Telling Kids To Screw Around And Have Abortions When They Get In Trouble More Important Than Teaching Math

Again, it’s what they do – not what they say.  This story is just more proof that teaching our children is NOT what they want to do.  They want to indoctrinate them, turn them into pleasure-addicted automatons who obey to the govt. without question:

Math Teacher Escorted Out by Police, Set to Be Fired for Opposing Planned Parenthood in the Classroom

“I think, deep down, it’s because of my views,” Diss told the newspaper. “And that it’s much more important for them to have Planned Parenthood in the schools than to have a really dedicated teacher who really teaches math well and goes the extra mile and does a whole bunch with the kids.”

In this case, we see that teaching children to have no sexual morals is more important than teaching them math.  And sexual promiscuity is made all the easier when you tell kids they can just murder their unborn children – rather than inconvenience themselves by being responsible enough to care for the life they created.  This is destroying the family, which destroys our culture and society, and that destroys the nation.  How convenient that this is the ultimate political agenda of the people pushing Planned Parenthood’s agenda.

Anyone – yes, ANYONE who defends this sort of evil is evil, themself.  Period!  End of discussion!

9 thoughts on “Telling Kids To Screw Around And Have Abortions When They Get In Trouble More Important Than Teaching Math

  1. Joe,
    I keep waiting for that straw that breaks the proverbial camel’s back as well.
    as close as we ever came was when the banks wanted to raise ATM fee’s

    I guess that’s more important.

  2. I gotta tell you, with my own 3 yr old, I can’t find a damn thing on kpbs kids, apps for windows or Android or on YouTube that even introduces mathematics! What I have found is beyond useless.

    I find this disturbing!

    I have just used simple things like adding and subtracting objects everywhere we go. From food on his plate to using my fingers. At 3 he can count to 25, recognize double digits like 31 on NASCAR’S and add and subtract in 10’s. And according to the public preschool standard he is advanced! That is also disturbing given the Asian race is far past this point by 3. But to find a science program that’s not completely filled with global warming and green crap is impossible. I have taught and am teaching him “the world is not green”, its blue and their is no such thing as a green world besides human populated areas where trees are planted that would not naturally be growing! The earth is blue because its 72% water. And nearly 98% that is not water is barren land or ice! People only live on less than 2% of the land.

    Math and science is going to bring this country to its knees. It already is when you have more than 50% of the people that can’t comprehend 16 trillion AND cannot mathematically comprehend its destruction.

    Math is the world and we flat out ignore it.

  3. The status quo of stupidity in our country makes me fear having kids. I could make a long list that would apply to that status quo (perhaps Karl could help me). I don’t want to raise a bunch of zombies and robots. It would be cruelty to subject children to this on a daily basis. I feel like it’s already cruel and unusual punishment living amongst this type of society on a daily basis. Maybe I should write my representative-oh wait it’s Washington State. If it’s not about gay rights, bicyclists rights, baristas rights, marijuana, the environment, or more rights for women during divorce cases, then I can hope to get no response at best. Never mind.

    • LOL! My son calls the cyclists Lances. Smart cars clown cars. Yes, he hears it from me which is my point. You are 98% of your childs education their whole life. You must find the time right from birth to set down all other things and talk to them. Show them things. Teach them from the time their born. They can’t talk but their listening and those brains are connecting things. Then, all of a sudden, about 1 year (and it comes up fast) they start communicating. I know cause I thought him sign language. I knew when he was calling me, mom or wanted more of something.

      Now at 3 he’s poping off with stuff like; dad you are very ambitious. LOL

      You do everything, drop everything and be everything. Little story. When my son was born I was so worried about him getting a flat head, even though we didn’t do what most do and leave him on his back too long, I woke up about every 30 minutes for the first 6 months to turn his little head. He’s got a perfect head 🙂 but that’s what we do.

      I worked on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier and I thought that was the hardest work I ever did. We won dessert storm but that was NOTHING compared to this. Oh and don’t have more than you can raise “CORRECTLY”.

  4. I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating. You as a parent are ultimately responsible for your child’s education and moral values. When they are young, ten or twenty minutes a night of reading will work wonders. Playing numbers games and making your own flash cards helps them with math. All kinds of games and teaching “tools” one can use that don’t involve computers or smart phones.

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