I Love Capitalism

And here’s why:

2013 F150 Platinum

Because you can’t get a 2013 Ford F-150 Platinum 4X4 SuperCrew in China, Venezuela or Cuba.

Suck it commies…

You probably have noticed that I am back to posting, look for the frequency to pick up as I get into a normal routine now that we are getting settled in the Independent Republic of Texas…

And yes, Kells, before you point it out – I might be compensating for something with the size of my truck…

14 thoughts on “I Love Capitalism

  1. I don’t think you’re compensating at ALL.

    There’s no Grillwork on it … right ! …. if you had that and KC lights with Babe mudflaps….. then we’d be talkin’ bout some world-class compensatin’

  2. A new ride, a new gun, thing are good in the Republic of Texas. As Davy Crockett said “You can all go to Hell … I’m going to Texas. We need a few more Davy Crocketts.

    • Well, I had no ride – an Orange County(Orlando) LEO t-boned my son last year (it was the deputy’s fault) as he was “taking care” of my 350Z while we were in Scotland. He came out of it fine, my car didn’t survive…the gun was just because I wanted it…and wanted to get one before our idiot legislators made it any more difficult and expensive…

  3. I see a definite theme here, trucks and guns. Must be a guy thing. Personally I’d rather have a LV bag….maybe Artsy in the Azul pattern. Nice for those hot summers in the South!

    Enjoy your new toys, Utah,

  4. What does it say about this female that I would prefer the tuck ( but a Mercedes G, though I’d take a Ford F250, too) and a gun instead of an expensive bag? 🙂

    • DR K…???? You’d prefer a TUCK ??…..was that a Freudian slip ?? LOL.

      Seriously though….what would it say ??……..Why that you have exceptionally good common sense and impeccable taste .

  5. Utah; now you need a “Don’t mess with Texas” bumper sticker on your back window, mardi gras beads hanging from your rear-view mirror; shotgun shells under the seat, gun rack holding a baseball bat and a beer can refrigerator that fits in the console like I have in my F-150.

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