What Do “Gay Marriage,” “Sex Week” And Bastardhood Have In Common?

What do these stories have in common?

Obama Cannot Imagine A State’s Gay Marriage Ban Being Constitutional

Hillary Clinton Endorses Gay Marriage

University Could be Defunded Over Sex Week

School Condom Availability

New Report Reveals 48 Percent of American Children Born to Unwed Mothers

I could easily list more stories like this, but these are enough to make the point.  They are all explained by this quote:

Destroy the family, you destroy the country.

–Vladimir Lenin

In short, they demonstrate the effects of a deliberate attempt to destroy the family unit in America (you can add welfare and an attack on the Judea/Christian faith to this list of anti-family programs pushed by our Marxist-dominated government bureaucracy.)

It is very easy for us to forget that history drives the present and, as such, it is never as far in the past as we believe.  Case in point: Lenin died in 1924 – 1924!  That’s the same year Woodrow Wilson died, and look how he still influences the events of today.  Now, consider that Lenin’s prize pupil, Stalin, was alive and actively working to subvert this nation until 1953.  That means we could have people in our government and social institutions right now who were literally taught by the man who learned his ideology directly from its inventor, Lenin.  Now, did the past suddenly get any closer for you?  It should, because what the stories I just posted represent is the culmination of Stalin’s plan to destroy the US, a plan most likely learned from Lenin.

6 thoughts on “What Do “Gay Marriage,” “Sex Week” And Bastardhood Have In Common?

  1. God hates sin, which is what all of the above articles are about. So if God hates sin and Obama and his kind are all about sins acceptance in society as a right what do you think is going to happen? Ahab and Jezebel had a good run for a while but it ultimately caught up with both of them. 1 Kings chapters 16–22.

    • Chhelo,

      I understand, but God also loves ALL people and wants ALL of us to come to Him (that’s in scripture, too, you know 🙂 ). All I am saying is that many of those who do evil are deceived. Seriously, do you think Maxine Waters is part of an intelligent cabal working to bring down this nation, or just another useful idiot? See what I mean?

  2. Joe,

    Yes God is “love” and desires all men come to him however, God is also “just” and will punish those that do not come to HIm. God is a moral being and if He should act in violation of any of his essential attributes of His nature, the one or more attributes acted against would be eliminated. No longer possessing all of the parts essential to the divine nature, He would no longer be God.

    Now, if Maxine Waters, continues to justify sin to satisfy her earthly desires it will not mater whether she is deceived or part of the cabal.

    My post was really about the country as a whole and not meant to be about any individual. As sin becomes more and more pervasive in our society God’s will allow us to fall into tyranny unless we repent.

  3. Since when did Marxism even become the universal authority on authenticating all things pertaining humanity? Marxism is like the pitcher who declared himself the umpire in the middle of the 5th inning, then preceeded to start calling balls and strikes, as “The End of Secularism” author, Hunter Baker, similarly wrote.

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