Moonbats Fulfill My ‘Prophecy’ About Gun Control And ‘Constitutional Terrorists’


If you haven’t read my last few posts, go do so now. If you have, what can I say: you can’t make this stuff up. After telling you the Loonies on the Left will declare anyone who supports the Constitution to be mentally unstable, here is the proof – less than 24 hours after my ‘prophecy:’

NJ Mother Pressured to Turn Over Her Guns, Charged With ‘Terroristic Threats’ After Reading the Constitution at Tax Dispute Assembly

The crazies here are the Left and everyone – EVERYONE – who supports them. Only, I don’t want to take their guns or put them in jail (or worse), I just want those few sane people left in this nation to join me in pushing for secession (there’s no way to cure this mess, it has to be left to die on its own).

One thought on “Moonbats Fulfill My ‘Prophecy’ About Gun Control And ‘Constitutional Terrorists’

  1. Pragmatically speaking, she should have called the cops herself when the appraiser acted as he did in the parking lot. Now, well, she’s unlikely to get out of this even with a great lawyer unless there was someone with a cell phone recording the incident. The first person who speaks to the police is presumed to be the one telling the truth. This is according to several police officers and a retired judge that I know. Admittedly, I’m in Alaska and she’s in NJ, but I’m thinking NJ is more tyrannical than Alaska. Maybe that’s just my impression. But I think she’ll end up with a criminal record for this incident.

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