The 180 Degree Rule Bites Another Asshat In The Arse

I will keep pointing out the most obvious examples of the 180 degree rule because it illustrates that the Left is the problem they are complaining about.  If they criticize the Right for doing something but they are the ones actually doing it, then the Left is a house divided against itself – only it intends to drag you down with it.

This installment of the 180 degree rule demonstrates the Left’s difficulty understanding facts and reasoning.  It starts with the assumption that you know the Right has been warning that the ultimate goal of govt. is to ban ALL weapons – not just some of them.  To which, I suppose this genius would say that this goal is a ‘non-fact:’

Paul Krugman: Conservative Facts Are ‘Non-Facts’

But there’s a small problem with the claim that the goal is to take away all weapons being a ‘non-fact:’

Dem Rep. on Candid Camera Admits: ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban Just the Beginning, Handgun Ban May Be Possible

Look, this is easy.  The 180 degree rule has proven to be so accurate that, when you hear a Leftie or Progressive say something about someone else or about their opponents, just assume that it is actually true about the person or Leftist organization issuing the statement (until you can double check it for yourself).  The chances are, you’ll be dead-on-target.

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