….. and salutations to the FB site from the girls at the RNL site. We would salute you, but the boys always salute us.  As they are all well aware, we make it a point to keep our flags flyin high.




14 thoughts on “Greetings!

  1. Kels
    In 1979 I went from Jacksonville to Key West & back in a white van & red bikini. Hmmmm. Ahhhhhhh.

  2. If I have offended anyone, I shall buy you a 16 oz soda and a pack of cigs. (I can also over-salt some food for you, if you like.) We’re not regulated here by Mr. Munchkinland Mayor.

  3. Kells ……… May the heavans Bless you for putting up the “Flags ‘N’ Blonds “…… er uuhhmmm Essay !

    Rule % lives ! …. even if in Stealth mode …… I have tears ( of patriotism) in my eyes now .

  4. I like to think youth wasn’t completely wasted on me. Florida was big fun,so was New Orleans.

    Cigs…you have cigs?

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