More Forced Public School Indoctrination Of Elementary Aged Students

Pravda West won’t tell you about this (mostly because they agree with the video, so they see nothing wrong with it):

Here’s the Video That Teaches Children That Decisions Made by U.S. May Have Caused 9/11 — and It’s Been Used by ‘Tens of Thousands of Schools’ for Over a Decade

Americans everywhere were outraged to discover fifth grade students in Texas were being taught that United States foreign policy decisions helped cause the tragic 9/11 terrorist attacks. TheBlaze reported last week that students in Corpus Christie, Texas were required to watch a controversial video, distributed by digital education company Safari Montage, and then take an accompanying quiz that placed blame on the U.S., not radical Islam, for the 2001 World Trade Center attacks, which left nearly 3,000 people dead.

In truth, the only thing we did to cause this was ‘slight’ Usama – or rather, he thought we slighted him because we didn’t care to let him dictate U.S. foreign policy on his own terms.  The reality is, had it not been for the CIA, we probably would have never heard of UBL.  So, if we made any mistake at all, it was in allying ourselves with a spoiled rich kid from the Saudi royal family and not recognizing that we had created a monster that needed to be put down.

Incidentally, we had the chance to put that monster down – several times.  But President Clinton didn’t take the opportunity because he thought his political fortunes were more important than the security of the American people.  So, if anything, THAT is what these children should be taught: that Leftists do not think the security of this nation is a priority.

3 thoughts on “More Forced Public School Indoctrination Of Elementary Aged Students

  1. Just think.Hillary could run, win and get Bill his third term. All’s well in America tonight, sleep tight.

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