Open Govt. Theft: Coming To YOUR Savings Account Real Soon

If the people of the EU do not rise up and beat down their governments for doing this — if they don’t do anything more than protest and riot – this WILL come to the U.S., and sooner than you may think:

Cyprus bail-out: savers will be raided to save euro in future crises, says eurozone chief

The problems facing the EU banking system and government benefits is of their own making.  Those who were responsible should not be forced to pay the price for the extravagance that the looters and thieves among them voted themselves.  Many of them have already been forced to pay for that largess, and now they are being told they have to pay more because – by some demented twist of logic – they are responsible for the irresponsible spending of the looters and the politicians that court their vote with public dollars.  I say let the system crash, put the political and banking leaders who allowed this in jail and let the people rebuild an economy that works according to the natural order of human interaction.

On a personal note, I find myself wondering what comrade Karl thinks about all this now that his precious government savior is proving itself to be what it has always been throughout human history – a tyrant, thief and oppressor of the people.

6 thoughts on “Open Govt. Theft: Coming To YOUR Savings Account Real Soon

    • Well, those of us who believe are expecting a global economic collapse that will open the door to a charismatic world dictator who will give away wealth profusely. Funny how accurate those “fairy tales” seem to be, huh?

  1. Where is Karl? Why doesn’t he respond when people call him out!? Where is the sage wisdom of Marx on this issue? Ok ok, I’ll answer for him. The EU doesn’t really exist because you can’t create mass and energy with your mind.

    • Libercrite,

      Karl comes by during the daytime, and I’m not sure he’ll agree with you. He thinks you can create a class from will — and do away with natural law the same way. So he may well think he can will mass and energy into being. After all, most secular humanists think man is god (small g)

  2. Already happened here . Segregated and NON-invested Cutomer accounts held in cash at Harris Bank in Chicago were stolen by MF Global and Jon Corzine……For Goldman BigWig and Former Democratic Gov of New Jersey and AD-Senator…..AND Major Donations Bundler for Obama….. Joe Biden’s admitted special Buddy.

    WHERE is Jon Corzine NOW ??? ….. nowhere to be seen and of course No one is asking.

    B of A has 10’s of TRILLIONS of Derivative Trash NOW being carried on its’ Books because of the WaMU and other dismal mergers loaded with Financial Garbage………. That Grabage is now Collateralized by the Depositors at Bank of America……one day those B of A depositors will wake up and their accounts will be frozen …..To this day M F Global Customers STILL have 20 % of their money Stolen.

    It’s ALREADY happened here …. In fact it happened here Before Europe ! There’s always a Preview before the BIG KAHUNA hits ….MF Global is the preview.

    • Don,

      Sadly, it may not matter. If the Fed keeps pumping heroin into the system (printing money), it may all crash before they get around to looting us.

      Or the Chinese and Russians might finally convince OPEC to price oil in something other than the US $. I wonder how many people understand what that would do to us — or how fast it would happen? The Bible says Babylon falls in 1 hour. Well, the Bible likes to use hyperbole, but if that happened, and we are the New Babylon (which I’m not sure we are), the collapse would happen so fast it would seem like 1 hour on a global scale.

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