Meritocracies are for Greedy People: Compassion Dictates “Fairness”

I have had it with all the mentally incapacitated people who claim meritocracies are better than government-dictated “fairness.”  We all know that they only want to justify their greed.  The idea of meritocracy is always pushed by those who have an “in” with the system.  You never see the poor, disadvantaged or down-trodden asking for a chance to work their way to the top.  These people know that the only chance they have is for the government to make things fair by forcing these mentally deranged “meritocracy” types to be fair to others, to give back what they stole.  So, I have some suggestions that will help us make fairness happen.

The NBA should be forced to hire height and weight-challenged people.  Right now, the NBA is mostly made up of tall, athletic people.  This is not fair to those who have been unfairly discriminated against because they couldn’t afford the proper nutrition to grow taller or stay at a healthy weight.  So, starting tomorrow, the NBA MUST have 1/3 of their roster made up of people under 5’6” and/or at least 50% over weight.  This is only fair.

The NFL doesn’t have enough physically challenged or women on their rosters.  This discriminates against people who did not have enough money to correct their illnesses, and against women.  So, in the name of fairness, the NFL rosters MUST be forced to list 15% physically challenged (at least 5% of whom MUST be in wheel chairs) and 50% women – and these people must be active players.

Hollywood has unfairly discriminated against people who do not have enough money to have facial work and enhancements done to them, so, in the name of fairness, the TV networks and movie studios MUST put people who were voted “most unattractive” in their high school in prominent acting and anchor positions.

Colleges and public schools have discriminated against people who did not have enough money to go to school so they could get a better education.  Therefore, in the name of fairness, ALL schools will be forced to hire at least 30% of their TEACHING staff with an IQ BELOW 90.

This applies to engineering and medical professions, as well.  From now on, the poorest performing 25% of all students attending engineering and medical school will be given “top honors” and graduated regardless of their knowledge.  Furthermore, these people will be EXEMPTED from any professional testing.  It’s only fair.

It is not fair that Apple has better electronic products, so, in the name of fairness, both Apple and Microsoft will be forced to cut their sales in the U.S. by 50% AND to cut their prices by 50%.   This will allow more room for Chinese and other import electronics to compete in the electronics industry.  It’s only fair.

The media has exploited the American people by restricting their content.  In the name of fairness, 30% of ALL public broadcasting programming will be determined by a random draw of proposals submitted by theater and film majors and 20% by random draw from proposals submitted by the general public.  This will make the content of public broadcasting programming fairer.

These are just a few of the ideas that should be immediately enforced by the government to help make our society more fair to those who have been trampled by the insane who claim merit is the fairest measure of a person’s worth.  I’ll work on developing more, but – for now – this is the minimum we should do to help us start correcting all the harm done by people who think the government is destroying our society.  These programs will show how wrong they are and help people see that only govt. can determine what is fair.

29 thoughts on “Meritocracies are for Greedy People: Compassion Dictates “Fairness”

  1. Joe is off on a tangent ( wild rant ) again. The damn thing is over the last year he seems more and more accurate as to his forecast of where America is headed ( or in some cases already there ).

    • Oh, great. Thanks a lot, Ross. Now I have to allow people like Karl to speak in my voice — just to make it fair.

      See what you’ve gone and done now? 😦

      ( 😉 )

  2. “You never see the poor, disadvantaged or downtrodden asking for a chance to work their way to the top.”

    Yes, you do. You see it in a large majority of legal immigrants who reach our shores. Some of them escaped poverty, death squads and amazing horrors just to step foot in America. Throughout history, tyrants have tried to subdue the human spirit, but can’t for very long. Even here in Prog Central there are signs, I’ve seen Molon Labe scribbled on bus shelters, gun shows here have lines that go on for blocks, my Republican Women’s group, although small, still meets. Californians organizing to protect Prop 13, I could go on.

    We are in for the fight of our lives, but I have no doubt we will eventually prevail.

    However, if the NBA wants to sign up short, fat old ladies, I’d be interested in trying out!

    • wow,if you think I wrote this, you know nothing of Marxism. I advocate worker control over the means of production and the end of private property. An empower working class managing production and distribution as it sees fit. Joe’s rantings are based in what the John Birch society wanted americans to think communism is.

      • What I know about Marxism is that it sucks…it has never worked anywhere it’s been tried. An empowered working class managing production and distribution would drive the company out of business within a very short time.

        • Karl,

          He just check-mated you in 2 moves. He did that because he has objective, real-world history on his side. You have already conceded that you do not.

          Buh-bye, Karl 🙂

          • what are you talking about? You said the free-market existed, and now it has degenerated in your eyes. Which means it has failed. There is no “running a business” in communism, there is no market. The bourgeoisie have really screwed over the workers, the worker’s are better off without the bourgeoisie. No matter how much the bourgeoisie protest, and say you need the bourgeoisie for society not to collapse, just like the landlords saying the peasants need landlords.

            • You said the free-market existed, and now it has degenerated in your eyes. Which means it has failed.

              Karl, Karl, Karl, how do you manage to ignore reality so consistently? Yes, the free market DOES exist — but Europe is NOT a “free market.” It is a socialist derivative of your Marxist ideal and, as such, it is failing. Or, as I have been trying to explain to you, natural law is re-asserting itself.

              There is no “running a business” in communism, there is no market

              See, more ignorance. You have been telling us that the workers should run the means of production, now you are telling us that this would not be a business? Then you say there would be no market, but that people would produce and consume according to ability and need. Ah, Karl, that IS the definition of the market.

              the worker’s are better off without the bourgeoisie

              The real world would seem to think otherwise. EVERY TIME the workers try to run things, they fail (see the Russian Revolution and the story of the farmers and peasants). If the workers didn’t need the Capitalist, they would have already started their own businesses. But they haven’t, because they DO need the Capitalist: the Capitalist provides the key ingredient the workers do not have but ALL production needs. Which is also why society DOES collapse without the Capitalist — EVERY TIME!

              Karl, you’re an idiot.

              • A market implies exchange and private accumulation, plus competition between different privately held means of productions. This does not happen in socialism. You should know this. Why is a capitalist necessary? The worker’s in an environment of a democracy would know what to produce and how much. The local councils decide they would be better off with a new hospital, or could decide they need more houses, t-shirts or radios. The means of productions are for the local councils to use.


                Are you saying the capitalist system is not already forcing more and more workers into third world conditions? Companies outsource, creating less jobs and lowering wages, productivity increases, causing unemployment and over capacity, ever increasing supply and decreasing demand, will lead to more unemployment. Machines that increase productivity reduce hours. In a capitalist system the productivity of the machine leads to a decrease in payroll, temporarily increasing profits. Soon competitors mirror the technology and the price of the machines product decreases, leading to a declining rate of profit and unemployment, also the lack of demand due to higher unemployment eats up the profit the machine could have created. In a socialist economy the same machine would cause a decrease in hours, but not a decrease in the compensation to the employees, because the amount of product produced would be the same, but the amount of work would be less. So compensation would stay the same, because production stayed the same.

                You, probably think we need a capitalist to motivate the creation of more productive ways to produce. Not so. Who has the most incentive to create a machine or production process that save hours of labor? The worker, especially considering that the productivity of the machine is not lost to the market, but remain to the worker, in the form of leisure time. Workers in a socialist system would constantly be devising of ways to get production done in less hours, because it means more free time.

                We have all had the experience of being at work, and thinking to ourselves “this would be so much faster if just such and such was done,” in socialism the benefit of our productive mindedness would go to the workers, and stay with the workers. As opposed to a one time bonus our boss might give us.

                I know what you are all thinking. Why did this not work in the Soviet Union? Short answer, the Soviet Union done goofed. Its economics were more in line of bureaucrats attempting to provide for all, bureaucrats owning the means of production created private property, and eventually the bureaucrats decided to give up the “friend of the worker” image entirely, and dissolve The Soviets.

                • Karl, what happens when the local council decides something is absolutely necessary … or absolutely unnecessary … and the workers disagree?

                  Careful how you answer because we can verify by 20th century history.

                  • Geez, @aurora – all he has to do is read one book – Hayek’s Road to Serfdom. The left likes to treat it like a dime store paperback when it was the direct result of first person research by a legitimate scholar.

                    • Once they are on the council, they assume power over others, so they aren’t really “workers” because they have power the workers don’t.

                    • Karl, have you ever belonged to a labor union? I have and so has my husband. His experience in the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers shows what happens when workers are in charge of the factory floor.

                      First, the waste of manhours and materials is phenomenal. The overriding order from the “brotherhood” is to soak the contractor. Jobs that should take a month to accomplish are stretched out all summer. The workers use various strategies for this, but one of their favorite is to do the work wrong as many times as they can get away with it before, finally, under deadline pressure and on overtime, they do it right. This isn’t just one job — it’s every job my husband was on for 13 years.

                      My husband is an organized hand. That means he got his electrical training outside of the “brotherhood” apprenticeship. He has a lot of cross training in other fields. He joined the electrical union after getting his journeyman’s license because he wanted steady work and the union here in Alaska has a monopoly on that. Organized hands are not wanted. He was invited in by a business agent when there was a shortage of union electricians, but when the union had refilled its ranks, the “brotherhood” began subtle and then less-subtle pressure to get my husband to leave. It involved everything from sabotaging his work to having thugs threaten him. He finally left the union because the “brotherhood” was setting up safety traps that might have gotten him killed.

                      That’s your socialist worker’s paradise, Karl! That’s how it acts in the United States through the labor movement and it’s how it acted in the Eastern Bloc countries before the fall of communism.

                      If workers don’t want to comply with the collective, they risk death or dismembership. Resistence is futile, you will be assimilated … or killed.

                    • You can have a job and go to council meetings.

                      Aurora your husbands sounds like an useful-idiot. He apparently cared so much for the contractor he would be hostile toward the union that provided work and benefits for him, just because he did not want the contractor to pay more. Pathetic bourgeoisie lapdogs like these must be re-educated.

            • Joe was being kind in calling you an idiot, plus he insulted idiots all over the world. Evidently in your Marxist Utopia Karl, they don’t teach you the basic fundamentals of satire. That Whooooosh sound you heard Karl, was the intent of this post going right over your pointed little head.

            • So, Karl, what happens if the American working class likes the set up we have now? Because most of us do, you know? We like the lifestyle that we have and we wouldn’t mind getting the lifestyle that our bosses have. Very few of us are looking forward to becoming a Chinese worker drone. That seems like going backward to the majority of Americans.

              You do know that, right? So, if we aren’t willing to get on board with your utopia, when do you and your friends plan to start forcing us to comply. That’s the Marxist way, normally. Resistance is futile, you will be assimilated. Right?

  3. Joe, you forgot that ballerinas should be required to dance with forty pounds of sand chained to their arms and legs.

    If you guys haven’t read Harrison Bergeron (Vonnegut’s short story in the collection Welcome to the Monkey House), you’d enjoy it. It fits right into this discussion.

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