This Is How You Crash The Entire Global Economy

You scare the bloody hell out of everyone who actually has money:

British Politician’s Warning to Europeans With Cash in the Bank: ‘Get Your Money Out While You Can’

Appearing on Russia Today, British politician Nigel Farage on Tuesday made his first comments on the proposed levy on all depositors in Cyprus, issuing a dire warning to Europeans who still have money in banks within bailed out countries: ” Get your money out while you can.”

“I must say, even in my most direst predictions in this parliament over the years over the way the EU bosses were behaving, never did I think that they would, in a completely unprecedented manner, resort to stealing money from people’s bank accounts,” he said.

Talk like this WILL lead to a global run on banks, which WILL collapse the global banking system, which WILL cause governments to print money, which WILL lead to hyper inflation on a global scale, which WILL lead to a global catastrophe of our own making — and all because people had to have someone else’s stuff (and because they believed Karl when he told them they didn’t need the rich).

This will get to our shores faster than anyone thinks, and when it does,…  Well, let’s just say that the ‘preppers’ will not allow you to take their preparation without a fight – but I’m sure people will try to take that, too.

4 thoughts on “This Is How You Crash The Entire Global Economy

  1. Just one slight correction :….”…Which will lead to a global Catastrophe of THEIR own making….”

  2. So levies on the bank accounts of the lower classes to pay for bank bailouts for the rich, is Marxist?
    Once again you demonstrate a total ignorance of Marxism.

  3. According to Marx (From each according to his ability, to each according to his need) the worker needs nothing more than the State provides. Therefore it follows that any capital(money/property) accumulated in excess of the workers needs belongs to the State.

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