180 Degree Rule In The News

Here’s the story:

Former Obama Czar Goes After Glenn Beck in New Book; Compares Attacks to Orwell’s ‘Two Minutes Hate’

Here’s the problem:


All you have to do is read Sunstein’s book, Nudge:


I read it, and it is exactly what Beck claims it is: a dissertation on how to use government regulations to force people to do what the government wants them to do, the way they want it done — only, done in a way that allows self-deceiving idiots like Sunstein to tell you (and himself) that you are still “free.”  Well, if you think having to pay a $5,000/year “licensing fee” to exercise your RIGHT to own a firearm is “free,” then I guess you’ll agree with Sustein — until he slaps one of those “fees” on something you value, like your internet and/or cell phone.  Somehow, once that happens, I suspect you’ll jump to my side of this issue faster than the Enterprise jumping to warp 9.

Then you just have to watch Pravda West for a day or two and you will find stories of the Left launching absolutely, positively – no doubt possible – fabricated attacks on their opponents in what amounts to more than 2 minutes of hate:

CNN Anchor Accuses Glenn Beck of ‘Ugly History’ of Comparing Obama to Satan…Using Selectively-Edited Sound Bites

 Finally, you must remember that Sunstein’s work has pervaded every aspect of our life: education, energy, food, environment, energy, health care — everything.  This man cried when he was given his job as “Regulation Czar” (his wife is the one who reported that — she is also the one pushing “A Duty to Protect” — another dangerous program we need to be aware of).  And Obama hand-picked this man for this job.  That means Obama knew who Sunstein is and chose him intentionally, which means Obama is as guilty as Sunstein.

Just in case you are new to the RNL, here is what the 180 degree rule says:

The 180 Degree Rule

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