John McCain Forfeits any Claim to “War Hero” Status

This is it.  I want NO PART of a political Party that claims they have the constitutional authority to assassinate American citizens on American soil without due process.  Nor do I want anything to do with anyone who would support such a Party.

At the same time, I want NOTHING TO DO WITH a Party that is led by people who defend treason as a “constitutional right,” or with the people who support it.

For me, John McCain shamed himself, his service and this nation by defending Jane Fonda’s act of treason as her “constitutional right:”

Rand Paul’s Filibuster Belittled By John McCain As ‘Simply False’

“I must say that the use of Jane Fonda’s name does evoke certain memories with me, and I must say that she is not my favorite American. But I also believe that, as odious as it was, Ms. Fonda acted within her constitutional rights, and to somehow say that someone who disagrees with American policy — and even may demonstrate against it — is somehow a member of an organization which makes that individual an enemy combatant is simply false,” McCain said, hitting his lectern for emphasis. “It is simply false.”

In case you are one of the many Americans who have never read the Constitution, let me help you understand how the Constitution defines treason:

Article 3, Section 3

Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.

The evidence against Fonda:


This is aid and comfort to an enemy during a time of war — period!

The verdict:


So, when McCain defended her (and, indirectly, Obama’s claim of authority to assassinate American citizens), McCain 1 – Proved he does not understand, support or defend the Constitution and 2 – Arguably committed an act of subversion.  He also forfeited any respect he may have been due as an American war hero.  In fact, he actually gave some credibility to the many stories that have circulated from other POW’s who were held captive with McCain; stories that suggest he may never have deserved any recognition as a hero, but condemnation as a collaborator.

Republicans: If you ever wondered how/why Obama won his first election — there you go!

[I do not recognize my country anymore and, unfortunately, that is yet another notch on the “Glenn Beck told us so” score board 😦  ]

16 thoughts on “John McCain Forfeits any Claim to “War Hero” Status

  1. John McCain is a disgrace, perhaps you could excuse it as senile dementia but if that is the case he is not fit to hold his position in the Senate and should be removed for health issues.

    • loopyloo,

      No, he knows what he’s doing. Anyone who was paying attention to the 2008 elections would have noticed that McCain is a neo-con, and anyone who actually knows what a neo-con is knows they are basically Lefties who like the military.

      • Did you read the article in American Thinker this morning about Rand Paul and Ted Cruz? These are the type of men that we need representing this country. I don’t agree with Rand Paul all the time, but he is willing to stand for his beliefs. I am so disappointed that my own Rep. Senator did not join him, but I realized early on the Mr. Boozeman was not a conservative no matter how much he pretended to be and he truly didn’t try that hard.

  2. I held my nose and voted for Communist-Lite in 2008, and then again in 2012, and we lost both times. If the Republican establishment cannot tell that the American people want conservatism, despite millions spent in polling and research, than it is because they DO NOT WANT TO!
    I have been independent since before I could vote because I could see 0 difference in the two parties.

    • JFK – lite ….AKA ….John Forbes Kerry married Money…..the widow of Capitalist Money Terri Heinz…..Former Republican wife of Former Senator Heinz, who died in 1991. She was devastated until becoming engaged to “JFK” in 1993 ……. Later she “Became” a Democrat.
      John Kerry’s Mother ( Forbes) was a Trust fund baby from a Fortune made via Boston and China in the 19th Century…..their Family is still deeply involved in politics behind the scenes…..
      Now how is such a Busy Political family supposed to keep track of all their Ketchup bottles anyway ?…..Sell them to one of your Billionaire inside Circle BFF’s that’s how…..Reports put Warren Buffets purchase of Hienz at $28 Billion….of course it only works if you can Wrangle up a Good tax deal from your friends in the WH….kinda like GE or GM….or….Charlie Wrangle…..We shall see.

      There was another famous family that had 19th Century connections to the Transportation industry and China….also from New England……The Bushes. And also Politically connected from the 19Century til now ( Via the Pierces….as in President Pierce )….not to leave out the Walker Banking money.

      It’s all a sweet little circle entwined in upon itself … same families ….same holding and / or Grasping to hold onto power.

      Joe is Absolutely Correct when he talks about the PROGRESSIVES being the motivators of political momentum in the Country. It has been going on a LONG long time.

      McCain is a Foil for this power elite nothing more….as is Obama. That is why the results of elections in the end turn out the same. THIS is the circle “We the People ” have to break !

      • Oh and Commie Jane’s family are also Old names from the East coast elite…..1600’s old.

        Nothing new here……move on.

  3. John McCain is just one of the reasons I’m a registered Indenpendent now instead of a Republican.

  4. The McCain-Graham Duo. Always ready to negotiate with evil. Every time they vote the country goes further left. When I see them the words that comes to mind “Pompous Fools”.

  5. Nah, McCain gets to keep his history, though ‘War Hero’ is not a moniker I would have assigned to him (and one he assigned to himself). He saved lives on the Forrestal Fire, and he also won several difficult awards during his service (though I think the Silver Star was a publicity stunt). He had a distinguished military career in service of our country.

    Let’s not take that away from him.

    McCain’s big issue is how he’s conducted himself during his post-military life with his political ambitions. Fiery in temperament, but no real stead-fast grip on conservatism. Like many other contemporary politicians, he spends much more time in self-aggrandizement than he does giving the ebb and flow of politics the litmus test a true conservative would other wise give. As such, he is utterly unable to abide by the Constitutional protections for liberty, and self determination for all US Citizens equally.

    Honestly, he could have been an American hero … he just didn’t have to tools to stick to his right leaning values. So much potential, and even more disappointment … kind of like his flying abilities …
    doomed to crash, or get himself shot down.

    History really does repeat itself. 🙂

    • You make it all sound like an OPPSIE !

      The man has made Anti-conservative statements and passed anti-Constitutional Legislation ( McCain / Fiengold just ONE example) ….for his entire career. He has acted with a “Moderate” Progressive agenda and been very consistant in his actions …. just like he was executing a Plan.

      And Frankly …. his “Hero-ness” has been used as a shield to deflect his actions and agenda. There are many other Heros who got and get dissed Josh Mandel….Allen West….and others .

      • I’m saying he was a RINO (when being a Republican actually meant something).

        Now, he’s just another crazy (censored) liberal.

      • This is why is like this site so much,
        You, and Augger’s comment make very salient points. I don’t know which point I agree with more. Which always brings me back to the question-
        How does people like him keep getting elected?

        • fjf,

          They get elected through several methods. First, the Party manipulates who gets nominated. then you have talking heads in place to convince you that you have to vote for them so the “other Party” doesn’t win — even if it means voting for a “lesser evil” (they never acknowledge that evil is evil — period). This process is aided by a dumbed-down society (thank you, John Dewey, et al). Finally, too many of us simply don’t care: as long as we have our bread and circuses, we’re content to let them rule over us.

          At least, that’s how I see it, anyway.

        • Thanks FjF….I like and have great respect for Joe and Augger…..and others here too.

          But I can solve UR quandry easily………Agree with me MORE…..that’s easy see….LOL.

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