Now Taxing…Water Vapor! You See, It’s ALL About Control

Are you one of those who are foolish enough to believe that the high taxes on cigarettes are actually meant to discourage smoking?  Well, they’re not.  They are meant to raise huge sums of tax revenue by taxing a product that is addictive and, therefore, unlikely you will quit using, thus insuring the revenue stream.  While, at the same time, they use the social stigma they create around smoking to justify their heavy taxation.  When it comes right down to it, this is all about control.  If it weren’t, they would simply ban smoking – but they don’t, do they?

Now we have even more evidence that this is all about money and control.  The following story says it all:

Utah moves to tax e-cigarettes like regular smokes

E-cigarettes are a perfect example of the free market meeting a demand and the government trying to shut it down so that it doesn’t have to compete with the market.  There is a word for this.  It’s called SOCIALISM!  Mind you, Fascism is where the government and business partner, but there is no partnership here.  All we have here is the government baby throwing a temper tantrum because someone found a way to smoke without harming anyone, which is outside the governments made-up excuse for high taxes on cigarettes, and thus, it reduces the tax revenues from smoking.  Well, the government just won’t have that happening so what do they do?  They tax water vapor at the same rate as cigarette smoke.

Now, if you can’t see through this one clearly enough to understand this is all about a bunch of tyrants wanting to control your every move in life, then you’re simply not fit to live as a free person.  And if you do see it, then you are duty bound to resist.  If they pass such a law, ignore it.  If they try to fine you, don’t pay it.  Yes, risk jail, but get EVERYONE you know to join you.  Think about it: if they can’t afford to lose your tax money from smoking, how are they going to be able to both lose it and pay to keep you in jail?  This is what I mean by peacefully revolting.  Do anything and everything you can that peacefully takes money and power out of the hands of the government.

26 thoughts on “Now Taxing…Water Vapor! You See, It’s ALL About Control

  1. I don’t think there are enough people left who smoke to have the power to make an effect in this way. This is why the taxes have to go up and up and up. People are quitting, for whatever reason, and the expected revenue isn’t there. I have never smoked, but stories like this make me want to start.

    • drk,

      Yes, but if we all start doing our part to deny money to ALL levels of government, it WILL have an effect. This gets into something few people actually understand well enough to properly consider: logistics and the true power of numbers. For instance, when I was in the Marines, it took about 5-7 gallons of water per person per day to sustain troops in the field. When I tell the average person that, it does not ever enter their minds that I am talking about 5-8,000 Marines in my Battalion alone. Now, when we were in the field, there was a tank battalion, several infantry battalions (more people in them), artillery battalions, armored personnel carrier battalions, communications, field kitchen, etc… Now start doing the math and you can see how saving just 1 quart per Marine per day CAN add up. Well, the same principle applies here 😉

      • A thought on “Water Vapor”,
        Remember back in the late ’70s, the great evil was un-burned hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide emissions from vehicles. Technology fixed that with the catalytic converter. Making tail pipe emmisions almost completely water vapor, and carbon dioxide.
        Problem solved!
        Not quite. As soon as we fixed the “Greenies” aurgument against western consumption, “Greenhouse gasses”, and “Global warming began. It was amazing to see how quickly they were able to change gears from emissions blocking sunlight and causing “Global Cooling” (The rage of the Early ’70s,) to “Global Warming” of the “90s.
        I’m sure many of you here will remember this.
        So how is it that the vast majority can’t.
        Back to your article on Dewey, and the death of reason.
        While my son was in the public school system, he was issued text books that would come home and occupy a corner of his room untill the end of the school year. Their content didn’t matter. All the teachers used hand outs that were prepared for them by the education system. (State and Federal) I read quite a few of them. Virtualy all of them when dealing with any complicated issue, would sum it up with the following question,
        “How do you FEEL about this.”
        I took the time to teach my son that decisions reached on emotion, are almost always wrong. This put him at odds with his peers. He witnessed first hand how the teachers used the tyranny of the majority to try and stifle the lone voice.
        I am proud to say my son was able to hold his own agaist it. (I think Kiplings “IF” helped him)
        I wondered why other parents weren’t seeing what I saw.
        After talking to several the answer was clear. THEY DID!
        Which brings me to your comment on “Home schooling”
        The other parents when pushed, would admit that the answers their kids were receiving in school were wrong, but the “Social skills” of being part of the group were in essence more important to future success in society than the correct answer, in their opinion!
        Marx has ideed won!
        We have a long road back, my friend.
        A very long road!

        • fjf,

          They don’t even us text books anymore — so that you and I won’t see what they are teaching.

          As for the issue of the day, it all goes back to Wilson’s “moral equivalent of war.” “They” need a “moral crisis” to convince you to let them rule over you. But, as you rightly point out, that depends on a STUPID, UN-THINKING population — which is exactly what Dewey set out to create.

          • I wish I had a way to edit posts. Because I forgot to put in my post above a Thank you for bringing all this together.
            Knowlege IS the key!
            Thanks to all of the good people here at TRNL, maybe, like water seeping into a crack with time, we can bring on a change to the current political landscape.

            • fjf,

              Glad I can be of service to you. And, yes, that is the idea: the creep of water into the cracks then — with luck — it’ll freeze and open those cracks so more water can get in until — maybe — people will start to question and understand again.

      • It would have to be people whose children are grown up. The government bureaucrats love to use your kids against you as hostages to your ‘proper’ behavior. People WOULD go to jail for such small infractions, too. It is so easy to pick on people of principle because they have more to lose.

        • drk,

          I just have to be willing to put people before things: others before myself. If I am willing to walk my talk, then I can do what I need to do to perform my part. But if others leave me to fight alone…

      • Was that 5-7 gallons all consumption or was part of it hygiene and logistics ? Why the range of personnel 5-8,000 ?

        What you say about the power of large amounts of small Dollars is quite true …. a twist on this compounding, even at a constant rate of interest.

        • Don,

          In the desert, that’s consumption. Water is WAY too precious for washing. You brush your teeth and maybe wash your face, BUT THAT’S IT!

          The range varies because of the role of the unit in question. Tank battalions don’t need as many troops. The Companies only have 72 Marines in the front lines (4 per vehicle, 18 vehicles). There are more people in the tank company’s support elements. Whereas an infantry company can have 240+ men in the line plus all their support troops. Keep in mind, there are several companies per battalion, and the support companies attached to the battalion. U.S. forces typically have 5-7 people in the rear supporting every 1 person in the line. See how quickly it adds up?

  2. If they tax it heavily people always find a loophole or an alternative. I smoked grapevine as a kid and it would be hard to tax that. I made wine and beer as well with no tax paid. All Americans need to become more independent and make there own. I see no reason a person can’t grow their own tobacco. Do everything you can to avoid paying the dog that bites you.

  3. When I hear things like this, I always think of what Reagan said back in 1986:

    Government’s view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it.

    They have been trying for years to tax electrons and now are proposing it again:

    Berkeley, Calif., city Councilman Gordon Wozniak is floating the idea of taxing email, the very technology that hastened traditional mail’s downfall, as the beleaguered Unites States Postal Service trims its home delivery service to five days a week to deal with its massive $16 billion deficit.

    “Since many billions of emails are sent every day, an email tax could raise substantial sums,” Wozniak told news site Berkeleyside. “Most of the revenue raised could be used to fund the managing and maintaining the Internet Superhighway and a portion to subsidize snail mail. Think of it as analogous to the gas tax used to maintain our physical highways.”

  4. I smoked cigarettes for 23 years and quit on 10/2/12. To try and quit smoking, I tried Wellbutrin, Chantix, the nicotine patch, the nicotine gum, hypnosis, cigarette filters, cigars, and cold turkey. The e-cigarette is the only thing that has kept me from my passion. Cigarettes are a passion…… (purrs…) I’m quite fond of cigars, too….(meow….)

    Mr. Kells told me that they were talking about “regulating” the e-cig. This is bullshit. It is similar to Obamacare. People know their bodies. They know that they must make choices. A Ho-Ho, a cigarette, a glass of scotch on the rocks should not be taxed and regulated. Oooh! I forgot Cheesy Poofs!

    I have actually gotten a few folks to quit smoking using the e-cig as you are able to do it anywhere. (Naughty!) Must say I’m surprised at Utah’s legislation. Then again, they don’t have my boyfriend……do they? Uh-huh!

        • So Kells thinks her writting looks different than anybody else’s here.

          —- Good morning, Kells, smelled the coffee did you?


          • fjf,

            THAT DID IT! I am fining you for un-announced “spew” postings. I hereby sentence you to spend 24 hours with Kells (sure, you only THINK I just did you a favor. Give it 12 hours and you’ll see… 😉 )

            • Can’t you just drive bamboo splinters under the nails of my typing fingers?
              It would be far more humane!

              • NOPE! If you’re not going to give warning before you post comments like that, you have to pay the consequences.

                And just remember, there is a reason WMGates refuses to tell us how he acquired Kells’ bikini top. Now think about that for a moment: where most men would brag, WM is a black hole. Ever ask yourself why? 😉

                • Computer laying on the floor of a darkened room. Doors locked, windows barred. One lone figure huddled in the far corner.
                  Quaking in fear, clutching his head trying to shake out the horror of the mental image imposed there by Joe.

                  —Pretty much sums up how I’m gonna be spending my night! THANKS, BUDDY!

    • It’s amazing what you can gleen from the average post.

      “I smoked cigarettes for 23 years and quit on 10/2/12”

      average age people started smoking
      Duration of event
      ime since event
      Now all I have to do is add them up….

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