This Heralds The Impending End Of Western Civilization – And Man’s Individual Rights and Liberty

It would seem I am not the only one who has noticed this:

Media Jihad: American Journalists Embrace Islam and Assault Christianity

Editor’s note: For TheBlaze Magazine’s April cover story, the Media Research Center’s Dan Gainor exposes in detail how the American media and Left assault Christianity and embrace Islam — even excusing radical Islamists who are intent on destroying the West.

The problem is, individual rights and liberty are a Judea/Christian ethic – not Islamic.  Islam is the antithesis of the Judea/Christian faith.  One brought man liberty, the other enforces submission.  Our self-appointed “elite” are choosing the side that oppresses – and for the same reasons Hitler lamented that Germany was Christian and not Muslim.

10 thoughts on “This Heralds The Impending End Of Western Civilization – And Man’s Individual Rights and Liberty

  1. This will go on right up to the point that they realize it clashes with the Gay rights agenda. I believe homosexuality is stoned under sharia law isn’t it?

    • Yes, gays will be killed under Sharia law. But by that time, it will be too late for the homosexual crowd — as well as the Leftists supporting them and the Muslims.

    • The gays are useful tools–for now. But after they come for the rest of us, they’ll be rounding up the gays.

  2. Remember a few years ago when Ahmadinejad said “there are NO gay people in Iran” in response to a Western journalist inquiring about gay rights.

    • Don’t think we have to go back that far. Wasn’t there a story just a month or so back about 7 or was it 9 homosexuals being killed in chop-chop square in Riyadh?

  3. At the college I attend, The Muslim student club reached out to the Christian student club, and wanted to do an inter-faith student meeting. I’m not sure what exactly the purpose of the meeting was supposed to be, but right from the beginning, the Muslim students began attacking Christianity, it’s tenants and it’s claims. The attacks were some what implicit at first, under the guise of a friendly smile, but shortly, the Muslim students were enraged, shouting their objections and skepticisms at the Christian students. The meeting consisted of nothing shot of every major error in reasoning that one could commit (ironic for how educated these students were supposed to be in this “unbiased and tolerant” higher place of learning). The meeting had drawn the attention of students passing by, and soon enough the school news paper. I was sickened the next day, she I read in the school newspaper how the Muslim students were portrayed as the victims, and the Christian student club demonized. Later, the club tried to reach out to homosexual students, not trying to convert anyone, but just to hang out and talk about today’s issues. There were no hostile debates, but the school newspaper offered the same coverage the next day. This stuff is going on in our schools. Young minds are being groomed to take no academic, rigorous study of either religion, but automatically assume the victimhood of one religion over the other. The kicker? Kids are still taught the monstrocities of the Crusades as if it is still going on today!

    • I am sooo tired of the Crusades issue. They pound that drum as though it happened in a vacuum. No one ever bothers to teach people WHY the Crusades started. If they did that, it might not make what happened during the Crusades any better, but it would DEFINITELY end this “the Muslims were victims” BS>

  4. Lets not educate anybody though, they might actually learn something…hopefully.

    At the high schools my brothers attend, in a particular class, the students had to sit in and interact with a “gay rights activist”. Many students of different religious backgrounds were forced against their will to attend this sit in, including my brother. Many of these students voiced their displeasure, and ended up walking out, even though the staff tried to make them sit back down. Why there are no lawsuits floating around over this is beyond me. Another time, they had to sit in on an assembly with a marijuana activist. Of course more students enjoyed this sit in, but attendance was still not optional for these students. Its becoming sick and laughable about how much of an indoctrination machine the education system is(not becoming, but already is!). Three words: Media Pet Project.

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