Obama Builds Private Army On U.S. Soil

DHS: Obama’s “Civilian Defense Force” – just as strong, just as well trained, and as well armed as the military, but answers only to the President:

'Homeland' Denies Massive Ammunition Purchase...

Won't Answer Congress...


DHS Armored Cars

DHS Military Weapons

DHS Drones


Why?  Why does this nation need anything more than the U.S. Military to protect it?  And why does this new force have to be independent of Congressional control?


40 thoughts on “Obama Builds Private Army On U.S. Soil

  1. Ok hold on, red flags all over. This is too murky. A “civilian national security force, that is just as powerful, just as strong, and just as well funded”?

    Isn’t he describing the National Guard? Since when did that become insufficient and irrelevant?

    Here’s the scary part: “Just as powerful”? “Just as strong”? “JUST AS WELL FUNDED”? Does that concern nobody else? Why do we need a “civilian national security force” (when we have a National Guard), that is equally as strong and equally as well funded as the most powerful military in the world? This doesn’t add up.

    Here’s the other thing: Obama wants to defund the military and offer a plethora of executive orders and bans against assault weapons, but he wants a non-government force, that will be equally as strong as the most powerful military in the world, and as equally funded as the most powerful military in the world.

    If not the Government, then where will this civilian force receive their weapons and ammo from?
    What weapons and ammo will they receive in order to make them on par with the most powerful military in the world?
    How will this civilian force be structured?
    How will the chain of command work?
    If not by the Government, then who will fund this civilian force?

    There are too many suspicions and red flags with this proposal to help me sleep comfortably ever again.

    Here is the biggest kicker with this whole entire thing: the eruption of praise and applause from the zombie audience!

    • Funding through the Legal and Constitutional mechanisms is to be ONLY through the People’s House ie the Congress, and the State Legislatures.

      ALL of this Ammo and Tanks and all of the DHS equipment is being funded by OUR ( The People’s) TAX money…..which is ONLY to be spent by our House The Congress !!

      Is is even being funded Legally ????

      • 🙂 I went from not having shot a gun in years to becoming comfortable with it, cleaning it and being able to hit the target from about 50 feet. My favorite is my Judge (I like shooting .410 shells out of it) but the Patient Husband’s .45 Henry repeating rifle is pretty spectactular too.

        Since the Patient Husband has refused to help me build a trebuchet, I got a big slingshot and have been collecting rocks. And I’m going to install it out by the tomato garden so we can dispose of the wormy ones in a fun way. Good thing we can usually see the neighbors coming before they’re in range.

        • You can soot .45Colt out of the Judge Too .. :- ) .

          Winchester PDX1 Defender Combo pack seems nice for when it counts.

          • Yeah, I have shot the .45’s. They’re much cleaner. But around here the .410 shells are more easily available, so I’m practicing with them. I got the Judge that uses both the 2.5″ and 3″ .410 shells. I love it.

            • You got the The Bigger One then ! Can’t you fire your husbands 45’s that he uses for the Henry ??

              I SO want a Judge !! But Been focusing on the Long Rifle issue .

  2. I told my son,
    Remember in school when you read about those pivotal momements in U.S. history where good men had to stand up to tyranny for the future of this country?
    Well, you’re about to live through one!

    • FjF,

      Have you heard that Lake City was told it would loose it’s Gov’t contract if it sold to the public too … thus effectively forbidding it to sell to the General Public ?? Also The DHS has on its ammo order 7.62 x 39, which no Gov’t or US Military use …. basically a way to disarm all owners of AKs by buying up all the ammo …. certainly all the affordablr ammo .

      • Don,

        Cass Sunstein: make it unprofitable for civilian companies to sell to civilians and you can confiscate ammo while saying no one has lost their freedom or choice — they just chose the govt. over civilians.

        Actually, we civilians should start boycotting EVERYTHING sold by ALL companies associated with ANY company that chooses the govt. over the people.

        • I agree …. A list should be compiled and published.

          Had you heard about the Lake City arangement ? Or is my info bad ? Also…. the 7.62×39 issue would seem to be a pretty clear RED Flag …. there isn’t even an excuse for Why the Gov’t should be buying it.

            • Would you think LC 5.56 manufactured in 1977 would still fire OK w/out much FTF or FTE ??

              (I just learned those terms … ; – ) )

              • Don,

                I’m not the guy to ask, sorry. I’ll be honest: I never got into the science or specific details of weapons and ammunition. yes, I know this was a stupid oversight on my part, but, honestly, all I ever wanted to do was put the round where I wanted it and move on. Given that I may have trouble acquiring ammo soon, I sort of figured that, given the caliber of my preferred weapon, if I survive long enough to expend my basic supply, I’ll have 3-5 times more ammo than I started with before I fired it. I hope you’ll get my drift 😉

                • Drifting to …. well stored…well manufactured…=….Prolly pretty dang good wrt efficacy and reliability.

      • No, Don, I havn’t.
        That reminds me of a CIA program during the Viet-nam war were they would over load 7.62×39 rounds and have recon units salt ammo dumps along the Ho-Chi-Min trail to destroy enemy rifles, and make others fearful of using them.

        A few years ago here in maryland, I came accross a thread of people having bullets weld in the bores apon firing. During a discussion with someone who claimed to have seem a destroyed barrell it lead me to belive that the round may have been loaded with Cad-weld.material.(easily available compound used in the electrical industry to weld copper and steel.)

        Looney liberal sabotage?
        DHS trial baloon?

          • I don’t want to jump the gun, as Maryland has too many over-educated idiots like Mcphearson, to not belive it wasn’t one of them responsible.
            We had the gov. scientist that mailed the Anthrax as well as
            the NSA at Ft. Meade, and Aberdeen proving grounds.

            • So BOTH as a trial baloon then. I can see the Cad-weld ….. but I wonder what the ammo buying would tell them….alternate routes for acquisition ? Or maybe just to see reactions …. push til you get push-back kind of thing.

              I had forgotten the Examples you brought up … it’s good to have reminders.

  3. “Actually, we civilians should start boycotting EVERYTHING sold by ALL companies associated with ANY company that chooses the govt. over the people.”

    This was my original suggestion for the Occupy crowd, before it really got heated up and I lost all empathy for it. This is a slightly different context, I know, but I feel that it still applies, and is a very simple and quite honestly common sense solution.

    • Occupy was a Controlled Group from the very begginning …. “Occupy Unmasked” by Breitbart and assoc exposese some of it.

      But the sentiment You and Joe are getting is as valid as when Ghandi used it !!

    • libercrite,

      Be careful with the OWS movement. Obama and crew are behind that. It was TOTALLY manufactured — and even announced 10 months before it started. It was originally to be called “Days of Rage.”

  4. I always stop and consider Occupy Unmasked on Netflix, but end up choosing something out. I need to just force myself to watch it. I guess the image of a defiled, perfectly good fictional character (V, “V For Vendetta”) still turns me off to putting anything Occupy related before my eyes.

    Joe, in its final days of irrelevance, I came to accept that conclusion about OWS. I’m not completely sure what Occupy’s true origin was, but I wasn’t convinced that it was “grass roots” as MSNBC called it. It makes perfect sense that it would be manufactured. The Marxists and Anarchists now seem to have been embellishments to distract skeptical people of the working beneath the surface. With all of the murky things the Government is doing, I wouldn’t be surprised if this was just one of many ploys to get the pieces in the machine moving. We should probably stop now though, before NYPD picks up their surveillance on this discussion.

    • libercrite,

      NSA has been recording all electronic comms in this nation for decades, but now, everyone is doing it and they are coordinating it. Worse, they are data-mining it in conjunction with the logarithms Google and FB and other organizations have developed, plus they use the info they get from other sources (smart meters, for one). They know everything. This is why I no longer care: if I am correct, I’ll be dead soon. It’s also why I tell people that, if they succeed in their plans, man’s freedom is dead — FOREVER!

      The idea that one man can bring down such an organization like in the movie V for Vendetta is unrealistic. It ignores reality as much as Karl does. They will know what you’re thinking before you do — and the first you’ll realize you were going to become a threat to the establishment will be when the bullet goes through your head.

      • Be careful of TOO much defeatism …. that is how they would really like to win …. by having us defeat ourselves from within.

        I have a Letter from an MD regarding the language with which we speak about abuses by the Gov’t……Perhaps I should put up the paragraph ….or e-mail it to you……it is quite inspiring!?

    • The very First 10 -15 Minutes of Occupy Unmasked show exactly HOW and by Whom the Movement started….the mechanics….later towrds the end they show and name the Leftists behind the scenes…..the students and others idealism were used…..of course the big opperators are never mentioned…..remember that the LARGEST banks and Banksters were NEVER targeted by Occupy….. No Jaime Diamon….No Lloyd Blankfien….no Corzine……No Geithner ….No Ruben etc etc……lower down Predidents and CEO Flunkies…..but notice… NOT A SINGLE BANK BOARD MEMBER in ht UK or USA was even mentioned !

      Do watch it though… it is well worth it. Even Daid Icke was warning the participants away from the Occupy movement lol !!

  5. My predicion:
    The first time a member of the “civilian defense force” opens fire, it WILL be open season on EVERY CDF, DHS, TSA, ATF, FBI, politician & their family.
    Question: WHERE is OUR ammo being shipped to and stored?

    • Be careful. Do that and you will hand Obama the excuse he is looking for to declare an emergency and suspend the Constitution — just like Lincoln (at least, then he would have a legitimate claim of comparison to Lincoln).

  6. I knew that Joe. I read that 1984 blog comparing it to 2013. Scary stuff. Youtube is filled with a plethora of videos as well, documenting Government and corporate abilities to spy on the general public. Forgive my over abundance of sarcasm in previous posts.

    I don’t take much stock in being inspired by V For Vendetta. I hated it during Occupy. I happen to be somewhat of a superhero buff, which is what I was referencing my distaste to.

    “They know everything. This is why I no longer care: if I am correct, I’ll be dead soon.”
    Not to sound overly religious, but Jesus said that whoever loves his life loses it. There are something that a Government can never take away, regardless of their means and methods (not to sound overly William Wallace-esque either). It’s great to see some people not living in fear over the quickly approaching dark times.

  7. The reason that the government would be buying AK ammo is the supplying of the insurgents in Syria. Since it is not a secret anymore that we are supplying these groups. No secrecy in the purchasing of the ammo.

    • Doesn’t take the Majority of the entire country’s supply of 7.62 x 39 to outfit the “insurgency” …. Russia….Bulgaria …and China could all supply that as well as could Germany.

      We fought in Iraq and Afghanistan at the same time and there wasn’t a dearth of 5.56 or 308 ……not THIS kind of prolonged lack of availability

      I think your making excuses where the obvious is clear..

    • Besides the Original Purchase Orders obtained where for DOMESTIC purchase …. DHS and others !!

      So far as I know the DHS doesn’t supply insurgents right ?? ….. Aren’t they supposed to be there to fight AGAINST threats to the country ?? That’s what Bush and Obama have told us ….. right ???

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