Are You Still Laughing At This Guy Now?

When he was trying to explain the “Top down, bottom up, inside out” strategy of the Progressive Left in this action and around the world on FOX, people mocked Beck.  They said he was just a hater who couldn’t stand Van Jones (probably because Jones was black, right?  Him being a self-declared Marxist couldn’t possibly have had anything to do with it, right?).

Well, in reality, Beck was doing nothing more than trying to share what he had learned by reading what the people who have planned this strategy have written.  At first, I didn’t believe Beck either – until I took the time to start reading the stuff he was telling us to read.  Once I started down that rabbit hole, I found Beck isn’t telling us the whole truth.  Actually, it is uglier and blacker than he’s told us.

And now, the things Beck told us to watch for – the plans that these people published in their books – are coming to fruition.  I’m not sure there’s time to stop this, but there is time to prepare individually.  I strongly urge you to take time to read and watch the video in this story.  At least you’ll better understand what is happening and what is going to happen:

What Is the Top-Down, Bottom-Up, Inside-Out ‘Progressive Endgame’?

“Evil has been trying to win since the very first day in the Garden of Eden,” he said. “It always cloaks itself in disguise. It tries to make itself look just like good. And then it tries to flip it. It tries to make evil look good and good look evil.”

He continued: “America, I’m telling you, a clock is ticking. We started something here recently, I don’t know what it is yet, but a great struggle is coming. Do everything you can to make sure you choose and remain awake and on the right side.”

24 thoughts on “Are You Still Laughing At This Guy Now?

  1. How can you fall for such fear-mongering? What about your psyche gives you such a huge victim complex? Apparently Obama was right when he said the right-wing clings to guns and religion. I imagine it is often a night after watching Glenn Beck, Joe goes into his closet with a gun and the bible, endlessly re-reading revelations.

    • Victim Complex is what the ENTIRE Liberal Democratic Constituency consisits of. It is the entire Platform of the Democrat Party … and the Communist Party also …. “Workers of the World Unite” and throw off those who have Prevented you from ________. The Liberals aand Socialists just fill in the blanks as needed.

      Then their Propagandists just project their strategy onto their opposition as a Hatespeech Label.

  2. What part of what Beck said was fear mongering. The EU is planning to do exactly what he said and take up to 40% off every account. There have already been mobs in the streets of Italy and Spain violently protesting “austerity” programs that have never even been put into place.

    Beck is exactly right when he says:

    I want to take those profits. Got it. So there’s no private property because they know better. They’re the ones that made the mistake, the people – I don’t know about Cyprus, but here, we’ve been saying stop the spending, and I’m telling you, they will do what they’ve just done. This is a test. Cyprus is a test, and really it’s all about control. I mean, it empowers. Who do you think it empowers? Do you think George Soros, Bloomberg, Al Gore, Warren Buffet, Bill Clinton, and all those people, do you think they’re going to be impacted by this sort of confiscation at all, or do you think they’ll be emboldened by it?

    I’m sure that there were many in Boston who heard Paul Revere and said ” don’t worry honey, go back to sleep, it’s just that nutter Revere again”…but the Redcoats did come and there was war. Usually the first person sounding the alarm gets dumped on and Beck has been sounding the alarm for years.

    See Karl, what you should fear is me. I’m capitalistic, motivated and I’m smart. If this all goes down, I won’t be relegated to the salt mines, I’m going to be in an office as the chairman of the committee that assigns dumbasses to their jobs.

    I’m just sayin’.

    Bitterly cling to that thought, baby.

      • Karl,

        No one is surprised that YOU would find the truth to be “fear mongering.” After all, your whole world rests upon fairy tales of utopian sugar cane and lollipops. So ANY intrusion of objective reality is — for you — fearful.

        The rest of us just call it…the truth.

        • so you are paranoid? While anybody trying to help you out of your delusion, live in a world of lollipops and sugar canes. There is a reason you are called the “fringe” right. I guess you are a lost cause, how is the fringe ever supposed to realize it is the fringe?

          • Actually, Karl, the numbers would put YOU on the “fringe.” Even among the pupils of Marx, those who have swallowed his snake oil as completely as you have always been a very, very small minority.

            I, on the other hand, am firmly in the center of those who have understood and supported the individual, individual rights and the notion of liberty throughout all of human history. Thus, I am not on the “fringe,” it’s just that you and your allies must convince as many people as possible that I am so you can grow your relative influence by separating people who would normally side with my position from me — and thus — defending my position.

            You represent the forces of evil, Karl. You and those with your ideology have done nothing but feed off of and destroy. You have no history of success — none!

            • You can’t claim any achievement of the past 200 years of american history.
              1.Slavery was constitutional, until it wasn’t
              2. Where is the federal highway system in the constitution?
              3. Where is NASA in the constitution?
              4. Where is the CDC, FDA and EPA in the constitution?

              Without these you would be traveling dirt roads, eating toxic food and swimming in flammable rivers.

              Joe’s america would be a third world country. So Joe please don’t take credit for achievements your ideology would make impossible.

              • 1 — That was a NATURAL LAW remedy to a past wrong (NOT attributable to Marx or Marxism)
                2 — Read that original bill. The Federal Interstate system is a defense initiative and, at the time it was instituted, it was warranted.
                3 — NASA is not in the constitution — nor should it be. Did you hear the news today? A PRIVATE space plane just returned from resupplying the space station. Had there been sufficient defense of the Constitution, private industry would have done on its own what it managed to convince the govt. to use tax payer money to do.
                4 — CDC, FDA and EPA are ALL in the proper realm of the States — should they want to do such things, but NOT in the federal govt. — nor should they be,

                Without these things, I would still be traveling good roads — in fact, better than the ones you claim credit to (see privately owned toll road system as proof).

                I would be eating safe food because a private system would have arisen to help me insure my food supply — especially had the govt. not been so corrupt and had just focused on enforcing the law. That would have ensured a victim’s right to sue the offender out of business.

                The fact is, ONCE AGAIN — Karl can’t answer my challenge. He did not point to a single nation that has succeeded using communism. He can’t. All he can do is try to divert and deflect and — as I just proved — even those feeble attempts fail (because he is asserting a falsehood). But there is one thing that is closely related to Communism that DOES work — FASCISM! And I have long argued that the U.S. is a fascistic nation. In fact, most of the programs he just pointed to as a triumph of his ideology were implemented by American fascists.

                • If america is such a great utopia why do you speak if secession, getting children out of public schools, calling the gov’t tyrannical and speak of the ‘Jeffersonian option?’ Why can’t you accept that crony capitalism is a late-stage of capitalism. He has has the gold makes the rules.

                    • How could this happen? If there is a constitution. Oh is it because money corrupts governments into turning into profit seeking devices. No that can’t be, it must be all those commie infiltrators at the EPA, FDA, CDC; not those lobbyist walking around with unlimited cash, just doing what capitalism tells them to, make a profit. No it was commies.

                    • “How could this happen? If there is a constitution”

                      P-R-O-G-R-E-S-S-I-V-E-S (the American incarnation of the socialist/Marxist ideology). Progressivism and the “living document” doctrine were designed for the expressed purpose of destroying the Constitution.

                      Government is not fueled by the lust for money: it just runs on money. the lust for power/control is what drives those who go into govt., and power will trump money — every time (because power can take money).

                      The agencies you keep pointing to as some sort of a “good” thing are all incarnations of the lust for power. They rule by “regulation,” which is nothing more than tyranny because it is totally outside of the control of the people.

                      Finally, if those lobbyists were as powerful as you claim, then the GM bond holders would not have had their property stolen by Obama, nor would BP have had to spend Billions more than the law says they are liable for.

                      Karl, once again, you demonstrate that you have no understanding of reality (IDIOT!)

                    • hahahaha, progressives? Marxist, Socialist? Everything except money, money, can do no harm, it is not money and the need for more that effects our living world, it is progressives with good intention and unintended consequences that lead us into our present situation.

                      You totally ignore reality.

                      Who benefits the most from the system? Private corporations representing the bourgeoisie, look at how many CEOs work in “regulatory” agencies. Who doesn’t pay taxes and draws in the most income.
                      Who controls the system? The Bourgeoisie
                      How do you control the system? Money

                      You are blind to politi-economic facts.

                      You just repeat the same lines from Glenn Beck, you name the enemies he tells you to name, you repeat the same baseless ideology he tells you to repeat.

                      BP had a settlement with the Gov’t, BP made the calculation that going to court would have been too expensive, so the gov’t didn’t take them to court. Gee who does that benefit? Bondholders always get screwed in bankruptcy, duh.

                      You can’t see the concentration of capital/power. all you see are the little things that the gov’t does, that has no effect on real life. Like not requiring students to say the pledge of allegiance, or something some liberal said or bloomberg’s attempted soda ban. All these moral outrages are designed to keep you distracted from seeing reality.

                    • Progressives with good intentions?

                      Hitler had those same “good intentions.” You see, Progressives believe that the ends justify the means, so their “good intentions” justify mass murder and enslavement. History is very clear on this point.

                      As for money, you are again exhibiting your mental defect. Money — like guns — is an inanimate object. It does nothing. People do good/evil, but then, you don’t see that — which is probably why you believe inanimate objects have their own will (IDIOT!)

                      As for your assertion that I parrot Beck, you are proving your ignorance again. I have opposed Beck where corporations are concerned. I have opposed Utah. But you do not know this because you do not care to educate yourself — yet you, in all your demonstrated ignorance, have the nerve to tell me I do not understand reality??? How can you speak of reality when you think money has a mind and will of its own? That is a clear demonstration of your break with reality.

                      BP paid a fine to Obama — it was actually extortion — when the law said the maximum legal penalty owed was $175 million. There was no calcualtion here — other than the fact that BP knew Obama could and would ban them from the US market if they did not pay up. And that puts lie to your assertions that the corporations control the govt. Or haven’t you ever heard Maxine Waters threaten to nationalize the oil industry? (IDIOT!)

                    • Money, incentive, economics, social system. Do these words have meaning to you? Or are they just inanimate objects. Oil Spill liability, is different than fines for operating a dangerous workplace, and environmental remediation funds.only totaling only $4 billion. What Maxine Waters says hardly affects anything. Another moral outrage to throw to the rightist lapdogs.

                    • Human nature and the heart of man are a mystery to you — because you deny a large part of reality. This is why YOU are the one who will never fully understand why things happen — and why the “solutions” you devise will never work.

                    • You are blind to human nature.
                      Are you telling me, the bourgeoisie doesn’t influence the gov’t with money, in order to get more profits?
                      Are you telling me, the aims of the people in capitalism is not to accumulate capital?
                      Are you telling me, people who want to accumulate capital don’t seek every advantage?
                      You are blind to political and economic reality. You live in a fantasy world where profit-seeking does no wrong or unethical, where profit-seekers are perfect. While you claim humans are flawed. Which one is it, profit-seekers are also humans.

                    • Hardly. I understand all too well. But you have become lost in the labyrinth of shifting definitions and big words conjured up to make people think you’re actually smart because they can’t understand you. In truth, YOU can’t understand you — so how could they?

                      As for me, I have not made the mistake of accepting Marx’s definition of capitalism. You see, the whole term — as you and Marx use it — is a fallacy, the fallacy of straw man. Capitalism is NOT the free market — at least not the way Marx described capitalism (and you).

                      And what we have today is NOT the free market — but then, neither is communism (not even communism the way Marx described it).

                  • If you have to call it “crony-capitalism,” IT IS NOT CAPITALISM ANYMORE! When that happens, it’s called FASCISM — a cousin of your Marxist ideology (IDIOT!)

      • It reminded me of your post on Mill. I should’ve posted that clip on the soda/sodomy argument. Coulter’s an odd one, though, as she then turns around in another debate with Cheech and Chong and says that the govt. should keep marijuana illegal. Guess the Libertarian in me is coming out…..

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