • “At some point (and I already reached it), you realize it that your leaders/representatives no longer care about serving the interest of the people, but about seizing and holding on o power for the sake of power. ”

            Some of us are suspicious whether serving public interest was ever a concern.

            I missed in my own reading that Paul said he would vote to confirm the appointee that he was protesting with a filibuster. That worries me as well, and is a good representation of why I feel a bit uncomfortable about Rand Paul. His father strikes me as more principled and philosophical, which I appreciate, but Rand seems qualitatively different. Still, can’t fault him for drawing attention to the issue.

            • Existential,

              You see, I have the opposite view of Ron and Rand. Ron has his own contradictions in his past (earmarks, for one), as well as a total lack of comprehension of the threat Islam poses to this nation. Rand seems to be free of these issues. But this is just my read on Rand from what I know of him so far…

              • Earmarks, for one… He was in the system for how long?

                The threat of Islam. What threat is that, specifically? Those in this country who practice that religion?

                • Steve,

                  If you do NOT understand the threat Islam poses to this nation and the entire Western world, just search under the topic on this blog and start reading. But understand, those that dismiss the threat are as much a threat to this nation as Islam is — and Islam IS a clear and present danger.

      • Joe,

        I agree with you here too. But mostly It is good that you put up the Diverse stories you did in one Post.

        It shows CLEARLY the Divide in the GOP….and over CRUCIAL ideological issues. It also shows the “Old Guard” to be complicit in the Tyranny of Obama, and the “Deal-making” attitude that pretty much defines the GOP of ROVE-BUSH-McCain.

        The other important thing it shows….is that there ARE real issues of agreement between some on the Left and the Right … hopefully some of the base on the Left will begin seeing their ‘Hope and Change” messiah for what he is…..and that he and his political allies could care less about them OR us. That WE the People are ALL at risk from the Political Class that is defined by this Dinner Party …. and that Statemen like Rand Paul really represent ideals that protect and serve us ALL … not just the special intertest group pandered to by the likes of a Pelosi or McCain.

        • “… hopefully some of the base on the Left will begin seeing their ‘Hope and Change” messiah for what he is…..”

          I think this is an important misconception on the right. Many of us who voted for Obama the first time, merely perceived him to be the lesser of two evils. I didn’t vote for either this last go ’round, but still believe it to be the case. More people are registering independent and are looking for a new home. If someone could reawaken the totally disillusioned, the sky’s the limit.

    • Steve,

      I agree with your First Comment. I think it was strategic …. and also genuinely felt by Rand.

      I have been disappointed by Rubio … But I have to disagree with you hre …. I think Rubio could STILL pull out another Strategic Win himself…..and in doing so add to the Monentum of the “young Turks ” as they are being labeled.

      Similat with Cruz and similar with Mike Lee.

      • Don. It scares me that you think that.

        Republicans are self-destructing. Rubio is a puppet of the money masters. If Paul stays in the party and starts a turf war, even If Rubio wins the nomination, he will lose for the same reasons Romney lost. If Paul could get the nomination, he would likely win, but the money masters will do everything in their power to stop him.

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