This Man Should Go To Jail

This is sedition/subversion and the man should be charged and tried AND convicted for the same – then sentenced accordingly.

Mayor Bloomberg says he will spend millions more to defeat the National Rifle Association and pro-gun pols

Says on ‘Meet the Press’ he has ‘responsibility’ to keep the public safe. Decries politicians who don’t listen to the will of the people.

Bloomberg: Lawmakers Who Vote Against Gun Control Will ‘Pay a Price’

What this Un-American TRAITOR has is a duty to protect and preserve the constitution and – more importantly – the principles of individual rights and liberty.  BOTH scream for the individual right of self-defense.  This man is a tyrant, and you should not make the mistake of thinking Obama is not a part of this campaign.  Bloomberg is acting as a surrogate for Obama’s goal of disarming the people – and for the same reasons.  THEY ARE TYRANTS!

3 thoughts on “This Man Should Go To Jail

    • Trapp,

      Do NOT under-estimate him. He is not doing this of his own accord or on his own. There are others behind him pushing this — likely the same people behind Obama.

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