See, We’ve Been Telling You They’re “Republicrats”

Let me see if I have this right.  Obama has his Attorney General say this:

HOLDER: Obama 'has authority to use drone strikes to kill Americans on US soil'...

'No Intention'...

So, Rand Paul does what he can to stop a clear violation of the Constitution and open declaration of tyranny only to have his Party’s “leaders” say this:

McCain tells Sen. Paul to 'calm down'...
Graham calls freshman 'ridiculous'...

No intention?  No intention?   OK, tell me again, when did Obama start keeping his word to Congress and the American people?  No intention until he decides he has an intention, but by then, these Progressives Republicans will have said it is OK for him to kill “domestic terrorists.”  Well, if you support the Republicans but you consider yourself to be a “conservative,” I have a news flash for you: YOU ARE THE DOMESTIC TERRORIST THEY WANT TO KILL!


And you STILL think the Republican Party is the answer?  Well, if you do, it must have been a Progressive question.


14 thoughts on “See, We’ve Been Telling You They’re “Republicrats”

  1. I have much respect for John McCain. God knows he paid his dues for this country when he checked into the Hanoi Hilton, but it’s time for him to retire and take on the mantle of elder statesman.

    As for Lindsay Graham, if we end up in SC I’m going to work hard to make sure he takes early retirement. Tim Scott needs a junior Senator that will have his back.

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