The Root Of The Problem With ALL Leftist Ideology

This is another of my philosophy posts, but this one will be short, sweet and — if you get my point — powerful in its implication.

There are two ways to look at mankind.  One way is to realize that man is flawed and that he will always be flawed because he cannot change his own nature.  The other way is to believe man is perfectible and that he can make his nature perfect.  The first is called the ‘constrained’ view of human nature; constrained because it is limited to what it is.  This view is most often associated with a belief in God.  The second is called the ‘unconstrained’ view; unconstrained because it believes man can becomes whatever he wishes.  This view is most often associated with a rejection of God.  Typically, the Right side of the American political spectrum holds a constrained view of man while the Left holds an unconstrained view.

The Left believes that it can use science to gain enough understanding of human nature to design a perfect society and then use education and other social institutions to “socialize” the individual in such a way that he/she will accept their place within this creation.  This is what all Leftist/Statist/Socialist/Communist/Progressive activists are trying to do: perfect man and society.  But the unconstrained position holds an incorrect opinion of human nature and I can prove it – at least, I can prove it to those who understand basic logic.

Start with the assumption that you hold an unconstrained view of human nature and you believe man is perfectible.

OK, then I say MY view of what man is and how he should be is the optimal, so you should conform to my view and accept your place in the world I envision — that, or admit you are wrong about the perfectibility of mankind.

That’s it; that’s all that’s necessary to prove that the Leftist holds a flawed view of humanity.  And, if you understand the rules of basic logic, that’s all it should take to prove it to you.  I hope you’ll see that my proof is irrefutable.

[Hint: I’m really not trying to be a smart arse with this post.  If you honestly do not see my point, the philosophy of John Stewart Mill and the rest of the Utilitarians should be of great help to you in figuring it out.]

9 thoughts on “The Root Of The Problem With ALL Leftist Ideology

  1. If man is flawed, and workers and bourgeoisie are men. How is capitalism anymore beneficial to socialism if both are carried out by men? Any capitalist critique of socialism, applies better to capitalism.

    • Karl,

      “Hobbesian-socialists like yourself make the mistake of believing that because they have life, they also have the right to resources that support that life. Even resources belonging to another, and they believe that they have a right to freedom, as opposed to liberty, which by convenience, they define as a freedom from want. And by that very logic, they feel they can bypass the U.S. Constitution to redistribute those resources for the good of the society.”

      As posted by another RNL contributor.

      • that is a strawman.

        The end of private property is not based in moralism, but in economics. After private property becomes so concentrated and starts to benefit only a minority, the majority will begin to doubt its usefulness to the majority/collective.

        • Karl,

          No, the protection of private property is the only way to save the world economy. The crisis we are in and the event horizon we’re now approaching is the direct result of ignoring/rejecting the right of private property.

          You see, you suffer from another misconception that you actually share with many conservatives and capitalists: the mistaken notion that a corporation is private property. They aren’t — not the ones that most people think of when they think of corporations. They are actually social entities — artificial constructions owned by the public. The very things you attack corporations for are the same things the govt. does, but you only see it in the corporations because you are blinded by your sloth, envy and cowardice.

          • Corporations are instruments of the bourgeoisie for profit seeking. The state nominally is for all, but the bourgeoisie have gotten their hands into it as well, as expected in a society where private property is practiced. Claiming that GE is owned by the public is beyond stupid. It is owned by the few americans who own GE stock, the same goes for many other corporations.

            • You are clinging to an ideology that has been totally and utterly destroyed by history. So long as you cling to it, you will be eternally lost and forever disappointed.

        • No Karl, that was not a straw-man.

          “The end of private property is not based in moralism, but in economics”

          This is a straw-man: Good! Then let me come to your house, and seize all of your possessions, keep what I want personally, and give the rest to a collective of my choosing.

          What say you?

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