So You Say We’re Not A Police State, Do You? PICTURE TIME!

Then riddle me this, Joker:


Tell me how this happened?


And this:


And this:


Explain this:


And this:



You say we need all this to keep us safe?  Yeah…



All I know for certain is:


21 thoughts on “So You Say We’re Not A Police State, Do You? PICTURE TIME!

  1. Except: I don’t know what an ‘anti foreclosure activist’ is. If they are there to make excuses for people who decided not to pay their house payment, then I am not on their side. Not that I think thugs are usually necessary, but I do know that some of these ‘activists’ are reprehensible.

  2. I agree the most with the last one, if you havent started to stock up yet, your time is running out, and no you can not depend on your neighbor or family to take care of you, YOU need to show personal responsibility and take care of it yourself.

    • You got that right Deb,

      And a Group of individuals who has shown personal responsibility and taken care of themselves is a Community !! and a STRONG Community at that !

      Unted we Stand, and are Strong…Divided we are weak, and Fall.

  3. If you are stocking up, the main threat will be the government trying to confiscate your supplies under the anti hoarding provisions in the executive branches Executive Orders. It all belongs to them in their plans for THEIR survival.

  4. A very slippery slope we travel. Being in law enforcement and having both a son and daughter in law enforcement, the tools to keep them safe from the deranged and the “just pissed off” is a fairly important subject to me. While many can sit around in comfortable chairs and criticize the man, these men and women put their lives on the line every time they put on their uniform and go to work. They have right to the best gear and tools available to keep them safe and to minimize the danger to the public when they are called to the scene. Just because it “looks” mean does not mean it should not be available for them to use. If a law is being broken we will do what is necessary to enforce it. Is it necessary to bring a swat team to an eviction? Well, if the guy being evicted is being a jack donkey, making threats about shooting the 1st cop that shows up… yes, we bring the team and settle it safely if we can… Law enforcement personnel do not spend their days looking for ways to hose the public and shred the constitution, we are busy answering calls for service.

    Believe it or not law enforcement members are neither the enemy nor the brown shirts being portrayed by some. I know this because I am in the mix. I do not defend those who betray our oath to the constitution or to honor and courage, but the number of articles and comments I see appearing to make us all jerks is troubling. When the little or the big SHTF, I and many like me are on your side.

    • JMc,

      I am a former Marine, so I understand. I have been placed in a position that was in violation of the law (we were used for a purpose that is supposed to be reserved for law enforcement ONLY). We received hostile fire and were told we could NOT return fire. So I understand. AT THE SAME TIME, if the police are allowed to have “weapons of war,” then the People should be allowed to own the same weapons. Those who disagree do not understand the real reason for the 2nd Amendment. And, as a former COMBAT Marine, I believe I have earned the ‘right’ to say that, if you are not willing to accept the danger that comes with serving, you should find another way to serve.

      All that said, I do understand that LEO’s are not necessarily our enemy. But I also understand that the environment you live and work in taints you against the citizen and liberty. You do not see yourselves as “bad,” but you suspect all citizens. This leads to the same “it’s OK as long as I mean well” attitude that our tyrannical politicians have. Be careful to guard against it.

      I speak from someone who is actually “inside” the force, as well.

  5. Joe I have the greatest respect for your service and for most of your opinions, (the rest of them I probably just do not understand because I am so dense 🙂 ). In order to keep me focused, the following is a “short” list of what I consider weapons or war. (Not worrying at this time about the nuclear, biological or something I cannot fit into my backyard.)

    M249 Squad Automatic Weapon
    M240 General Purpose Machine Gun
    Heavy Machine Gun (.50-Cal/12.7mm)
    M136 (Shoulder-launched Anti-Tank weapon)
    TOW missiles (now available in wireless)
    SMAW-D (Shoulder Launched Assault Weapon – Disposable)
    M2 Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle, full-track, armored, 25 mm chain-gun
    Javelin (anti-tank guided missile)
    M203 under barrel grenade launcher
    M19 automatic grenade launcher
    60mm and 81mm mortars
    105 and 155 artillery
    M270 Multiple Launch Rocket System

    In another reality where America had maintained a more Spartan/Libertarian minded leaning Republic I would not even blink an eye if my neighbors had full access to the above list. (It would be a much more respectful society, although anarchy might always be at the door knocking.) However, given the darkness that has infected America society at its core, I believe it is too late to introduce – all citizens should possess all weapons as a serious proposition at this time. The damage the nut cases would do with the above weapons, and they would, is not a winner of an idea. But, the assault and tearing down of individual liberty and freedoms has been devastating to our America, must be stopped and reversed if our America is going to survive. I do not know how many LEO’s that you are close too, but the ones I know have no issue with citizens possessing multiple “AR” type weapons, higher capacity magazines and thousands of rounds of ammo. We however are well aware of what the nut cases are capable of when they misuse them. Your focus on what I have always considered tools of self-defense for LEO’s when they have to confront those nut cases does not ring true to me. Your comment on a willingness to serve really was a dud though. I serve because it is who and what I am; I do however want to come home from work every day to my family but not in a box, I will use the tools that are available to do that. I do not believe for a second that if your Marine squad had tools available that might save their lives you would not support using them just because the Army squad 4 km to your west did not have access to them. I do however completely understand the anger and frustration that is building at the shredding of our Constitution and the destruction of our liberties. LEO’s aren’t angels but most are doing the best they can with the hand they are dealt. I do have to agree being in law enforcement does enhance the suspicion of motives but I will take exception to being tainted where liberty is involved, I took an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States, and the Constitution of the State of [redacted] against all enemies, foreign and domestic, I take that quite seriously as so many of us do. If we could only figure out how to eliminate the lifelong career politician we would be much better off. (Big government sucks.)

    Bottom line Joe, your warning is understood.

    (I was just have a bad day and thinking you were thinking that my LE family was thinking about hosing citizens and liberty because we were thinking Everyone was bad because Everyone knows what we are thinking when I do not know anyone thinking that.)

    • JMc,

      I understand — ALL of it. I even agree that there is a fine line here, and I do not want to throw the good in with the bad. BUT, I DO know some people in Law Enforcement, and one of them is fairly famous (I suspect you would know him if I mentioned his name). However, good as he is at heart, I have personally witnessed him say things that, were he to stop and take himself outside his job, he would disagree with. But because he is part of the people protecting (i.e. “good guys”) he doesn’t see the danger in the things he believes are OK for him to have/do. It is a bias that is very difficult to combat and why Patrick Henry told us to be suspicious of ALL people in government (i.e. near the seats of power).

      That said, you did hit on a crucial point: we are no longer a moral people, and liberty requires a moral people. HOWEVER, I would ask you this: does that justify heading further down the rabbit hole of tyranny to “force” people to be good, or must we just accept the inevitable cost associated with fighting our way back to the side of liberty?

      Think about that answer, because you may learn something about yourself (I did — when I first asked it of myself several years ago — and I did not like the reflection I saw in that morality mirror).

  6. JMc, thanks for your perspective on this issue in addition to the insight on the necessity of proper equipment. My father was in the Marines and LE for a while. It is refreshing to hear a perspective like this for once, that does not end with “Police” and “Pigs” in the same sentence. My feelings towards the perception and scrutiny that LEOs (and the military for that matter) receive these days is nothing short of frustrating; especially during the height of that damn Occupy Movement. My father dealt with PTSD for a LONG time after he left law enforcement. The experience could only be best described as heartbreaking. However, it was in that time that I experienced the raw emotion and humanity of somebody with this type of background. I wish more people would open their minds to see the genuine humanity in LEOs and servicemen (and women) alike.

    Not to sound overly sanctimonious or anything. Great thoughts 🙂

  7. Have you heard of Operation Inaction?

    Here’s an idea: Do nothing.
    Sit at home and chill. Don’t go out to eat, don’t go to the movies,
    shopping, work, school, don’t drive your car, don’t do anything!

    Just stock up on a month’s worth of supplies, like food, medications – those regular things you’ll need – and do nothing.

    If more than half the United States does this all at the same time, can
    you imagine what would happen to the economy? Can you imagine the sort
    of response that would be triggered?

    What’s even better is that this isn’t violent in any way. It’s a silent message. It’s not even rebellion. But it will get their attention in as little as one week’s time.

    There have been studies made on how the country would be affected if just a smallpox outbreak was reported at several key transportation areas like JFK, O’Hare, etc.

    Think of what it would do – how your voice WOULD be heard if you were to DO NOTHING for just one week. Two weeks or even one month.

    All that’s necessary is to do absolutely nothing – don’t fly – don’t drive or ride a bus or
    even a subway. Don’t leave your home to go to work or shopping – don’t
    send your kids to school – don’t pay your bills – don’t do anything.

    If you are a health care provider – a nurse or doctor – don’t go back to
    your normal duties because once you have all shut down and are not doing
    your normal activities the beast will be forced to send in its military
    personnel to staff regular civilian duties until they end the Country’s

    But in order to bring this beast to its knees you will
    need the vast majority of people to follow suit. In one weeks time –
    just 7 days of no activity the President will be urging every American
    to go back to work and their normal activities.

    In two weeks time he will be begging you – and in one month the government will be in such dire strait they will be willing to listen to the people’s voice.
    All done without firing a shot or any kind of violence – simply unify
    and DO NOTHING until the beast is brought to its knees by your inaction.

    Pass it on! Operation Inaction Starting April 1, 2013

    • Rina,

      Good idea — if you want to hurt EVERYONE! I have a counter-proposal. Just stop shopping at or doing business with ANY large corporate structure. Seek out the little guy and do your business with him or her. You’ll get the same result without harming all of the people. 😉

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