It’s Time To Revolt!

NOTICE: I am NOT calling for an armed or violent insurrection!  But it is a call to start resisting the tyranny that is spreading across our society.


This may be the most important post I have ever written.  It will likely be one of the most controversial, as well.  Please read it and read it carefully.  If necessary, re-read it until you are sure you understand what I am telling you.  Then, if you care about the dignity of the individual and for individual rights and liberty, share this with everyone you care about.  Get this post to everyone you think you can reach.  Make this go viral.  This is a modern ride of Paul Revere!

This nation is under attack by ancient and evil forces.  We are being forced to abandon everything that is real in favor of the unnatural dreams of demented minds: minds in rebellion to God.  It is not the purpose of this post to detail every way that this is being done; I’ve been doing that since I was asked to join the RNL.  This is a call for all who hear His voice and love liberty to stand against evil.  Those who do not believe in the Creator will not understand this post.  You are commanded to do what you can to reach them, but you are also told that, if they will not listen, you must be prepared to leave their fate to God.  It is not our role to save anyone, only to offer the invitation by preaching the Word.  Your role now is to stand against this evil that seeks to destroy what is left of us – even if it cost you your life (Luke 14:25-33).

As a believer, there are things we can do.  First, educate yourself!   Learn history: everything that happens today is driven by the events of yesterday.  Learn what has gone before and you will be able to understand why things happen today – and even learn to anticipate the events of tomorrow.  If you do not care enough to do this level of work, then how will you ever manage to do the work necessary to arrest our slide into darkness and start moving society back toward the light?  At the very least, when Utah, Squatch or myself take the time to write a post explaining what we have learned in our own efforts to learn and understand history, can’t you at least take the time to read the entire post?  And if we have put forth the effort to cite our post, can’t you take the time to read the links?  Then, if you find value in what is posted here, can’t you spend the few moments necessary to spread it to your friends, family and associates?  However, if you cannot take the time to educate yourself, ask yourself how you are any different from the people who are attacking liberty?  Think about it this way: if a person comments on a post without reading and thinking about it and the supporting links aren’t they essentially demanding to enjoy the benefits of another person’s labor without doing any work themselves?   But worse still are those who do not share information because they fear what others may think of them.  Those people are already dead and have no place in the struggle to retain man’s liberty.  They certainly aren’t the children of our founding.

But is not enough to just learn about what is happening and why; we must push back.  If you have children, start by getting your kids out of school – especially public universities.  The schools are the primary means by which this evil is propagating in our world today.  They no longer educate your children: they indoctrinate them.  They use your money to turn your child away from you and to the State, and the State is in rebellion against the natural order of this world; against God.  You must not allow the schools to undermine your authority as your child’s parent.  God has commanded each of us to raise our children according to His ways.  If we neglect this duty and leave the schools to babysit our children, then we are in rebellion to God.  I understand that it will involve great sacrifice to pull your kids out of the school system, but do you not love your children more than yourself?  And do you not love the Lord even more?  Get your kids out of the public schools NOW!  If you’re worried about money, then here is your chance to participate in the real free market: start a business to help other parents get their kids out of public schools while still educating them.

Next, stop using any and all forms of government “assistance.”  How can we speak against socialism if we are enjoying the fruits of socialism?  Anything that is forcibly taken from another and given to you is the receipt of stolen goods.  Do not fool yourself by rationalizing that you “paid for it;” the moment you receive $1 more than you actually paid in, you have started to enjoy the fruits of socialism.  This is an area where we can learn from Ayn Rand, but also the Apostle, Paul.  We — not the government — are to give to those who honestly cannot care for themselves (today, the children and the honestly infirm), but we are also told that the able bodied who refuse to work should not eat.  Acts also tells us we are to share freely of our property to help the needs of others, but that it is still our property and we are entitled to do with it as we will.  There is nothing about State coercion here; this is a focus on the heart of the individual.  So to surrender our individual duty to the State is to turn our back on what God calls each of us to do for Him through the way we treat each other.  This is also the duty to society inherent in Natural Law and the Social Contract.  The key is to understand it is based on free will, not force.  Now find the will to live your convictions.

Then get involved with your local politics.  None of us can do anything about the State or federal government: leave them to God.  But go to every meeting of local government where you are legally allowed to vote.  Yes, I am telling you to arrange your day so you can go to these meetings.  Turn off American idol, forgo that movie and get to those meetings.  Be civil, be respectful, but speak up whenever you have the opportunity.  Stand for your rights and values.  Speak for God and His Natural Law.  Tell local leaders when they are wrong.  Do not fear, and do not worry about what you will say.  As long as you are speaking for Him, He will give you the words you need.  But go to your local meetings and make your voice heard.  Do not be cowed into staying silent any more.

Then continue this in your private life; in all your public and private relationships.  Do not seek confrontation, but when wrong finds you, make your position known.  Speak up.  Tell people that this is wrong and that is right and then, make your actions agree with your words.  Do the right thing – always.  Act at all times as though others are watching.  Teach your children that they must do the right thing – even if it is hard, if it cost them personally and even if it is against the law.  Show the world that you answer to a higher authority than the State.

Add your wallet to the struggle.  If you love your things and your comfort more than your rights and liberty, then make no changes in your daily life.  But if you love your rights and liberty, add your wallet to the struggle.  Do not do business with any major corporation.  Start looking for ways to put your money with individuals – not artificial entities.  Corporations are NOT “the free market,” you and I are.  Yes, this will cost you more money, but it will also strengthen your neighbor while weakening the artificial entities that are destroying our society.  Encourage others to join you.  This is one of the many legal forms of offensive force we can use against our enemies.  And don’t forget the role of taxes in this offensive.  Look for every way you can legally keep from paying taxes – even to the point of doing without luxuries just to avoid paying sales taxes (look for private sales of second-hand products, and the barter system).

Do not neglect your vote, but learn to use your vote as a weapon against the system of tyranny.  STOP VOTING FOR PARTIES!  Parties are a violation of Natural Law.  Vote for the person and only for the person – even if you know that person will not win.  Reject the Parties’ arguments about “strategy.”  Have they ever worked?  No!  So why should you sell your soul for the promise of something that they have never delivered?  Your vote is scriptural; use it scripturally.  In the end, you will not answer for your vote to your Party or even your children, you will answer for it to God.  So heed the words of our founders when you vote:

Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost.

–John Quincy Adams

Finally, pray!  It works – if you ask for the right things.  Do not ask for the Lord to do our work; ask for the wisdom to know what to do and the strength to do it.  Do not ask for God to remove our enemies; ask Him to soften their hearts and open them to God’s voice.  Acknowledge the Lord and embrace His will, but ask Him to give us more time.  Beg Him to send a revival to our nation, and to cause our people to repent and turn back from our evil and wicked ways.  Then trust that He will answer your prayers, but remember that one of those prayers is for His will to be done – not ours.  Then read your Bible, go to church and let your family see your relationship with God.  But be mindful that they see you and guard your actions accordingly.  In short, live the life in which you profess to believe.

[Note: If you think I am trying to push my faith, you’re wrong.  I wish for all people to believe in and accept Christ as their Savior, but I also understand that I am not commanded to make this happen – only to offer His invitation by speaking His Gospel.  You have to accept Him, and if you don’t, I am commanded to leave you in peace.  However, if you sense a bit of trepidation in this post, then you’re right: I fear for this nation and for all mankind.  What is coming to this nation is painfully clear to anyone who knows and understands man and his history.  For the same reasons, I understand that our founders provided us with the model for how to stave off the inevitable.  I just wish that I could somehow help more people to see what I see.  But the real purpose of this post is to call those who already see to action – Scripturally based action.]

184 thoughts on “It’s Time To Revolt!

  1. Join a 9/12 group, oathkeepers, or any other patriotic organizations that you may agree with. I have had some great resources come out of these places….Its where like minded people can organize.

    • Saneromeo,

      And with small support groups of like-minded individuals who you can rely on in times of emergency. In other words, rebuild your local community and neighborhood. Get off the couch, out of the house and meet your neighbors. Stop letting the evil on TV tell you about them; go find out for yourself. I suspect we will all discover that our neighbors are not the people the TV tells us they are — and that goes triple for the supposed “evil” TEA Party types.

  2. I Second your post … it is HIGH -Time for a revolt !!

    Senator Rand started on one front and Ted Ceruz and Mike Lee on another …. Specifically they have shown that Politicians CAN and SHOULD stand up to Obama and his destructive Administartion apparatchiks like Holder.

    Brother Bakanovc details beautifully the methods we can take in ourv personnel Lives … BE VOCAL… doesn’t have to be confrontational ….it SHOULD be direct and conversational …. Mark Levin has suggested even talking while your in line at stores etc..

    And Yes Pray … even if you feel you are not Religeous Per Se …. there is something to the fact of Like attracts Like …Have Hope and Action in your heart for this country….and seek like minded folks…Organize..

  3. Good post!

    I do have one question on your ‘support the individual not the party’; what about the person you are support only being sold out to a party after elected?

    I am currently watching candidates that claimed to be Tea Party candidates sell out to the party AFTER our support. Rand Paul’s latest stunt for instance. This was nearly 100% self serving vs. serving the people. He gave THE MOST Republican Establishment cop-out explanation of why he would nominate Brennan rather than follow thru on his so called ‘principals’ and still vote him down, Hagel too, I have ever heard – well at least since I heard Romney 🙂

    You espouse to have the answers, how are we going to control ‘individuals’ in a system which now operates from the top down (Fed to the States) rather than the federalist system we were design to be.

    I have my opinion and that is “Revolution Started on Nov. 6th”, we just have not begun the physical act in this movie yet.

      • OK, you didn’t answer me and like usually, when someone challenges you with all your bloviating, you ‘elude back to the user being incompetent in reading’. I see the way you comment to others that challenge you as well – same old story – everyone is an idiot because WE don’t understand YOU vs. you just bullshitting on a Blog. Same thing about stuff like holding Rand Paul on a pedestal then rambling on about not supporting a party. Isn’t Rand in the Libertarian party!?LOL

        You know, if you are going to publicly make comments and statements like you do you might want to be prepared to defend it!
        You also might not want to pick and choose who you engage as well especially ppl like me that do not just grab my pom pom’s and raw raw you like a damn sheeple!

        • No, poli, as usual, you are blind to some things. You see only what YOU want to see and, unless others agree with you word-for-word, you berate them. Now, I DID answer your question in my post, but you do not see what you want to hear in my words, so you claim I gave no answer.

          I can’t help you. You have made that abundantly clear. So I politely say so and even express my regret and you attack again. Excuse me, but — at this point — I think you just want to be combative and I no longer have it in me to fight with the dead.

        • “I do have one question on your ‘support the individual not the party’; what about the person you are support only being sold out to a party after elected?”

          PoliTecs – some things are just assumed. Did you really need Joe (whom you are already chastising for “bloviating” his posts) to write another paragraph to this specifically reminding you that you are not clairvoyant, and that the best you could do was to get to know your potential candidate beyond the news briefs and political ranting, then just vote on good faith?
          Quite honestly, you really appear to have rolled in today with a small chip on your shoulder looking for a little brawl to engage in. The problem is, you did not roll in here with your intellectual prowess in order.

          Or could it be that you just simply learned a new word today (bloviating), and was struggling to find a reasonable way to use it?

          Either way, you lost the moral high-ground here in your feeble attempt to ‘challenge’ the post or the writer. All you have done here today is reaffirm your intellectual pauperism.

  4. Yes, I read it word for word… prayer is good but its NOT action. Prayer is a good thing but its usually a pre or post act after the actual act. I am asking specifically ‘action’. Is it going to come down to a full-blown revolution? A pseudo revolt with the people marching into the capital?

    I just do NOT see how this all gets corrected without us actually going down Obama’s road of ‘fundamental transformation’ then stealing the results from him.

    • Poli,

      I have tried, but I realize I cannot reach you. I wish I had been able to do better by you, but I’m not the one you need. 😦

      I hope someone else here can help you see what you keep missing in my posts.

      • “Reach me”!? Who the hell are you! God!? LOL

        Maybe you are the one that needs the reaching hence my insistence on engaging you! You write well but the substance in my opinion is just contradictory. SO I engage you and you run… typical narcissism reaction.

  5. One more time…

    “Time to Revolt” – the gist: support the individual vs the party and pray
    (while praying is good personally it is a lot like HOPE – and excuse to do nothing!)

    Q: What do you propose we do now that we have lost 1/2 of the Tea Party candidates from the last congressional election to the Establishment “R’s” and no slow down in sight OR a change to this trend even if we add more in ’14?

    Elaborate on “Revolt”!

    • Once again: if you did not see the actions I listed in my post, it is because you don’t want to see it. If you did not see that I gave a solution to the problem of national and State govt., it is because you did not want to see it. All you seem to have focused on is the prayer, and you have already made it known that you are less than enthusiastic about faith. Apparently, you even missed where I address that attitude in my post, as well.

      Now, I am trying hard to be kind to you right now, but the truth remains: I cannot make you see what you do not want to see. And, yes, I suppose that IS my fault — but I already expressed regret for my failure there, as well (not to mention that I addressed that, too — in my original post).

  6. So you make the claim I am only seeing what I want then state: “less than enthusiastic about faith” – you are a fool and shooting your arm up with your own BS.

    Now, you pointed out EVERYTHING Glenn Beck has stated:|
    – Pull your kids out of school – done that.
    – Stop all gov. dependency in all forms – never done that.
    – Get involved – been there!
    – Make financial changes – have not had cable TV in more than a year among many other things and currently working to leave the pwr grid.

    All of these are admirable hence my initial statement “good post” but still – you are avoiding my question, deflecting or avoiding the actual subject your posts narrative approaches but never reaches (my point of NOW WHAT) and thus falling pray to your own advice.

    Again, I like you and you write good but you are showing signs of being unable to think outside the or your own box.

    All your points addressed – NOW WHAT. Do you have any stats on just how many people are living these standards already? I do. It is NOT changing ANYTHING. It is NOT changing the fact all our Tea Party efforts are being lost in the DC abyss.

    Here you go – people btwn. the ages of 20 and 32 are using alternatives to:
    – TV is accomplished far cheaper by streaming free
    – Cell phones are being used as pre-paid use – list on the list is ‘unlimited data use’

    Among other lifestyle changes they make to save money. And yet, this same demographic does NOT associate the root cause to their new living arrangements and continue to VOTE DEMOCRAT or PARTY LINE on both sides.

    SO I again ask – is this country on a path to a new revolution and in what form?
    A Constitutional crisis and the governors convene a new Continental Congress?
    Will it become chaos in the streets then a full blown bloody revolution?
    Or will this be conducted on-line as it has been since the 90’s and stay an intellectual revolution where people like you and I continue to have a war of words until the singularity wins (that’s a joke to lighten this up).

  7. So basically you offer nothing, only remedies to the cancer as in alleviate the pain till you die and nothing truly of substance or revolutionary while you title this “revolt”. And you claim to know your history but you say nothing about what the framers would be doing now based on their own words and actions of history.

    I tell you right now, they would NOT be posting remedies but rather ACTION. They would be talking about what ACTION to take which would directly effect our government. One of which would be to start lobbying our governors to TAKE A DAMN STAND!


    • If you place your trust in men, you will be disappointed — every time. There are only two people you can trust — and you can only trust one of those two to never fail you or let you down.

    • Poli,
      I am a Tea party member,
      Rather than berate Joe because he isn’t posting what you think he should. Please tell me what YOU would/will/am doing that you think is making a difference.

      Could you start with clarifying this,

      I tell you right now, they would NOT be posting remedies but rather ACTION. They would be talking about what ACTION to take which would directly effect our government. One of which would be to start lobbying our governors to TAKE A DAMN STAND!

      • “I am a Tea party member”

        Perhaps you can clear something up for me. I have been very vocal in my opposition of the “tea party” since the summer of 2011. The stated very forcefully that I thought their tactics were harmful, but at the same time applauded their willingness to stand firm against the establishment. Over the past year and a half, I have become confused about what the tea party is.

        Marco Rubio is a “tea party darling” to some, yet Rand Paul delivered the tea party response to the President’s State of the Union Address. You see how that might confuse some? Will there be a tea party ticket for the 2016 general election?

        I have suggested that the “real” tea party join the Libertarian Party. Having just read (is this your official platform?), it appears that the core values are in line with libertarians, and the Libertarian Party has an organized structure.

        “10. Maintain Local Independence – The strength and resilience of a grassroots movement is the ability of citizens at the local level to determine their own platforms, agendas and priorities free of an overriding central leadership. Exercising the clearly stated message of the Tea Party movement by its nature involves discourse about which policies and candidates best hold to our stated principles, and these various opinions should flourish and evolve at the local level.”

        While I agree with #10, can it be successful in national races?

          • Joe has chastised me for be too patient, and for me urging him to wait for “reinforcements”. Those reinforcements may already be waiting in the wings. It would be a bold move for Rand Paul to defect to the Libertarian Party after the midterms. The buzz created over his filibuster was nothing compared to what this would do. The masses just need to be led in the right direction. The games being played by the two majors ain’t gettin’ the job done.

            Of course some egos would have to be massaged, but I think he needs to start quietly exploring that option, if is is not already doing so.

            • Steve,

              With respect, if you represent the Libertarian Party — even in the general sense — then all Rand will due by jumping to your Party is further dilute the vote because I am not alone in telling you that I simply cannot support the Libertarian Party platform.

              Nor will I support ANY Party’s platform. This is why I like the TEA Party: it is a “Party” in name only. IN reality, it is closer to what our founders were than anything we’ve seen in more than 100 years: a group of honest, liberty-loving INDIVIDUALS. And they come from ALL parts of the political spectrum. That can’t be said about ANY “Party.”

        • This is the quandry we knew would happen. In a effort to try and define ourselves, we would be co-opted by other groups. GOP, libertarians, constitutionalists,etc.
          The truest path for us is not to create a actual party, but remain a Idea for cadidates to endorse. Then the individual members can support them!
          If “we” tried to build a political platform larger than just upholding the Constitution, we are in jepardy of having to adopt planks that will divide us.

          Although I could see us finding some way to trademark the phrase TEA party to prevent people like harry reid from running a fake cadidate to split our vote. Like he did in his last senate race!

          • That is a nice sentiment, and I would not say it is impossible. However, the left has been extremely effective in tearing down the tea party. Without a consolidated voice, I don’t see how that can be reversed.

            Perhaps someone will emerge within the Republican Party able to turn things around, but the goals we seek are not acceptable to the money masters.

            • Without a consolidated voice

              That seems to be a problem, Then again, look what we were able to do in 2010! As far as the repubs are concerned, Look at all the promises Boehner made to us on the steps of the Capital. See also, how just a few men in congress who support the TEA party are throwing a wrench in the gears of “the money masters”

              I think we can do just fine as we are.

                • That “surprise” was the fact that a lot of divergent voters found a common ground because we didn’t have a ridgid party to define our values. Being American was more important than D’s or R’s that day.
                  Obama has “Hope and change” ridicule it,(I do) but it works.
                  Ours is “FREEDOM”
                  Let’s keep it simple so all can find their spot with us!

  8. Well, you shall be happy to know that I often share the posts that you silly boys write (even though I have a difficult time trying to find them!)

    B., Have you ever considered becoming a minister? No offense, but I know very well it could not be at a Lutheran church (since Baptists don’t know how to make a decent casserole or a great Oktoberfest beer.)

    • Kells,

      I would be the worst minister the Lord ever called to service. Contrary to the popular belief of many, I am well aware that I have warts. heck, I know of a few other disfigurements in my nature that I actually manage to hide from the majority of the world. So, no, I don’t think I am meant for ministry — but I have considered teaching at the college level ( and Lord help my students if I ever do).

  9. So this is what the blog has resulted to? Babble.

    I tell you what this all results in and it does result in man because God cannot fight war for us… A revolution. Exactly the edge you avoid in your little disclosure but it is exactly what we head for.

    • Poli,

      You won’t understand this, either, but if you push violence and others are foolish enough to join you, you will play into their hands and give them the excuse they need to slam the gates of tyranny on mankind for ever.

  10. Is that what I did? Pushed for violence? Now who is playing games with words and ‘not understand what I am saying…’! Come on Mr. Language – you surely know the difference between a direct statement and an opinion right?.

    What I gave is an opinion THAT the only way to correct the current trajectory IS a full-blown revolt. All of your methods have been tried and talked about ad-nausea – its NOT WORKING. You beat around the bush while I just say what is logically next in an opinion format.

    • Poli; I think B. doesn’t want us to go down this path: (Naturally, I do not know the mind of B., but I read an excellent article this morning on this very subject.

      There is a book called The Real Lincoln that is very good. (Unfortunately I ordered a used copy from Amazon and had to deal with the reader’s doodles. 😦 ) Here is a post that I think you boys should like….plays Muzak…. here we are then:

      • Problem: Lincoln RESTORED his actions which baffles me about LIBERALtarians. They ONLY want to see what they want to see, focus on “parts of reality” and omit the rest. And I LOVE the fact Joe was FAST to respond to someone that massages his ego. LOL

        And who in the hell believes that Lincoln’s war was about slavery? Low info voters, public school educated…
        Was slavery a factor? Yes. Was it the primary factor? No. On top of this, this war was not even Lincolns war – its all about timing.

    • I’m REALLY getting the idea that you’re a “False flag”.

      As I member of the TEA party, I’ve never encountered another that is as beligerent as you.
      After reading your posts it seems clear to me that you are trying to push Joe into a corner to try and get him to make seditious
      I hope I’m wrong, But I’m not gonna bet on it!

        • Well, at least you read it. I don’t expect many to understand my posts since they do not fit any mold of any party, group, etc. rather they are formed from as pure of a perspective our framers intended as possible.

          Most people today need to follow someone. I see it in the way they cheer-lead on blogs. I personally am not looking for followers but thinkers. People to challenge me and again this is very unlike most of the narcissistic writers online. The way I grew up I have essentially been on my own since the age of 8 so I have an extreme instinct to be an individual.

      • Well, I can understand why you think that because I do NOT, absolutely DO NOT play in the public sand box. I think outside the box and hold EVERYONE accountable. Get this, I called Mark Levin and debated him over the Roberts ruling on Obamacare AND he even admitted that while I was right, he maintained his view on the courts abuse of power. Truth is, its OUR bill to overturn NOT the court and to lay such a heavy burden on a court while preaching they should be neutered is called hypocrisy!

        I am not asking ANYONE to “bet on me” – don’t even know what the hell that means.

        My problem with Joe is from his original sin by berating me without substance. His second is his proclaimed knowledge of Conservatism cloaked in LIBERALtarianism – a false profit if you will. So I come to challenge him and that’s unacceptable? LOL You are all Serfs and don’t even know it – being played by every damn political party we have. This man believes in what Beck says so I question with boldness and I get replies like this… thus I make no other conclusion that War is on the horizon with a country divided in such a manor.

        • It seems that the point of your post is to get others to agree, and voice support for armed insurrection. Something you come close to, but always back off of at the end.
          The TEA party is not about launching a first strike, Nor do I have time for anyone who would. Should bloodshed happen, you can be sure of two things,
          1) The TEA party won’t be the one’s responsible,
          2) Those that will have to do the fighting and dying won’t be shooting off at the mouth about it beforehand.

        • I am glad you debated Mark Levin. But I agree with him that the Supreme Court should be neutered. Because what it has become is NOT what the founders intended nor what the Constitution and subsequent writings on intent by the founders themselves articulated about it.

          Roberts ruling was a stretch….even by his own words…..he was using SC precident rather than a Strict reading of the Constitution. His ruling on the Arizona law….which was passed in that state legally……was a virtual spit in the face to the Bill of Rights. With respect to it being OUR bill to overturn etc… could say that about almost everthing that comes to the SC as a Legislative issue. And if what you say is so….then why are we (the Country) even listening to ANY “ruling” by them about ANY legislative matter….Ever!

          It is odd…..while you seem to Decry the Faux GOP and faux Conservatives that get elected and appointed you seem to support Roberts, who has shown himself to be a virtual Uber-Progressive. Perhaps I am missing something in the Translation. And I don’t mean that rhetorically…..or snarkely.

          Likewise….in spite of my “prodigious intellect” I can’t tell if you agree with or like Glenn Beck. In order to fight obfusaction let me say….I do like his rantings. However you and I are in agreement about the need for action to “rehabilitate” the GOP. Just one of many reasons being we simply don’t have time at this juncture to reinvent the wheel when it come to Political “Machinery”… do so at this time would be certain defeat.

          But I am with the sentiment of many on this Board about the desire to not support financially the GOP in any way. And My extended family has put that in action since 2008….only donating AFTER McFool chose Palin. All Political money has gone to TP and other Conservative candidates. But I can tell you this though Poli….if a momentum where to start picking up for a via alternative to the GOP, I would join them in a Heart-Beat. I’m just not going to undercut at this time those few voices who seem to be genuinely supporting a return to the Consitution.

  11. So basically Joe, you’re saying to turn back to God and act accordingly in our everyday lives. Use our financial resources against the corporations by not buying their products and services. Take our kids out of public schools and either home school or send them to private schools and do what we can politically at the lo it?cal levels where we have the power.

    Is that the gist of It?

    • NO, you missed one and this is not a dig at you but at Joe.

      Last, bury your head in the sand while the powerful run you down and take advantage of your weak position rather than fighting fire with fire like creating an alternative to the Left wing pop-culture. Like actually taking back our school system rather than run from it! Like Taking back our cities one at a time (aka Tea Party right Joe, the one you say you are in?).

      Libertarians are JUST AS dangerous as the Progressives and this makes my point with all these dumb ass suggestions besides praying. I will do that for you Joe. But when I wake up tomorrow I will fight another day – not withdrawal as you propose!

      • I respectfully disagree, Poli. The libertarians that I have been engaged with are very well up-to-date with issues. But say; just for kicks, why don’t you roam about and ask questions….better yet, why don’t I??!! This could be very fun, you know?! In fact, I think we should all come up with our own RNL version of “Questions on the Street.” I shall do this as a vlog. Submit your question! Keep in mind, I am pre-production, so my mind is currently inhabited by Gretchen…….or a djinn. (Correct spelling.) My first question:

        Question 1: What do you think about Benghazi? (Now let’s be serious. How many people do you think will say, “Ben who?”

      • In order to take back the public school system, we have to take our kids out of it. The progressives have had decades to turn our public schools into a ministry of indoctrination. We won’t be able to turn it around over night…it will take just as many decades for us to take it back.

        You must have missed the part where I said that we need to work at the local levels where we have the power. Your average congressional representative represents around 700,000 constituents. Take money away from national political campaigns and put it where it will do the most good…individual candidates that reflect your values. Do you go to your local town or county council meetings?

        As far as pop culture, conservatives are coming out with new media programming all the time to try and reverse that trend. Do you support their efforts? If you can’t help them financially, at the very least, promote their programming. Do you do that?

  12. I know you do Kell and I respect that and your opinion. I also would remind you that I speak mostly of the establishment libertarian movement not every individual. Its foolish to generalize everyone but I do recognize the establishment montra when I hear it from any libertarian and will point it out every time.

    A: Benghazi – the president should be immediately impeached a tried for war crimes if it is true he sat by and watch which I personally believe he did. I also think that all involved should see their day in court as well.

    • I thought Kells was just making a point, but your strong response makes me wonder about the shame that is Benghazi. I must say up front that I have not read your blog, so go easy on me please.

      I can understand the distress caused by what may appear to be the sacrifice of the American lives, and perhaps since I don’t tune in to many media channels I have simply missed the answer, but why all the outrage? What the heck were we doing there in the first place? Why do politicians feel free to use it to score political points during an election? Maybe it is time to start trying some of these a-holes for war crimes, but is this particular event the right justification?

      • Why the outrage??? Benghazi is about TREASON! We were giving weapons to organizations with associations to Al-Qaeda. The Constitution defines that as treason. The evidence is in the Congressional record from Oct 2011 and a CBS news interview with one of the former SEALs who died about 1 month before the attack. It is also in the information that has come out since the attack and which the Press is hiding.

        THAT’S “why all the outrage.” And if not this event, when?

      • Steve,

        There are over 30 witnesses who WERE saved by those Ex-Seals and the other ” Data Specialist” who died ….. they have benn purposely HIDDEN from the process of trying to find out what happened…..WHY. We aren’t even alowed their names……and the Press plays along….would they if this were Nixon or Bush ???

        Joe’s reason is sufficient …. I’m just adding this as another Fact pointing to gross and purposeful “Misconduct”……that led to preventable slaughter and assasination of our Ambassador.

        • Obama’s Administration was warned ahead of time that Benghazi was NOT safe. The ambassador told State that he did not feel safe and wanted more security. He was sent anyway. I believe he was sent in hopes that something like this would happen. Obama needed Stevens out of the way because Stevens was the one who facilitated the gun running to our enemies. And before anyone goes and accuses me of making things up — STOP! What I just said came out in the hearings, you just didn’t hear about it (unless you were actually looking for it) because Pravda West is trying to protect this TRAITOR!

  13. Hitler had his ranks of social misfits who were more than willing to enforce his ideals even if they didn’t understand them. It was a societal form of self enslavement where the lowest of the lowest common denominator enforced the bondage of an entire county. Good luck!
    I suppose killing a million Iraqis was justifiable in the invasion( what 6000 US killed in (9/11). At least the Hippies had it right and knew the problem was “The System”, itself?

    • Robert, I was right the first time. Just be sure not to Bogart it, and to pass it on your left (you wouldn’t want to be accused of improper etiquette, now would you?)

  14. So what is the market exchange rate for Iraqi babies vs US adults, it apparently is about one hundred to one? Have a good conscience, especially since the so called weapons of mass destruction was the pretence for the atrocity. I have not heard a murmur of opposition, so god forbid we have no hippies left?

  15. Bush Junior is the Greatest Baby Killer of them All! But he had business interests in the reconstruction made well before the invasion? Congrats to you!

    • Why don’t you show us where his net worth has skyrocketed since his presidency,
      Then compare it with Clinton’s or his VP, Al Gore.

  16. The really awesome thing about all this is that the negation of care by americans for others will result in how their own government will deal with them. The standards you deal to others are the standards you receive by default. It will be nice to see you squirm and grovel for justice and truth when it is denied to you, and you are laughed at for even considering such a concept.

  17. We need the Hippies to cause systemic change, they are the only ones to have understood this. Otherwise you are all just useless, and a waste of lives!

    • Oh, please, Robert. We’re in this mess because of hippies! You must admit that if the productive amongst society were to secede, D.C. would be screwed. Lincoln realised this…….and so will Obama.

      • Kells,

        You are so beautiful that I cant think straight when you talk, and so you shouldn’t talk,at least to me. That seems fair! So please stop talking to me, Joe is much uglier and I can deal with him appropriately! Is that fait?

        • I think all the RNL boys and girls are easy on the eyes……and if they come to my show, I shall kiss them!!
          Oh, and I do not think it is fair to exclude me! Then again, if you swing that way, I understand.

  18. Just got done insulting a famous economist( i have personally met a few of them), so he is claiming. He says, that of course we are all in debt to the world bank! I told him he was a faggot! I can reproduce the exchange from from my trash if you like?

    • Funny, Robert picks on “W,” yet he never mentions the O, who has taken what “W” started and turned it into an Olympic event.

      I guess this is just evidence of what drugs will do to your higher level mental processes. 🙂

      • Obama, is a negro who got the Nobel Prize for nothing more than having a good job! Bush, bankrupted more companies in Texas before his daddy became prez than is worth mentioning! Nice to see losers at the top, that is always a good thing?

      • Joe,

        Is this the same Robert who was arguing that 1-space and Matrix Mechanics disprove the existance of God or prove the ineffable quality of idiots or something or other??

  19. The secret to accumulating wealth is to never misplay either an incredible crisis or an incredible triumph. The money powers are in positions, by upbringing and position to take advantage of this, and because of this they think that they are better than us. The margin for being better is largely an exaggeration of their own minds, and the system itself is what they are raised, and learned to exploit! If you like then commit to being a slave to a mental inferior, who by luck was educated in the real game early on. It is not by merit that they have power.

  20. So you THINK that they THINK, that you know they THINK you are a mental inferior?

    Damn, I’m gonna have to go with you on thins one!

  21. Hey Joe,

    I just solved Alzheimer’s Disease! You should be proud, a few weeks ago I solved heart disease!


    • Like I always say, if I want any shit out of you Ill beat it out of you first! Remember that fjf!

      Gay pirate robert;
      And if I want any LIP off you, I’ll scrape it off obama’s zipper!

  22. Of course Drones cannot think for themselves, and so they are guilty of nothing ever. They have been programmed by their mothers and are merely automata, utterly devoid of intelligence.

    • Mommy’s bringing your hot-pockets down to the basement for you,
      Don’t forget to turn your volume up on world of war-craft, ’cause me and her gonna have a little fun afterwards!
      Nighty-night, little man!

  23. What she wants is not what she wants!

    This is yet another paradox in a universe confounded by them! But this is talk way above your head my friend!

    • Let me answer for Kells,
      She doesn’t want to play dungeons and dragons!
      Your just gonna have to play with your “little wizard” all by yourself!

    • Are you a Florist by trade, or are you not tough enough to be a Florist?

      Looking for someone to pop your “rosebud”?
      You’ll have to look elsewhere.

  24. Joe,

    Have you got any more well developed ideas than I have about how to treat Alzheimer’s?

    If not, then you should admit it!

  25. I deal with mental defectives every day

    Just remember, when the big indian throws the watercooler through the window….

  26. Anyhow, we are all going to hell! That is what America has become! Good luck, and everyman and woman for himself!

  27. Joe

    I have over 200 hits on my website today, and all I did was publish an article on Alzheimer’s Disease. The article is accurate and properly stated, but that does not seem to amount to much on your site.

    • I’ve lived with it, Mr. Smarty Pants. How’s about a lil wager? I reckon I can turn in more hits than you. Granted, I don’t know how to do that but Joseph can tell me.

      • You have done killed me, and I am a corpse, does that make you happy hun?

        In my book, that’s better than curing alzheimer’s.
        Looks like we owe ya one!

      • Kells,

        You can say any damn shit you want and I wouldn’t care! Keep shit talking and non of your words will ever offend me! In fact I am entranced by your attentions.And nothing else matters!

  28. The paradox is a man never thinks he can have too much of a beautiful woman! I give Kells, so ply your charms elsewhere hun, for heavens sake!

  29. It seems that Altzheimer’s is a hot topic! I really dont know why entirely, the solutions are pretty clear.

  30. Do you really know how to have fun with girls?

    Yes moskito, and when you grow up, sense will tell you!

  31. Girls are cats, they rub, scratch, bite and claw. They have no idea what they are about or what they want, you have to let them know this. If you think your mom prepared you for girls, then you are a mommas boy!

  32. “The margin for being better is largely an exaggeration of their own minds”

    Descibes you pretty good!

    (I wonder where I got that quote?)

  33. Kells hun, you rub your head on my shoulder and ill tell sweet stories to make you happy before you go to sleep hun…

  34. And so this is the kind of respect I get around here for curing Alzheimer’s Disease! It aint much better than what I got for curing Heart Disease a couple months ago! You can all kiss the air, as far as i am concerned!

  35. Kells hun, you rub your head on my shoulder and ill tell sweet stories to make you happy before you go to sleep hun…

    I just solved Alzheimer’s Disease!

    Gonna tell her you invented the internet, how about your time as a international spy? Why, I’ll bet your a big time war hero while you were curing and/or contracting aids!

  36. I am not an American, and thank god I am not a baby killer like you!

    If I was, I could have solved both our problems

  37. I have no problem genius! When I want an opinion from the shit between your ears, I will tell you what you should say!

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