So You Say We Still Have A Constitution…

So you say that the Constitution is still in place. You say we just had to make “modifications” to adjust for the demands of “modern life.” You say that the government needs to have “extraordinary authority” to protect us from terrorism. You say the government is not trying to take our rights and freedom; it is only trying to protect us from our enemies. But we still have Constitutional rights and protections. OK, let’s have a look at how “in place” that Constitution really is.

So you say we still have equal protection under the law.

Tell that to a white Male; to a conservative; to a “rich” person; to a business owner; to a property owner who owns “wet lands;” to parents who have “troubled or endangered” children (i.e. rebellious and/or over weight). Tell that to Ford Motor Company, or any of a list of other companies that are not politically favored or connected.

So you say we still have freedom of religion: no one is trying to keep us from worshiping as we see fit.

Then why are Christians pushed from public life but Muslims are sanctioned by the government? The Courts have forbidden any public expenditure on anything connected to the Christian faith. The Bible and Ten Commandments cannot even be displayed in a public school or court room. At the same time, the Courts have ruled that public schools must provide foot baths and facilities to facilitate Muslim prayers and that students can be FORCED to read the Qur’an and even take on Islamic names, dress as Muslims and “live” as Muslims for up to two weeks as part of a public school curriculum. So, if you are a Christian, where did your right to worship go? (Jews get caught between both sides on this issue).

So you say you still have the right to free speech.

Then how do you explain “hate laws?” Try to deliver the same political message Hitler preached in America today, only replace the “Jewish problem” with that of another minority and see what happens to you. Have you noticed the growing momentum for “censoring” “hate groups” and for cracking down on “hate media?” When you look into those stories, you’ll find they are usually talking about political opposition. But then, if you can just make someone into a public enemy by redefining terms, where is the due process there?

Tell that to FOX News, which has been the victim of the Obama Administration specifically saying they are “not a news agency and whose reporters have been maligned and sanctioned by this Administration. The same applies for The Blaze and other new media organizations.

So you say the government still has to follow rules when dealing with Americans accused of breaking the law. You say we have due process.
Well then, what happened to your right to due process? You can now be snatched off the street, held indefinitely – and without representation – and even assassinated upon command of the President, alone.

What happened to your right to be secure in your person and affects? The government can now track you through your car’s GPS, your phone, your email and any other electronic means of communication you use – without warrant! The government can also demand private businesses report on you. Google, FaceBook and Twitter have all been turned into government surveillance organs. What happened to your right to be secure? Where are the protections of due process here?

What about those TSA searches? Where is the warrant for those searches? And before you say that’s different, I will tell you that Israel airlines are much safer than ours and they don’t violate individual rights the way we do.

So you say you’re still innocent until proven guilty.

The government has already declared veterans, TEA Party members and anyone who believes in and supports the Constitution, founding fathers and/or individual rights and liberty to be “potential domestic terrorists,” thereby allowing the government to treat you as guilty until proven innocent. This is how you lose your right to own a weapon and how you end up on no-fly lists – all without the protection of due process.

Then there is the IRS, where you can be fined, lose your property and even imprisoned without trial! Where the IRS is concerned, it is a matter of law that you are guilty until proven innocent.

So you say no one wants to do away with the 2nd Amendment. You say you don’t see anything wrong with “background checks” before a person can buy a gun. You say that it’s a “reasonable precaution.”

Well, what if they say veterans, TEA Party members and anyone who has ever defended the Constitution are “unstable?” You could lose you right to own a weapon with nothing more than an arbitrary change in regulations – without a vote by your representatives or the protections of due process.

I could go on, but I think you get the point. Now, if you are looking for ways to “prove me wrong” right now, that’s fine. You have the right to disagree. Just understand that I took every one of my examples from recent headlines in Pravda West or actual Court rulings, so these are not “my opinion:” they are objective fact.

This is our reality: the U.S. Constitution is dead. We are not fighting to preserve it; we’re fighting to restore it. Once we understand this, then we might be able to finally change our tactics from those that do nothing but keep us down to those that have been historically shown to actually work. Maybe we should learn from Iceland? What, you don’t know what I’m talking about? Google it. If you are awake, you’ll understand why you haven’t heard about it.

26 thoughts on “So You Say We Still Have A Constitution…

  1. “You say we just had to make “modifications” to adjust for the demands of “modern life.” You say that the government needs to have “extraordinary authority” to protect us from terrorism. ”

    If that is the case, the govt in 1941 could never have protected us from Japan and Germany.

  2. Where has a court ruled that children and public schools must be forced to capitulate to Islam?
    How can you say tea-party people aren’t potential terrorist, then go on to post about the “Jeffersonian Option?”

    • California.

      The Jefferson option is NOT terrorism, it is self-defense against tyranny. But then, a collectivist wouldn’t understand that because he only hears the voice of the queen.

      • I’m pretty sure the Taliban think they are just defending their values and way of life from american imperialism. If your definition terrorism is attacking civilians? would you consider IRS agents civilians? Maybe the “Jeffersonian Option” isn’t terrorism, but it is an armed insurrection against a democratically elected state.

        • “I’m pretty sure the Taliban think they are just defending their values and way of life from american imperialism.”

          I guess the a-holes that murdered 3000 “imperialist Americans” on 9-11-01 were only “defending their values and way of life “.

          • I’m just extending your logic. I absolutely abhor violence against civilians. Benjamin Frankilin said “there has never been a bad peace or a good war.” You have no qualms about bringing an unnecesarry war to the american people, and then go on to deny it.

            • Karl,

              If the “American people” vote to rape my wife or murder my children, they are NOT “civilians.” Likewise, if they vote to send the govt. to steal from me in their place, again, they are NOT civilians.

              Your problem is you see what’s yours as yours and what’s mine as yours. You have no concept of anyone or anything but yourself. That’s why your ideas NEVER work — not one time in history.

            • When ANY government does something that is directly opposed to the LAWS OF THE LAND (i.e. US Constitution), the people have a right and duty to defy the tyrants. If you haven’t seen the list of things being done by the OWEbozo regime that are completely in violation of the Constitution, you are hopelessly blind and ignorant.
              Please make yourself happy and move to one of the socialist countries in the world, and allow us to save America.

              • Dusty,

                Be careful, my friend. MANY of our laws are contrary to the Constitution, yet they are “the laws of the land.” There are many more that could be passed that would actually meet Constitutional muster, but which would be contrary to the ideals and principles of the Declaration.

                You see, the principles of liberty are NOT in the Constitution, they’re in the Declaration. The Constitution is just meant to be a shield with which to protect those principles from the encroachment of tyranny.

                Karl believes in neither. He denies that which is self-evident: that there is a natural law. read his comments. he believes he is born with a right to be fed, and never to get sick — or to even die. He considers the very process of nature to be an affront to his sensitivities. This is why he says he doesn’t believe in God or natural law: not because he really thinks they don’t exist (ALL men know they do), but because God didn’t do it “Karl’s way” and now Karl is throwing a temper tantrum.

                • “he believes he is born with a right to be fed, and never to get sick — or to even die”

                  What a load of BS. I believe it is my struggle in this life, to feed, clothe and keep myself healthy. I wish to give my economics class more power, because I believe my economic class to be able to control the means of production in a better manner. Yes, I am an advocate for my economic class. You are an advocate for your economic class too. Except you believe the small people will continue to buy bourgeoisie lies and philosophy such as natural law. I’m here to show you how a class conscious worker responds to your anti-working class agenda.

                  • Karl,

                    Your “class” does not exist. It is a figment of your imagination. You are just trying to justify your own greedy. But more, you want to be glorified for justifying theft, as well. NOT IN THIS WORLD!

                • Economic classes are very much material existent and forces in the economy and the world. Natural laws on the other hand are made up idealizations, used to keep workers in believing that the bourgeoisie are their superior, and to upset this balance is impossible and a crime against “nature and god.”

                  • Karl,

                    Classes are arbitrarily defined, thus, they are — BY DEFINITION — artificial. While, on the other hand, if you try to pet mama grizzly’s cubs, she WILL demonstrate the natural right to self-defense — then, after she kills you, she will demonstrate the natural right to self-preservation by dining on your corpse.

                    As to your claim that the employer is trying to claim he is better, tell that to the paper boy, or the little girl selling lemonade. I suspect both of those CAPITALISTS will be surprised to hear they are ‘exploiting’ you and your ‘class.’

                    I will say it again — you are an idiot, a selfish, lazy idiot.

                  • BTW: Marx was not only a bigger idiot, but one of the most evil men in the history of mankind. He has led directly to the deaths — MURDERS — of more than 120 MILLION HUMAN BEINGS!

                    And all in the name of ‘justifying’ the theft of other peoples’ property to help this imaginary ‘workers’ class.’ Funny how the only ones to benefit have been the people exploiting Marx’s ideas while — in reality — those ‘working class’ have been the ones fertilizing the tyrants fields…with their bodies.

                • A paperboy who works for a newspaper company is not a capitalist. Neither is a lemonade selling little girl. They both don’t have employees to work for them.

                  You are losing the debate so you have to start name-calling and demonizations that can be applied to anyone. For instance the crusades and bringing religion to the new world enslaved and killed many people, plus the spanish inquisition. Does that mean all that pain, suffering and death can be attributed to Jesus.

                  if animal behavior is natural law, than natural law is a horrible thing, ducks rape, penguins are gay, bulls are polygamous, hell they even lack a concept of marriage, cannibalism among animals, hamsters eat their babies, frogs and toads attempt to mate with dead frogs and toads.

                  If natural law is self-defense and striving for survival, does not a bear violate a trout’s right when it eats the trout, yet the bear has a right to eat trout. Similarly does the working class have the right to the means of production to better the situation of the working class even if it violates the “rights” of the bourgeoisie? Or are only the bourgeoisie allowed to control the means of production and the working class has to “deal with it.”

                  • Karl,

                    I have NOT ‘lost the debate.’ You’re to self-absorbed to realize I have repeatedly eviscerated you. You are also showing your ignorance. The paper boy often has to buy the papers he re-sells. The girl with the lemonade stand is — by definition – a Capitalist. She has fronted all the money necessary to run her business, and you do not know she doesn’t have help from her friends (now =who is moving the goals to save their arse?). You might know this if you tried to be a productive member of society rather than a parasite.

                    The Crusades were LIBERATING people who had been LITERALLY enslaved by the Muslims — you historically ignorant buffoon. But thanks for trying to divert the argument. I appreciate your admission of defeat (and that is by YOUR standard — not mine).

        • Karl,

          This is NOT a democratically elected State. In fact, this nation was NOT set up as a democracy at all. It was you Leftists who have tried to make it one — because you favor the tyranny of the majority. And that’s because you believe you can easily manipulate the useful idiots of the world.

          ANOTHER NEWS FLASH: YOU are not the manipulator, YOU are one of hose useful idiots. The proof is found in the eventual status of all your vanguard leaders in the past: that of a rich, powerful king.

  3. Wrok to push the idea that every politician who violates the constitution is voted out of office every election. Become a polling statiion policeman to guard against fruad. demand the couts be public in every case and choose the observers yourselves.

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