The Left ALWAYS Tells You The REAL Truth About Who They Are

The hard part is finding the stories where they are being honest (the media does its best to hide them from you), then finding the courage to accept that the people we have trusted are actually this cold and dark inside:

Chicago Teachers Union Pres Laughs About Lying To Parents, Turning Students Into ‘Hostages’

Lewis reminisced about her teaching days, when she would lie to parents when it came time to discuss their child’s performance. She then said – because of her lies – the student became her “hostage” who would do what she wanted.

Yep!  With people like this in our education system, who could even imagine that Common Core could possibly be a problem (note: common core was partially developed by a Chicago-based think tank run by William Ayres).

3 thoughts on “The Left ALWAYS Tells You The REAL Truth About Who They Are

  1. My parents and my husband’s parents were all teachers. Though they participated in the social engineering, they were all concerned with excellence and helping kids achieve their best. I can’t imagine any of them would be this despicable.

    • drk,

      I have several family members in the local school system, and several more close friends. They do not see themselves as part of this, either. They just want to teach our children. But they get hostile when I tell them to look into what is being done in their name and the name of education. Like the average Democrat will refuse to believe they are not a member of a Communist Party, the average teacher will refuse to believe they are part of a deliberately designed indoctrination program. It’s just human nature for otherwise decent people to reject the possibility that they could be part of something evil, but then, I’m sure that was how the majority of Germans felt in the late 1930’s, as well.

  2. Its called normalcy bias…about 80% of the population has it…It is an inability to process information that is not in harmony with observation, the brain shorts out and says “Not here, no way”, and historically these people don’t make it…

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