Are You Awake?

The intro is actually pertinent to the content of this video, but the real meat and potatoes starts at about the 2:55 mark.  Many will dismiss the message here, but those who do are among the people this video is talking about.  They have scales over their ears and eyes and no light in their heart.  Are you among them?


I spent some time watching this series today and I want to make it clear that I do not agree with the central take that the Illuminati are some alien/human hybrid or that they poses some sort of secret ancient knowledge of these alien ancestors — or any of the associated non-sense.  HOWEVER, the series does an excellent job of calling attention to  certain symbols that I believe are connected to an ancient order of people who do seek to control the world and also illustrating just how pervasive these symbols are in not only our culture, but those around the world.  For me, the mistake that the people who developed this particular video series have made (at least some of them, anyway) is that they have noticed a series of very real trends in human history, but they have gone past the historic record of their origin and made up a totally fictitious and unsupportable explanation for those origins.  In truth, they need go no further than the book of Genesis.

Anyway, if you watch these videos with an informed understanding of logic and reason, you should still find that they do draw attention to very real things that cannot be explained by anything other than a secret, global society.  To dismiss them as purely cultural fads is to ignore the evidence, such as their persistence across time and cultures.  So, make of them what you will, but do not dismiss them as lightly as some would have you do.  Just use discernment in any conclusions you may draw.

9 thoughts on “Are You Awake?

  1. Karl and I somewhat agree! Imagine that! The guy on the video is delusional. However ….

    The ruling elite has been around for millennia. In every era and every generation, there have always been folks who thought they knew better than the people, who wanted to rule over subjects rather than represent citizens. Our own time has the political class/ruling class who would use democracy to have us wrap ourselves in change of tyranny. I don’t know about the symbols and all that — sounds like conspiracy theory to me (or, and this is my mental health administration background showing, someone’s delusional system) — but certainly the ruling elite uses things like the flag — or the cross — to make us think it’s not patriotic (or Christian) to stand up to the government or to try to remove the rulers from power.

    • aurora,

      There is a much better and far more reliable video series on YouTube tracing the origin of these symbols. You should look up “Know Your Enemy” by the fuel project.

    • BTW: Which guy in the video is delusional? And do you NOT think it odd that ancient symbol has been so consistently in the cultures of so many peoples and has remained relatively unchanged across so much time?

      • I’m just not into conspiracy theories, I guess. I do believe that idolatry exists and that Satan has a hand in prompting mankind to embrace certain idols. Symbols go along with that. But the whole Illuminati thing — shades of Dan Brown and half the schizophrenics I knew at my former job.

        • Aurora,

          Like I told Libercrite, I understand and — in large part — I’m with you. But then, if you dig into the Fabian Socialists and the Masons, then you look at the repetition of enduring symbols and their connection to groups such as these and it starts to become difficult to dismiss the implication.

          Personally, though, I think you hit the “conspiratorial source” of all this on the head: the hand of evil/Satan. I see the history of man in those terms: good vs. evil. It is the only rational explanation that explains the repetition of the same cycles in human history.

  2. I think there are some really great points made in this video. However, I don’t think there is an inferential link strong enough to link theories of the Illuminati to it’s existence. I do believe there are greater powers at work, going on behind the curtains, I just can’t say it’s the Illuminati.

    • Personally, I don’t care what people want to call them. All I know is that, where I was once skeptical (as you seem to be), a diligent examination of history shows a persistence of the same symbols and ideas across many cultures and through the ages while still remaining basically identical to their original form to be mere “coincidence.” To me, this is the strongest evidence for the existence of some sort of secret cabal — that and the fact that the co-ordination across nations and toward a global government seems to be painfully obvious now where it once may have been disrupted/diluted by a stronger sense of nationalism.

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