Rand Paul Explains Recent Republican Failures

I guess I was right about Paul.  I almost changed my mind after I listened to him on Beck’s show the other day, but not quite (I remembered his audio clip on the radio from the day before).  It seems he needed a day to get ready for Beck’s audience and, judging from Beck’s response, Paul seems to have pulled the wool over Beck’s eyes – but not mine.  Here’s the proof that I was correct:

Rand Paul Has a ‘News Flash’ for Coulter, Limbaugh and Other Critics of Immigration Reform

“I’ve got a news flash for those who want to call people names on amnesty: What we have now is de facto amnesty,” he said during an appearance on Fox News.

“We have 11 million people here. They’ve been here, some of them, for a decade or more. No one is telling them to go home, no one’s sending them home,” Sen. Paul responded.

Whether Rand Paul likes it or not, he just admitted to supporting amnesty, he just doesn’t want to call it amnesty (how very “progressive” of him).

But there’s another hidden gem in this story: the secret to why Republicans have been losing so many recent elections.

Rand’s critics say:

“People like Coulter and Limbaugh say people like you are being suckered into an agreement here,” Hemmer said. “What they argue is that conservative principles should not be sacrificed here, it’s that the Republican message has been lost in the process. What would you say to that?”

If amnesty goes through, America becomes California and no Republican will ever win another national election,” Coulter said last week at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

To which, Paul answers:

Paul responded: “Here’s another news flash: We haven’t been too competitive in the last two national elections.”

Well, Senator Paul, maybe you Republicans haven’t been winning because all you Republican “leaders” have been folding on the principles your constituents want you to stand on instead.  Ever think of that?  Well, you should, because polling suggests – no – it pretty much confirms this is why Romney lost: because conservative Republicans couldn’t see a difference between him and Obama and they stayed home.  And as long as the like of you, Senator Rand Paul, continue to fold on the values your constituents want you to hold the line on, the Republicans will continue to lose.

Senator Paul, get over in the corner with Lindsey and John.

25 thoughts on “Rand Paul Explains Recent Republican Failures

  1. Why is “NO” so hard to say or understand. The right answer from our Repulican servants of the people should be.

    NO – We will not address any immigration issues until current law is upheld and the border is closed.
    NO – We will not give one more inch on gun control period. It is a morallity issue created by Democrats so correct that first.
    NO – We will not continue to have our children indoctrinated in Publci Schools with progressive curriculums designed by the UN.
    NO – We will not run the Government on a Continuing Resoltion for another 4 years.
    NO – we will not allow the DHS, EPA, or any other agency in the Federal Government to impose additional restrictions on our freedoms.
    NO – We will not allow the Federal Reserve to continue to print money and destroy the savings of those that are carrying the load for the lazy.

    Sadly, the list could go on for pages. Unless Rand Paul and Marco Rubio understand this they are no different than John McCain and Linsey Graham. We will keep moving towards tyranny and away from freedom.

  2. B., in 10+ years, the Federal govt. has allowed illegal immigration to flourish, and the Democrats have reaped the rewards. For crying out loud, states are being punished for cracking down on illegal immigration. At this point, I think the Republican party must gain a foothold on this issue by jumping into the fray.At least Paul’s initiatives make it difficult for the illegal immigrant. Let me put it this way: Do you think 11 million voters will vote for the party that said yes, or the party that wants to send them home? Please don’t tell me they’re not voting, because they are. As the Democratic party metastasizes in govt., so too will their voting bloc and their ideologies.

    • OK, Kells, I see your point. Hitler has been killing Jews for a couple years and, now that he wants to make is mass murder in concentration camps, I suppose we should jump in the fray and at least try to make it harder on him — even though we’ll be going along with his policy.

      Yeah, I’m sure that explanation will go over well on judgment day….

        • And that is what Rand Paul just did: he gave up and joined them, and now he’s trying to convince you he actually won something. That’s a lot like blowing ice up your skirt and trying to tell you it’s sunshine, Kells.

          You fight a battle by STANDING YOUR GROUND! And, yes, sometimes that means you die there — when the ground is important enough.

          • I disagree. You fight fire with fire! If you think that things will magically turn around, you’ve got another think comin! It is time to play they game. Infiltrate and destroy from within.

            • Kells,

              Before you can go on the offensive, you must first stop retreating: and anytime you accept the other sides argument and then try to twist it to suit you, you have retreated.

              Like I said: keep doing this and watch how the Republican Party loses more and more elections. The people who used to vote for them are tired of them acting like Progressives once they get in office — period!

  3. Kels, you know how I feel about illegals, but you are right about them voting. All kinds of bad voting things happen here, like the poll worker who took my ballot in 08 at my polling place and had an Obama t-Shirt on.

    Like Joe, I want an ethical moral country, but I have to admit I also really want to win the White House in 14 so I’m ready to cut a few deals. Our current President doesn’t have any problem looking us in the eye and lying to us, maybe it is time to fight fire with fire. Promise whatever majority wants to hear, win the Presidency, then sign an executive order or two establishing a guest worker program that doesn’t bestow citizenship, triple tax any business that hires illegals not in guest worker plan. Then police our borders, offer subsidies to illegals who volunteer to head home. Also, institute mandatory prison for anyone committing voter fraud. Then smile for the cameras and talk about how Ameriica is great because we are a land of immigrants.

    • Agreed. Unfortunately, I don’t feel that that’s in the cards. I feel that we are headed to the slaughterhouse. Now then, if B. could rewrite history, I should very much like to know what path he would’ve taken…..

      I suppose I mustn’t speak on “feelings” as M. pooh-poohs them. I understand this argument to an extent, and yet I don’t think we should discount omens or feelings. Shakespeare incorporated this in a most brilliant fashion (in political plays, nonetheless.) Sorry. I’m probably not makin a lick o sense, but I’ve gotta get my Gretchen groove on….. 🙂

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