The Real American Taliban

Christian conservatives are called the “American Taliban” with a high level of regularity. Remember the smug satisfaction the left displayed after this dialog from Aaron Sorkin’s liberal fantasy was broadcast on HBO last August?

The op-ed portion reigned in Sunday’s episode as anchor Will McAvoy (Jeff Daniels), a moderate Republican, summed up his objections to the Tea Party. He listed Tea Party views as “ideological purity, compromise as weakness, a fundamentalist belief in scriptural literalism, denying science, unmoved by facts, undeterred by new information, a hostile fear of progress, a demonization of education, a need to control women’s bodies, severe xenophobia, tribal mentality, intolerance of dissent and a pathological hatred of the U.S. government.”

McAvoy concluded: “They can call themselves the Tea Party. They can call themselves conservatives and they can even call themselves Republicans, though Republicans certainly shouldn’t. But we should call them what they are. The American Taliban.”

Always reliably moonbattish MSNBC promoted the theme:

Women’s rights played a surprise starring role in this election cycle, and activist Gloria Steinem had some harsh words for the GOP when she appeared on Andrea Mitchell Reports Monday.

“What we remember as the Republican Party has been taken over by extremists—economic and religious—it’s like the invasion of the body snatchers,” she said. “And now it’s extremist … it’s become like the American Taliban and that’s how we got Mitt Romney. Whatever he really believes, he is going along with everything they believe.”

So it comes as somewhat of a delicious irony that this is happening in the self proclaimed “progressive capital of the nation“. Apparently if your dress is too short in the eyes of the palace guards of our national progressive Utopia and you are carrying condoms, that’s enough to get you arrested these days.

If a New York police officer thinks your skirt is too short and you happen to be carrying condoms, that’s reportedly enough evidence to arrest you.

Molly Crabapple at Vice reports on a study released last year by the Sex Workers Project and the PROS Network. It reveals shocking stories of police stopping, searching, and hauling away women who are minorities or transgender and happen to have condoms in their purses.

Police claim they are discouraging prostitution by confiscating women’s condoms or cuffing women who carry them. But half of the people whose condoms were taken away still had to engage in sex work later that night without a condom, according to SWP’s study.

Wow, I thought the hijab police only existed in Islamic paradises – I guess not.

No big gulps, no trans-fats and now no loud music from your own iPod, even if you are the only one who can hear it – for a Utopian existence, it sure appears that there isn’t much personal choice…or fun.

I guess this should come as no surprise when we live under a regime that openly states that it is legal to kill an American citizen, without trial or proven guilt, on American soil with a drone strike.

These “progressive” charlatans have taken hypocrisy to an art form.

6 thoughts on “The Real American Taliban

  1. Mustn’t forget: many of the attempts to legislate morality in the last century were led by PROGRESSIVES! Prohibition was a Progressive idea and look where that got us.

    But, hey, they have a cure for what ails them now. They just label us as “terrorists” (and that is what the Taliban is), then decide that our opposition tot hem is war (and the Left defines peace as a lack of opposition to their agenda), then send Obama’s drones to handle the “problem.”

    Oh, wait, that PROGRESSIVE REPUBLICAN, McCain, just said Obama would never do anything he isn’t authorized to do by the constitution…

    And if you don’t see the threat/irony in that… 😉

  2. Hmmm. Limited government. Free markets. Fiscal responsibility. If believing in those makes progs call me ‘taliban’ then, fine. The TEA Party is not ALL ‘conservative Christians’, though some do belong.

  3. Back in the 60’s I remember the Lefties always squalling about a particular situation being unconstitutional. Now that they are in power they call people who defend the constitution terrorists. We have newspapers in Russia of all places warning us not to give up our freedoms or we will never get them back. The newspaper I am referring to is Pravda the former mouthpiece of communisim. There are still a lot of anti-USA rants in that paper but when they put out articles like that I feel I must sit up and pay attention. I can’t remember the link to that particular article but if one googled Pravda and searched their site you may still find it. I believe the title was ” Americans do not give up your freedoms ” Some of their articles are written like somebody consumed too much Vodka but some are very thought provoking depending on the author.

  4. I was lost with the liberal morality of curiosity and relativity when I saw male participants of the Seattle Pride Parade, walking down the sidewalk with makeup on, cab hats, pink boas, and nothing but black g-string thongs and high heels.

    There is simply no point in trying to reason the rationality of a morality based off of the teachings of Jesus Christ, or the principles of the Ten Commandments (or any Biblical law for that matter). I have come upon an astounding discovery. Why you try to reason on this topic with post-modern liberals, your arguments are processed in their brain as a certain algorithm, which in turn sends signal to the appropriate region of the brain that triggers irrationality, emotional reasoning, temper tantrums that rival those of three year olds, fallacious reasoning, the use of misinformation, erroneous statistics, misperception, narrow perception, lies, propaganda, stupidity, plagiarism of enlightenment era thinkers and Janine Garofalo, irrelevance and much much more!

    Perhaps if I start coming up with smug, insulting, and quite frankly, stupid comments about anybody who does not subscribe to my spoon fed theoretical social studies 101 ideology, while managing to pose as a hipster or a post-grad academic thinker, maybe I will get my own show and make a nice little wad of cash.

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